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  1. Yeah, but the game's set in the 90's, and those sure as hell weren't what mohawks looked like back in the day.
  2. There should be a skill and profession for tailoring. Would be fun to grow cotton and make clothes out of cloth, leather, etc.
  3. This. I sleep on the floor all the time, I'd say sleeping on floor should be a thing, with carpeted floors being pretty much as good as a bed, and others not being as good.
  4. I read things in the dark, cook in the dark, etc. in real life. 112. With the Night Owl trait, you'd be able to! Would make it much more useful than it is currently.
  5. Spears are already in the game, he just wants a variant that uses a metal bar/rod instead of a stick.
  6. coolcat001100 did this exact thing with his girlfriend 9 months ago.
  7. Well, isn't the metal wall even worse, since it makes more noise when hit, thus attracting zeds? Sounds like a lot of work for no reward.
  8. Johnny Fisher

    Die in Style

    I believe it will be using a colour-based system before it's released to the public, as it was implied in that quote with "... at the moment".
  9. I seriously doubt we'll see NPCs anytime soon. The animation update will not speed up development, but will allow it to properly start up again. The Indie Stone also said they will not make a Mondoid on NPCs until they are imminent, so not seeing that soon, either. Hell, Creative Mode has been in development for a year and even it's still not in public testing.
  10. It's not like there's been a nuclear detonation, it's just zombies and overgrowth. I know many people who still have T-Shirts from the 80's, so it'd take a while (50+ years?) for clothing still in dressers to lose colour.
  11. Well, this entire system is going to be revamped in the animation update for the next build, so I don't think this is necessary.
  12. The problem with Steam Greenlight is that if shit games are put onto Steam, advertised that they're in an early build and that everything is temporary, they can be left at their current state and sold. Hence why you should not greenlight a game unless it looks at least close to ready for release.
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