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  1. mads232

    Union City

    Oh I see! There's a link for it here https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14320-mads232s-house/ Do you have an ETA of release btw? I really dig this map
  2. mads232

    Union City

    What a nice map! I can't wait to play this. I also just noticed that I'm in the credits for something I made in 2015! I can't wait to find my house somewhere in this map when it's released
  3. I just fell in love with Quention Tarantino's movies (and soundtracks).
  4. Nice, now my evening is occupied!
  5. Yeah, I just got back into the game again! Good thing, they're going the right way again.
  6. I'm glad you could use it! Looks awesome in that vineyard! -Mads
  7. Ah yes I've tried that multiple times! Waking up in the dark, expecting to have slept well until you hear the sound of zombies biting you. I haven't heard it in my last savegames, but I sure am more catious of where I sleep now.
  8. I'm looking at the ItemDistributions.lua right now. What is this kitchen_crepe? Anyone knows? It seems to just spawn standard food and ingredients..
  9. I don't know, but for the spoiler thingy, do this: "spoiler] " and just add the first thing [ in front of it, you know to encapsule it.
  10. Yes! Human hostages could make for some really cool MP stories
  11. Zombie slaves are not something that should ever be added. It sounds ridicolous and belongs in The Walking Dead. I mean, cmon man this is fucked up. Maybe it could be possible in real life, but this is NOT something that should be added in Project Zomboid. But this is just MY opinion. As I've said before at other suggestion, this could be an excellent and fun mod, but that's it. I don't feel like the developers should use their precious time and hard work on such a thing as zombie slaves. They're working their ass off already
  12. There you go mads232... Try it out now? Ah thank you! Yeah I'll have a look at it later
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