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  1. This would be ideal. We'd be forced to put ourselves at risk more by having to look at our defences and replace/repair if necessary.
  2. Any chance you could upload the tbx file?
  3. Plus it'd be hard to determine if there were zombies lurking on the stairs you were attempting to climb. I have wondered if it's possible to have L-shaped stairs that fit with the isometric view.
  4. No thanks. Why make Project Zomboid the same as every other zombie game?
  5. I think it looks a bit cluttered. Also I don't really see the relevance of passports during a zombie apocalypse. If anything, a family photo with cracked glass or blood on the frame would be more appropriate for character creation. Good work nonetheless. Just not the direction I would take.
  6. I never played PZ when Kate, Bob and NPCs were in. I've always thought it'd be cool if TIS just slip them back in one day, without saying anything. You load up your singleplayer save and go out on a looting run. Walk up to a building, minding your own business, when the door opens and someone walks out. Like Elliott in E.T, I think I'll initially shit myself when I have first contact with NPCs, but after that it'll be fine.
  7. Looks awesome! I can definitely see myself clearing it out and fortifying.
  8. Well said. Why should the devs deviate time and effort into coding features that don't fit their vision? I know this is the suggestions section and have been told before I don't have to visit this part of the forum if it annoys me. On the most part it doesn't, but what does annoy me is when people get so bent out of shape because they've got an idea and not everyone (especially the devs) react with the same enthusiasm. Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion and I certainly wouldn't oppress someone for thinking differently or being a maverick. Adamiks, you mention "don't let your dream
  9. Unless if a place that hasn't been hit was aware and started researching. Yes, it's all a mystery as the game has no background on how it started nor what kind of mumbo jumbo that causes reanimation on corpses. It might be added soon though as they are starting to add traces of the outbreak in the next build. TVs and radios included. Let's hope they add a backstory on how the outbreak started. I'm sure TIS will never reveal the true cause of the outbreak. We'll get descriptions of the ensuing chaos and speculation from the TV and radio broadcasts. Once NPCs are reintroduced, they'll recall ru
  10. Sounds great Lemmy. I've been wanting to recreate my home town for ages but found it a bit tricky to get the scale right when creating the seperate bmp/png (making roads correct lengths and leaving enough space between houses mainly). This new mode will rectify that. I've created loads of buildings and will be able to import all my tbx files and place them in game.
  11. This is going to make a lot of people happy. Quick question, though I appreciate its early days: Will we be able to import an existing bmp/png? Not a huge deal but thought I'd ask. My main concern was importing buildings made in the current editor. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Great job again, as usual.
  12. I apologise in advance. Just came here to say when I first started following PZ in 2013, I used to really enjoy this section of the forum. Now it's just people bitching either because the game isn't exactly the way they'd like it, or the end game is boring, even though people are well aware the game isn't finished. No one ever bothers to read the commonly suggested suggestions thread and instead write a generic message like: "I searched to see if this had been suggested before but didn’t see anything, but in actual fact, I did jack sh*t and was too busy having a poshy". Can someone explain
  13. After seeing countless unspeakable horrors in a zombie apocalypse, I'd imagine the majority of people would be pretty relieved, if not content, farming their days away in relative safety. I agree that the endgame can be quite tedious currently, but the game is not finished yet. From what I've read, there are numerous planned features to rectify this.
  14. I think it'd be incredibly lame if my character died randomly just because they reached a certain age. What age would you deem too old? If we're adding mechanics that take control away from the player and kills the character randomly, why wait until old age? Let's add the chance of your character suffering from a brain aneurysm without warning, or a heart attack. Add the possibility of an anvil mysteriously falling from the sky and crushing your head.
  15. I thought the idea of character creation was to be careful when selecting traits and have a bit of forward thinking as to how you'd like that specialist character to turn out, instead of being a Jack of all trades.
  16. I don't think anyone can categorically say "This is how it WILL work". We're talking about a completely hypothetical situation so at best, we can speculate. Personally, I think animals, just like people, have a wide variety of personalities and experiences so would react differently. Some may attack zombies, some may be more cautious and try to avoid, some may literally shit themselves. Either way, saying you KNOW how the situation would pan out is farcical.
  17. No-one ever reads the commonly suggested suggestions page.
  18. Exactly. I'd rather not be spoon-fed everything and much prefer having an element of mystery and discovering things for myself.
  19. I think people are forgetting that zombies are the undead and shouldn't be compared to regular folk. They don't feel pain nor are they empathetic to the pain of others. They would continue doing an action long after a regular human would have stopped. When they bite into a person, they do so with complete disregard of their own jaw and the arm of the recipient. They're not even aware they have jaws. This would enable them to bite with a force greater than we can muster. Similarly, when humans bite other people, we're aware of the pain it inflicts of the recipient. This awareness is why most of
  20. Well said! Never too old to learn. To the point on baldness, I have numerous friends who started going bald before leaving college, aged 19. Fortunately, I'm not amongst their ranks but did feel for them at the time. Must have been grim!! I think our characters should have as many aesthetic changes as the engine can reasonably handle. Why not? Would make each character we play as feel more unique. If these changes/looks can be linked with age, I see no reason not to. I'm sure TIS have their own ideas in mind.
  21. I think those who create art should be allowed to pursue their craft how they see fit. Not having a go at anyone personally, you're just expressing your opinions but sometimes, I think there shouldn't even be a suggestions page. On one side, i think they're bad because some people get so bent out of shape when their ideas aren't greeted with "that's amazing! let's sack off our vision and hop to it right away", or the feature they want the most isn't made priorty by the devs. The other side thinks it's awesome we have this place to bounce ideas around, possibly things the devs were unaware of
  22. I agree with hrot. I'm all up for construction drawing more zombies, as long as they don't just magically spawn from nowhere.
  23. Random generated maps is a confirmed "no" on the Commonly Suggested Suggestions thread, pinned to the top of the suggestions page. People are supposed to read it before posting (but annoyingly, no-one ever seems to). As far as being able to craft everything we need, I disagree. PZ isn't the fantasy land of Minecraft. It's based on a real world location and should have finite resources. If we want to build, we should have to scavenge for the supplies necessary. If there are no supplies left, tough. I do think we should be able to reclaim some nails by dismantling furniture etc. and also, scre
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