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  1. VikiDikiRUS

    TV programmes

    If TV channels is still working - yes. Otherwise - TV will work, but it'll show only static noise. Yes.
  2. VikiDikiRUS

    Zed Tumble

    Oh-h! I love that music! Nice work, Zach!
  3. VikiDikiRUS


    Is it some kind of wordplay? I just don't get it.
  4. VikiDikiRUS

    bug on the map

    It's not a bug, It's a feature. Well, I hope so.
  5. VikiDikiRUS

    Translation doesn't work

    Очень странно, ведь у меня всё нормально. Может ты используешь, какие-нибудь русификаторы?
  6. VikiDikiRUS

    Super Survivors!

    Hm-m, I dunno why, but Let Me Speak is conflicting with Super Survivors on new version. Anyway, thanks for help.
  7. VikiDikiRUS

    Super Survivors!

    Hello, guys. I have bug on 40.16: If NPC nearby, then game is laggin' as hell. And NPC's chat is kinda weird. Also I have TONS of bug reports (I mean red square in bottom right corner) Screenshot:
  8. VikiDikiRUS

    When did you join pz

    Welp, not oldfag, maybe... PZ-grandpa? I just can't remember any word, what can describe my "oldest"
  9. VikiDikiRUS

    When did you join pz

    Well... I saw PZ on youtube, like most of people, i guess. And bought it at Desura, in middle of 2013. So, can I consider myself as PZ-grandpa?
  10. VikiDikiRUS

    Blindcoder's PZ map updated for Build 39 / Vehicles

    I love ya', Blindcoder. But i'm not a gay.
  11. VikiDikiRUS

    Storms and Studies

    I hope you'll cutout this weird green "blinking" thunderstorm-light, it's looks really annoying.
  12. VikiDikiRUS

    Climate Change

    Awwww, Spiffo-driver is so cute
  13. VikiDikiRUS

    SurvivorWarehouse.tbx (HIGHLY DETAILED)

    Wow, dude, it's looks really cool!
  14. VikiDikiRUS

    Map of Normandy, France

    Dude, this looks amazing! How much time did you spend on this?
  15. VikiDikiRUS

    Life : Another survivor mod

    Oh. MY. GOD! It's looks amazing! Dude, do you have some wizard powers or what? I reaaaaaaly want to try this mod.