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  1. Been off the forms for a looong while and never managed to read this thread thoroughly enough. After glancing over Sex being denied completely I couldn't help but laugh a lot over the fact that a sex feature was requested so much that it had to actually be denied on a thread like this to stop them asking for it. Oh humans, we're fantastic aren't we? Guess I can cross off one thing to suggest also...
  2. Oh I used to go onto this, cool little thingy mabob, actually teaches you a lot
  3. Speaking from the heart, I'm excited for NPCs because other survivors in a zombie apocalypse game is a must-have in my opinion, that's just honestly how I feel about it. Additionally though, I'm anxious about how NPCs will work, their hole functioning is a mystery to us as of now but the Devs made it pretty clear it's probably one of the best NPC implementations at there, so I'm going to trust them on it.
  4. Wasn't the Suggestion I was expecting, but hey, it's some considerate advice.
  5. Embrace the axe, my fellow Lumberjacks.
  6. Wow really TIS? First NPCs and now this!?
  7. I'd like to see this on servers, I'm for it, yeah. And if not I'm sure our lovely modders could help you out if you could find one that takes requests.
  8. I remember being trapped in a room on the top floor of a 2 story house and there was only a door between me and a horde of Zeds. I pretty much gained a lot of knowledge after this experience. My last words were "I can escape through the window?"
  9. Enjoying this mod Great work!
  10. 1. I'm confused how Metal walls and doors could be a possibility because I believe there is an abundance of any sort of metal material in the game right now? aside from nails and door hinges I think. But I'd also like an upgrade from the wooden stuff, so I'm for it. 2. Do you mean the tire walls that combine both a mixture and tires to keep it firmly in place and quite willingly act as a firm barrier? or do you mean the ones that are just stacking of tires. I assume not the latter, and in which case I'm all for. 3. Yes. 4. Please. I need this.
  11. Please excuse me for not putting my image on the internet for all to download. You could try it yourself, and if you can do it then you know it is possible. You need to know where your handle is, and as your hand goes down to where you know it is you should feel the handle in your hand. If there is a handguard or a large blade or large sleath or something like that, then there is something that stops your hand for you, so you can be really hasty and still do it. Otherwise the end of the handle in the palm of your hand or thumb can tell you hand when to stop. Or if there is a large pommel on th
  12. Mess with a Wolf and you get the fangs.

  13. I could see Flint and Steel or something of similar sorts being an ideal thing to add as an additional fire starter.
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