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  1. The new season of The Walking Dead Project begins! Server opening: 17-June-2018 Hours 5:00 PM Ehi survivors, here we go! The new season of The Walking Dead Project begins! As promised we will present the largest map ever conceived for Project Zomboid: Fort Knox. A large and super personalized area * EXCLUSIVE for '' The Walking Dead Project '' server. In addition, further customizations will be implemented in the short term and we invite you to discover coming into play on our server. There will be VEHICLES at last ... but be careful, it will not be easy! We have reserved surprises, let's say not really nice. In the near future, we will also introduce an automatic MISSIONS / QUEST system which, upon completion, will produce rare loot prizes and an exclusive HUMANITY system that we will explain shortly. Always we work to offer you a best experience and above all unique in the Italian scene that has distinguished us for 4 long years! Are you ready to return to the counties of Fort Knox and Muldragh KY? Come to live and die on The Walking Dead Project! * IMPORTANT: The game map Fort Knox was designed to be mounted exclusively on our multiplayer server, please respect our desire. It will instead be possible to use it FREE for OFFLINE gaming.SERVER DISCORD: Survival Games Italia A PERMANENT INVITATION https://discord.gg/QGm7cnB Visit and LIKE Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thewalkingdeadprojectzomboid/ Server info:Host By: OVHOVH, among the best Host Server in the world, from the lofty performance and professional ANTI-DOS, guaranteed minimum latency.Server status: ONLINEServer location: GERMANYPlayer slots: 50HOW TO CONTACT US:Official Website: http://www.element-gaming.eu/ Official Discord: https://discord.gg/QGm7cnB IP SERVER: PORT: 16261 NEW UPDATE
  2. If the server gives you the message: "the server version is different from that of the workshop" you just have to restart steam. We fixed "Over the river", so the mod has been updated, but your steam hasn't downloaded it yet If restarting steam does not work, just go to the Workshop and click again on subscribe. the Download will automatically start again. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=926737806
  3. NEW MODS ADDED: - Object Zero More Meds ( https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660074817&searchtext=zero) This mod adds some more medicaments, more diversity and more functional. MOD CREATED BY RUSSIAN ROLE PLAY COMMUNITY - OBJECT ZERO http://pz.dudoz.ru http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19052-oz-more-medicine/ Hello everyone. I want to introduce you this mod which add immersion medicine in vanilla Project Zomboid. This mod contains: v. 1.1.6: FOR MORE INFORMAITON ABOUT ITEMS AND MOD: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19052-oz-more-medicine/ Translations: English/Russian/Spanish Pills: Aspirin, activated charcoal, fluoxetine, tetracycline, nitroglycerine and more... Medical drugs: Morphine, insulin, diclophenacum-sodium, metamizolum sodium, nitroglycerinum, articaine and more... Medkits: Paramedical medkit, mlitary medkit, individual military medkit and more... Blood bags: AB(IV)+, AB(IV)-, B(III)+, B(III)-, A(II)+, A(II)-, O(I)+, O(I)- Syringes: 2mL, 5mL, 50mL Auto injectors: morphine, epinephrine, naloxone. Other items: Individual Bandage Package (IBP), tonometer, electric tonometer, tourniqet, gemostop powder, collyrium, nasal drops, viride nitens, I.V., I.V. Starter Kit, such more packs for each med... and more... Character creation menu: To find out your blood group look into the console or apply a blood type test (coming soon) Innovations: System of blood types (ABO). Blood type is assigned to you randomly after game started. Each blood type have a unique features. Blood type chances: AB(IV)+ 4% AB(IV)- 4% B(III)+ 12% B(III)- 12% A(II)+ 20% A(II)- 16% O(I)+ 16% O(I)- 16% System of blood transfusion: System of blood transfusion allow you to do a blood donation. All you need is empty blood bag and refrigerator for storage. Also you can do a blood transfusion from blood bag to player. You need a I.V. and I.V. Starter Kit. But remember that you need to know the compatibility of blood groups. Otherwise, you will die >:D System of advanced meds properties: Each pills also have a unique features. Aspirin like painkillers, activated charcoal help you from poisoning, fluoxetine is a powerful anti-depressant, tetracycline help you from sickness and poisoning, nitroglycerine heals you a little. Med. drug: morphine - powerfull painkiller, insulin - without functional (yet), diclophenacum-sodium - another painkiller from pain in the joints, metamizolum sodium - another painkiller, nitroglycerinum - heart attack, painkiller, articaine - common painkiller (ultracaine), epinephrine - reduce your endurance, stimulant, naloxone - It helps you from drug shock (reduce your poison level) Military items: Gemostop Powder - stop bleeding and heal your wounds, Individual Bandage Package (IBP) Overdose of drugs: Each drug is very dangerous if you don't know measure. Be careful with your health. Otherwise, you will die >:D Cautery: Now you can cauterize your bleeding wounds with heated knives and gunpowder. Cautery stops your bleeding but it leaves burns. Pharmacology: Now you can craft your own pills! You need to learn book of pharmacology for new recipies and find all required components. Ethnoscience: Now you can make herbal tea! You need to have "Herbalist" or "Scout" traits (This traits give you a bonus to searching!) to find all required herbs for cooking. Also you can examine all ingame herbs. Basic information is avaliable for everyone. For advanced information you need "Herbalist" trait. Reports of Incompatibility with these Mods: - SilverCraft I will be very happy if you appreciate this mod and tell your friends! If you use our mod, please indicate authorship — original page on Steam Workshop SPECIAL THANKS TO: SVAROG - Scripts BLINDCODER - Scripts NEBULA - Bug reports and other NIKA - All MANCOMAN550 - Translations and fixes Workshop ID: 660074817 Mod ID: OZMeds PROJECT FARMOID v0.75c Danske/Deutsche/English/Español/Français/Italiano/Nederlands 12 new plants to farm with. Plant beans, bell peppers, eggplants, grapes, and more! -- 12 nye planter til brug på farmen. Plant bønner, peberfrugt, auberginer, druer, og meget mere! -- 12 neue Pflanzen zur Aufzucht. Pflanze Bohnen, Paprika, Auberginen, Trauben und vieles mehr! -- 12 plantas de granja nuevas. Se pueden plantar frijoles, pimientos, berenjenas, uvas, y mucho más! -- 12 nouvelles plantes à cultiver. Plantez des haricots, poivrons, aubergines, raisins, et plus encore! -- 12 nuovi impianti di fattoria con. Si può piantare fagioli, peperoni, melanzane, uva, e molto altro ancora! -- 12 nieuwe planten boerderij. Plantaardige bonen, paprika's, aubergines, druiven, en nog veel meer! -- 12 nowych roślin do uprawy. Posadź fasolę, słodkie papryki, bakłażany i inne! Workshop ID: 605729572 Mod ID: Farmoid Wilhelm's Wilderness Improvements New Forageables: [imgbb.com] - Wild Carrots, similiar to normal ones. [imgbb.com] - Wild Potatoes, similiar to normal ones. - Wild Corn, wild variant of corn (Not similiar to sweet corn from can). [imgbb.com] - Nettle Leaves, they are edible, and can be used in cooking recipes (stir fry for example). You can also make nettle tea from it, just add them to hot drink recipe, they have same stats as normal tea. [imgbb.com] - Condiment Herbs, can be found in game world, but also can be foraged in the wild. Can be used to make Quality roll ups. [imgbb.com] [imgbb.com] - Wild Wheat and Wheat Grains, you can make Wheat grains from wild wheat and make flour, by grinding wheat grains with stone. [imgbb.com] - Tobacco, can be used to make roll ups. [imgbb.com] - Roll ups, made with tobacco and newspaper, they are like normal cigarettes, only handmade. Useful for smokers when they're run out of cigarettes. [imgbb.com] - Quality roll ups, they are like normal roll ups, but enhanced with herbs and nettle leaves. They give better bonuses (stress reduction, unhappiness) and have small medical use. People were smoking nettle and other herbs for cough or teeth pain. [imgbb.com] [imgbb.com] - Potato pancakes and omelettes, they can be made from stuff you will find in the wild (wild potatoes, wild eggs, wild wheat etc.) You can also add them to stir-fry recipe, so you can make them with anything you want! (omelettes with eggs,butter and bacon for breakfeast!) [imgbb.com] - Birch bark, can be used as tinder. [imgbb.com] - Dandelions, low foraging lvl is needed to obtain them. They can be used in stir fry, soup and salad. They aren't too nutricious. I also changed Wild Garlic, it's now food item that can be used as spice. New Animals: [imgbb.com] [imgbb.com] [imgbb.com] Snake - Can be catched in box or crate, snakes like eggs and dead mices/rats. Pheasant - Big, tasty and hard to catch. Pheasants eats insects and seeds. You can catch them in snare, box, crate or cage. Lizard - Better version of rat, can be catched in mouse trap. Lizard eats insects. All these animals can be butchered to obtain meat that can be used in cooking recipes. New traits: [imgbb.com] - Archer, costs 6 points and gives +3 to Aiming and reloading. People with this trait can successfully use bow in fight. [imgbb.com] - Forager. costs 4 points and gives +2 to Foraging and +1 to Farming. Useful skill if you want to scavenge those items above. Other Stuff: Bow and arrows script, 3D model and sounds are from TLOU mod, check it out! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=869169809 I used some Hydrocraft icons and slightly changed them (birch bark, condiment herbs, tobacco) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=498441420 Thanks to Svarog for helping me with this mod, he answered me many questions about modding. Also thanks to Michael (aka Miskis/MrCrow) http://steamcommunity.com/id/miskiszz/ he helped me, so I want to help him. He is good trader and he is currently making Unturned pvp servers named "ZombieSia" - http://www.zombiesia.com/ Check out my other mod! It works well with this - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=941685801 I hope you will enjoy this mod, feel free to share suggestions and any issues. Workshop ID: 1096904850 Mod ID: WWI
  4. It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.It is time to fight, to fight to dying! Non è la specie più forte a sopravvivere, nè la più intelligente, ma quella più pronta al cambiamento! E' tempo di cambiare, è tempo di combattere per non morire! https://www.facebook.com/events/129617624480798/ IP SERVER ''THE WALKING DEAD PROJECT: TEAM SPEAK : Ts3.element-gaming.eu
  5. ITA/ENG Vista l'affluenza che si sta generando in questi giorni all'interno del server The Walking Dead Project, siamo felicemente costretti ad una migrazione di server su di una macchina/provider professionale e dalle prestazioni eccellenti. Passeremo infatti dagli attuali 4gb di Ram a disposizione a ben 64. Vi chiediamo per tanto in queste ore di NON proseguire con modifiche ed ampliamenti vari ed eccessivi alle vostre basi/rifugi al fine di salvaguardarle in un backup per poi restituirvele intatte nel nuovo server. Cogliamo l'occasione per ringraziarvi per la fiducia e la pazienza riposta. Lo Staff di ''The Walking Dead Project'' ******************************************************* Because of the great number of players on the server, in order to avoid any other crash, we will switch from this machine with 4gb to a new one with 64GB. Please, don't build any further just for today, we will maintain all the bases, copying them from this folder to the new one. This evening the server will be locked, cause we will swith to the new one. Thank you. NEW PROVIDER SPECIFIC Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Quad-Core RAM: 64 GB DDR4 Hard Drive: 2 x 240 GB SATA 6 Gb/s SSD (Software-RAID 1) Connection: 1 GBit/s-Port Guaranteed bandwidth: 1 GBit/s Backup space: 100 GB Traffic: 30 TB *
  6. HARD RESET - NEW BEGINNING - 03/07/2017 - Foraging Fixed!! Hi survivors, The server has been wiped in order to fix the foraging error. Foraging was infact not avaible and this was ruining the game. As you all know, there isn't any other way to fix this bug. It has been caused by a map that we added at the beginning, and that was bugged. After removing it, the map caused this error and we had to hard reset everything. We have tested this morning the foraging and it works perfectly as everyother mod and location. We thank you for all the support and the understanding, the compliments for our efforts in order to give you the server you want, and we hope you will start a new home on this server, helping us with your advise etc as you always did. But now, let's join the server! There is so much loot to take before the sun goes down! We also hope, that this new start, will give the imput to come back to all the players lefted the game in these days . Thank you. TWDP Staff. -Fixed Foraging -Added new Foraging zones in TWD custom maps Added New Zones -Added New buildings -Added New details to trading Post Area -Added new points for Dynamic Events and Missions -Fixed several stairs in Bedford Falls -Fixed loot in Trading Post Area and Terminus -Fixed lights in Sanctuary -Fixed lights in some buildings in Atlanta -Fixed Roof of the Center of Disease Contrrol -Added more rooms in Center of Disease Control -Added more rooms in Harrison Memorial Hospital -Added variety of vegetation in The Walking Dead Project Pack maps -Zombie memory increased from (Low to Normal) -Starting Month 9 July Salve sopravvissuti, Il server è stato formattato per risolvere il problema del foraging. Come molti di voi sapranno, questo era l'unico modo per correggere questo errore che ci privava del 50% di questo gioco. Il server è stato testato nelle 5 ore di questa mattina, 03/07 accertandoci che le zone del foraging fossero tutte attive e che le altre mod funzionassero correttamente. Il mese d'inizio questa volta è Luglio, non puoi i mesi invernali dunque, e la memoria degli zombie e aumentata, da scarsa a Normale, come nel gioco di base, per far si che vi inseguano quando uscite dagli edifici anche dopo aver perso il contatto visivo, almeno per un po'. Ci scusiamo per l'inconveniente ma speriamo che questo nuovo inzio possa dare la motivazione a tutti coloro che erano usciti dal server, per tornare a giocare con noi. In bocca a lupo, sopravvissuti!
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