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    In-Game Mappage

    Really? I never noticed it, but I've to admit i didn't play the game a whole lot in recent time.
  2. Marinus

    In-Game Mappage

    Of course it can be, but would it be worth it? Pencils and modern pens are rather efficient and last a long time. Unless you role play writing a novel or a diary or something, actually running out of ink won't be a issue for most play throughs. And even with heavy pen use it would be rare. You can have them running out of ink/graphite unrealistically quickly so it would somewhat noticeable finite ink is a thing, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of the idea of realistic pens. And it would probably more annoying than anything else, unless you make pens extremely rare, which would also be unrealistic. Anyway, I've no problem with pens running out of ink, I just don't think it's worth the development time.
  3. Well, it's indeed a good thing I tend to play games that have relatively low requirements, but the computer performs reasonable especially considering the fact it's almost a decade old. But yeah, it's time we got a new one.
  4. To be honest, I didn't try a whole lot lately. But last time I tried it wasn't all that. I might fire it up and fiddle around with it later this week, but I wouldn't worry to much about it. My computer is, like, 8 or 9 years old or so, so it's to be expected that the performance isn't all that. It's 2,4 gHz Intel Quadcore with an NVIDEA Geforce GT 440 and 4 Gb RAM in case you wonder. IIRC well under the recommended requirements.
  5. I just pretend I live in an alternative reality where the DEVs never mentioned the NPC's and enjoy the game for what it is now. Well, I would anyway, but my potato has a hard time with the game lately, and PZ deserves more than 12 FPS or so.
  6. Realism is one of the main principles of this game, and it so happens that the real world operates under a use based system... Why do you hate reality, EnigmaGrey?
  7. That would be rather unrealistic. You don't sit down at night to ponder whether should be able to run further or whether you should be better at farming the next day. You gain experience in farming when you farm, and your stamina increases when you run enough. When you do both you get both. This should be reflected by the game, which would mean that you gain levels where it's due when it's due, and that the manual allocating of points becomes obsolete.
  8. Great work again, I saw I forgot to post in your other thread, but that was great too. Would be a shame if it never saw the light of day play.
  9. He knows nothing, they're called fietstassen. Btw, around here people hitching a ride on a bicycle rack are a common sight. So that pretty much means that transporting 75 kilos on a bicycle is not a problem for most adults. As long as you can keep the bicycle upright and as long as the bicycle doesn't fall apart you really can transport a lot on a bicycle.
  10. Bicycles? Why, of course! Cycling should basically be the same as walking/running, but faster and more efficient. People have been known to transport ridiculous amounts of stuff on a bicycle, but to prevent cycling from becoming too overpowered in this aspect, I think it's best the PC is only capable of basic level cycling. So they would be able to store stuff in their main inventory and backpack, but not much more. I would personally leave really overpowered stuff like cargo bikes and biketrailers out of the game, and I doubt you would find many of those in Kentucky anyway. I think that during cycling you shouldn't be able to have weapons (or anything else really) equipped in your hands. I also think bicycles should be very susceptible to zombie attacks. As in: when a zombie grasps you, you will most probably end up on the floor. This would make cycling very good for transport through sparsely populated areas but a rather poor choice for denser populated areas.
  11. There's a new clansystem that includes seven clans, there's a morality system, and there are 5 new endings, depending on what choices you make. The zombies will be changed to vampires. The PC and the NPC's too. Oh, and the name of the game will be changed to "Vamboid The Mash-querade."
  12. What @Crashdummy11880 says. But with the addition that, while I agree with his assessment that it's stupid, it would make more sense to make a garden on top of asphalt/concrete, than try to smash your way through it with the use of hand tools. I think potted plants would be a realistic solution to your problem and a good addition to the game.
  13. Their needs to be a comfortable rating for sleeping anyway, it's rather ridiculous you can get a good night of sleep on a kitchen chair, and that there's no reason to prefer a bed over all the other options. Well, I roleplay my reasons in, No gamy shenanigans for me, no sir, I take my PZ gaming seriously. So I'm all for sleeping on the ground (and everywhere else too basically), but as a last resort thing only, that restores only a bit of fatigue and/or takes a long time to do so.
  14. I think an indicator bar would be slightly more realistic, but that's me being borderline pedantic. I like this idea a lot.
  15. I love this Idea, in fact, I proposed a very similar idea a couple of years ago. I think it's important to not make it a gamy quick fix.So you would have to heat water etc. and it would be quite a hassle to get the shower/bath ready.
  16. The game was really good looking for it's day, and quite fun. That's about all that I remember about it. Surprisingly it's still available on GOG. It's more of a city builder than anything else, but there's a bit of God sim in it too. https://www.gog.com/game/afterlife
  17. This game was rather fun. You're basically God, yes that god despite the fact the game tries to deny it, and you're in charge of heaven and hell. It's satirical, btw, and arguably in a rather blasphemic way. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing of course. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afterlife_(video_game)
  18. Slavery is by its very definition the concept of owning people (and by extension prob. also other sentient beings, like, for example dragons) as property, so the term "zombie slave" doesn't make a lot of sense. letting a zombie "work" for you would be more akin to cattle. I really don't see ethical problem with that, but I'm afraid it would work as minecraft's redstone and will lead to all kinds of uber gamy OP contraption. From a realistic POV human slaves probably wouldn't make a lot of sense in post-apocalyptic survival situations you would typically encounter in PZ. It's simply not practical to use your limited resources to maintain a subclass to do the work for you. Ironically slavery is typically a product of more evolved societies, not the hunter gatherer and early agricultural societies of PZ.
  19. This looks interesting, I'll keep an eye on it for sure!
  20. Perhaps more gore, like all the corpses in the parking lot(?) Would also make it more recognizable Looks like a well designed building as it is, btw.
  21. He probably shouldn't, but he obviously does. In the end you can't really control how you should feel about something, not even if you can rationalize what you should feel. I don't really know the devs, but I know their game, and it's obvious that they do their utmost best to deliver a good product. In fact, if they polished and balanced the current version a bit, (and I mean a bit, the game is more stable than most and there aren't a lot of serious bugs AFAIK) and decided to release it as the final version, it would be a good game that could easily be sold for the price it's sold now. In an alternate universe where the NPCs where never mentioned, it wouldn't even be a real problem if they were lacking. And if some dweep decides to rant on the internet that all your effort makes you the worst dev team ever, I understand it's the kind of thing that could really fuck up your day.
  22. I think of you guys as the George R.R. Martin of indie game devs. It's a bit of a waiting game, but the stuff you deliver is totally worth it. And there is a lot of unexpected death in the process And zombies Please don't hire GRRM to do the NPC programming for you
  23. So now I'm going to recreate Winterfell in PZ. People will be so confused!
  24. You gave up smoking years ago, but still you hoard cigarettes by the hundreds. Just in case.....
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