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Found 17 results

  1. This is from the upcoming sequel for Survivalist. Its called survivalist 2 and it is a zombie game that i've been following just like project zomboid. Can you add some of the features that is shown in this video? This makes the combat more complicated and not dull like what we have today. project zomboid melee pvp is not good you just press the key and wait for the first one to die
  2. Heya Everyone, so let's get right to it. Seeing the new video with the "potential" clothing I noticed that the way they had big gowns/dresses animated (As is most common to see, people usually just bind the dresses to the legs and therefore get these big pants which are supposedly dresses, even though they act completely like pants, bound to the bone structure and therefore easier to fit into animations (So you don't need to animate new animations for the dresses)) Now while I understand why they would do this, I would like to suggest another option. Have restrictive dresses. Now before you go crazy, there are some restrictive and some not-restrictive dresses, the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th are probably the most restrictive and I would suggest making it so you can only walk in them (or crouch, but no running) which makes it so we won't see clipping, but holding the bottom of the dress to the ground (as shown on the bottom "animation", that way it seems much more like dresses instead of big pants which only really look good if you're standing still. I would suggest animating the dresses (or part of them, to just drag along the ground, thinking along something like the Villager (woman) from Warcraft 3 if anyone can remember, it seems much more like a dress and doesn't break the aesthetics of the game. So wearing a beautiful dress would let you look stunning, but would restrict you to walking/crouching, and maybe climbing through a window, but never down/up ropes or any of the other crazier animations. And if things become grim you can always just rip it and suddenly you can do all the normal things you could do before. Just please, let's not go the route of big trumpet pants, then I rather you just keep to dresses like the dark blue which is just a polygon in between the legs. (also please add heels )
  3. Hi, I'm trying to build a mod. First try. My objective is to craft something like the "lamp on a pillar", but with a tree branch and some rags. I already have made a simple craftable torch made of wood and ripped sheets, with translations. This torch currently behaves like a "lit candle": it emits light if held in hand. That was the easy part, but this is not what I had in mind... Now, I'd like to improve a few things: Ability to place the torch on the ground (vertically and using a menu option, just like the wooden cross) Ability for said placed torch to emit light (for base lighting) [optional] Ability to animate said placed torch This is important for base lighting at night, if one does not wish to rely on "lamp on a pillar". Any advice / links to relevant resources / names of events/functions to look up in order to accomplish that? Is it possible at all using modding? Thanks!
  4. arkahys

    Before animation release

    There was some weeks, due to the lake of interest in actuals games, I replay to fallout (nostalgy !!!).... It seems you like bloodshed, could be add some critical death hit animation as fallout ? "his favorite" is the favorite for all i think.... Or after that, the first to do this dynamicaly is soldiers of fortune. There is an animations planned for simple actions ? (all of this with passe-partout animation) as : sit down / sleep use / pick up / put ( I think again to the standard animation of fallout, it is standard, but there is an animation !!!) build (wood with hammer striking, metal with blowtorch firing), saw drink, cook, eat use rope / ladder shovel for grave and farm foraging
  5. Keshash

    Blocking attacks

    A suggestion for improvement of Human vs. Human combat. As we saw in the bloody massacre video, now there is 3 different attacks - swing from the left to the right, direct hit to the head and uppercut. I suggest to add an option to block an attack from 1 of 3 directions - slightly similar to like Mount and Blade did (that's one of the best fighting systems, imo. Link). If defender is blocking wrong direction, while attacker hits him - he will still take damage. One thing I don't sure is how it would work. I can think of 2 ways: Manual. Determines by the direction of walking. For example, if you walk backwards it will be a down-direction block. Pretty hard for newbies, but sounds fun. Automatic. Every time defender presses "block" button the game will select "proper" block depending on attacker's attack. May be too OP, when defender spams "block", until Windows message "Would you like to permanently enable Shift?" pops-up. Both. Maybe, selectable, like current reloading option. Shields. Similar to M&B, blocks all directions at once, but requires 1 hand and tends to break. And also, some bonus for axe and other "heavy" weapons for breaking blocks. Would it be too complex? Sometimes complexity is even better, making combat something to master.
  6. Inspired by the Bloody massacre video. Warning: to understand this post correctly you need to listen to this. So, I suggest to replace current pushing attack ("space" by default) with weapon pushing. For example, with the end of the bat. The main reasons are that current attack would be too dangerous in ZA, because zombie could easily bite your arm, and because pushing 3 zombies at a time with almost 100% success chance is slightly OP. Allowing to push only 1 zombie at a time with a weapon would be much better (Just like hitting 1 at a time in the video). Also, if the character has no weapon, it would be logical to add small (!) chance of zombie being not pushed and is starting to bite you instead (For a weak characters). Or, as an alternative, kicking with a leg, because it would take slightly more time for zombie to grab a leg.
  7. Bonjour all, I have put this thread up in the past but seeing all the new animation stuff going on I thought it was worth putting up again! Hope you'll agree this feature would add immense feel to the game!
  8. Gaffa Tape Warrior

    Martial artist - zombie self defence

    I saw this video of a martial artist showing zombie self-defence. Maybe it could serve as inspiration for actions with the animations update. It could go with the self-defence class trait and the veteran profession. Maybe there could even be a "trained martial artist" trait.
  9. Hey all, been playing a bit more recently. After some goofing around with nothing equipped, I cringe at the animation while running empty-handed. It looks like your character is trying to keep in a doopie, or like they're doing a penguin run. Meanwhile, running with weapons equipped looks pretty kickass. I know an animation update is coming soon, but I hope this is seen and may be added.
  10. Pwnlord

    Sitting in chairs

    Basically, it'd be nice if you could actually sit in chairs. Maybe give an effectiveness bonus to resting, or add rest time to crafting and other tasks to remove Worn Out status faster.
  11. This isn't a huge deal but is anyone else a bit annoyed by the fact that our character still doesn't hold weapons properly? I mean it would be nice if the player could hold a rifle and a shotgun like they are meant to be held. Could there maybe be a holster system so if you don't aim for a certain amount of time the weapon would go on your back or on your belt. Does anyone else feel the same?
  12. PhantomWarlock

    Animated Actions...

    Okay, here's the scoop. I was thinking, as a new immersive feature to be added, you could activate certain animations. No, not combat animations, but leisure-focused animations. You could sit down on couches and chairs, or on table chairs, toilets, etc.... These actions could slow, or stop, the process of boredom. If you sit on a couch with a broken leg, it could prevent further damage, and heal it quicker. Etc other effects... But the reason I didn't mention sleeping animations or multiple actions on couches, is to prevent the game becoming the Sims all over again. But if it get's added, no problem. I just don't want this a major focus. Just a little something extra. (Now if this has been suggested, I am very sorry. I looked for it under "Animations", "Immersion", and didn't find anything close.)
  13. Sometimes when i play i feel weird visiting big places, becouse everything there is okay, glasses arent broken, chairs are nice set up, nothing is destroyed, almost no blood, no corpses, i cant see the chaos. Its like there wasn't any zombie breakout. Just like in second everyone turned on into zombies, and they didnt touched computers chairs tables, and everything was left clean My idea: Add more blood over the map, maybe graffiti on walls, or blood subtitles like "god forgive us" , "there is no help " flipped trash cans, newspaper all over the city, massacred corpses and bones, holes in the walls, broken doors, burned houses, shopping carts near the super market. Or any sight of survivors i mean Barricaded houses with more loot but no one inside, sign saying "nothing is here" or "big horde over here" or already looted houses Zombie events: I mean when you walk on the street you can see a group of zombies eating someone, they cant see you so you can walk around or fight them Thank u for reading
  14. dimQ

    Moodle animation

    As we know the Multiplayer is on. You asked us to test it. So after this i of course join to this action ))) When i play with other sirvivors i dont know anything about their mood thing, untill i dont ask about this,but what if that happened in furious battle for territory or suplies, i have no time for talking, or in situation where i shoot into the other sirvivor, i dont even know i missed or hit them... so what about to add some new animation which will show everyone some of your main moodles. I made a couple of sketches (i know im not the best artist ) http://s2.ipicture.r...18/d5sVZThF.jpg to avoid overlaps,you can use priority of animations Here, in descending order: Infected<<Injured<<Pain<<Panicking<<Exhausted<<Angry that will be very usefull especialy for MP, for example you see survivor that was infected and you can decide to share a food with him,or not,coz he will die soon anyway, also you can be confused and shoot him . that will be more cool and realistic. Or you guys can just make the moodles of other players to be visible, if they have a medic skill, or some social skill. But i think animation will be more realistic. And as another suggestion- be useful to bind text-talk messages like "stop" or "dont shoot". for example dota 2 phrase ring thx )
  15. JonSyn

    need a list of the animations

    im trying to find a list of the animations, like getSwingAnim(); . im looking for the one when you are attacking a downed zombie with a axe or weapon.
  16. I took the time to create a animation out of one of Spiffo's tutorial images. This was my first attempt at a animation (.gif image) so I really hope you enjoy and I might make more if people want me to. Just keep in mind I'm limited to some things since making a .gif is all new to me. #1 Getting crafty #2 Mapping the way to success #3 Watermelon Spiffo
  17. MrZombifiedGamer

    Show backpacks on character

    Okay, so whats really bothered me lately is the fact that when I obtain a backpack it's not on my character, my question is would it be possible to have it on his or her back after you pick it up? Well that's what I'm suggesting here so tell me what you guys think.