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  1. I think more can be added to this. For example, when the character is bitten in the neck, the blood spurting animation can be nice until he puts on a bandage (not only the neck, but also the animation of blood drip when bitten from the hand). Shot animations designed for multiplayer (character shooting at character, hitting with any item) should be brought in for NPC modes designed for single player. Smashed zombies without arms and without legs and who have seen much more brutality (very bloody models) I think should also be brought in zombie models. When the character is infected (not only zombie infection but any infection and disease), as the infection level progresses, the character's eye bleeding, coughing, dizziness, not being able to walk properly and even crawling animation should be introduced. Probably the project zomboid team has already thought of these, but if they are removed, that is, if they are done quickly and added, I think it will add a nice atmosphere to the game. I almost forgot, committing suicide should definitely come. And it should not be like in the mods, even if you commit suicide, there should not be a transformation event, the probability of turning into a zombie when you commit suicide should be 0
  2. There is something called zombie strength in zombie settings. and this setting is weak. and there are only three options: weak, normal, superhuman strength rates. but in survivor option, the zombie power is weak. this means that a zombie is not as strong as a human being. Also, the durability of the zombies in the game we play is weak. So whatever way you look at it, it means that zombies are not even half the power of man. and zombies are dumb they cant hit anywhere properly. even if this is in a small detail it makes this game even better.
  3. then the demolition level and the durability level should be added to the structures. For example, a hundred-person zombie horde should be able to damage the walls (non-player-made. because they are already hurting player structures) (and the walls must be very durable)
  4. I think it is unrealistic for a zombie to break the door on its own, I think three zombies should break the door (hardly) okay the glass alone can break a zombie, but it is ridiculous for a zombie to break the doors. I think this needs to be fixed. second, i think the characters can knock on the door and break the lock (depending on the character traits ) thanks for your attention
  5. @leon2356 I've never seen this video before, thanks. I hope it will appear more bloodyly than this video. @Optimism it is very nice in the push mechanism, it wouldn't be bad if they put a feature in the character creation menu to use it. and yes the shredding feature is really fun. it would be nice to be able to pass through zombie blood-organs on us (again from twd game :D)
  6. Hello again . I came here today to come up with a few suggestions about animations. They talk about a diseased man with his arm cut in the NNR channel on the radio. (Around the 10th day) I think it should be put into the game, that is, I think it should be added in zombies without arms, legs and hands. maybe in bullet-wounded zombies (the hole may be full). It wouldn't be bad if you revisit my previous suggestion. because the bodies leaning against the wall may be better than those passing through the wall :D. I'm saying it again, this is just a suggestion, I know it's hard, love all pz crew ❤️
  7. you have really researched very successfully. I think the moderators should review
  8. I think the human character and zombies death animation should be corrected. For example, when we shoot and kill a zombie, it lies directly on the ground. but I think it must first gush blood (from where we hit), then slowly fall down (like the twd game), and when the character is killed by the zombie, I think blood from the zombies bite (even if he bites without dying). Finally, I think the corpses should it not pass through the wall. should lean against the wall. yes, it's not as easy as wanting to do these things, these are just suggestions and things that will make the game more beautiful if it is done. good work pz team to all of you with love ❤️
  9. @martingee thanks for answering have good work
  10. everything ok but the doors are not ok, this patch (build 41) is about all animation (I think) so ı think you need add a doors opening and closing animations too and car doors. a another idea is broking doors, its very basic (this build) doors gone just planks. if you can add broken door animation (on the floor) please add this. than survivors craft them to planks with saw or axe. it s all just idea have good working al pz crew ❤️
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