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  1. GodPhase777

    Red Question Marks

    You are a genius. Thanks for saving me from the sea of red.
  2. GodPhase777

    Red Question Marks

    Thank you for responding so quickly, I will try this.
  3. GodPhase777

    Red Question Marks

    So I'm using the PZWorldEd, I double click a cell and what do I see? This bull. Here's a link to pictures of this error I took. Red Sea of Annoying Question Marks I'm Currently Drowning In. A million red question marks. Like when your missing your tiles in TileZed. There are no search results on how to fix this sea of red question mark. None that I could find at least. How do I fix this mass of red. Please help.
  4. GodPhase777

    Cell 0,0

    Closer View
  5. GodPhase777

    Cell 0,0

    Cell 1,0
  6. GodPhase777

    Cell 0,0

    Cell 0,0
  7. GodPhase777

    Mapping Guide - v.0.2

    there is no file called tiles in my tilezed folder please help...