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Found 33 results

  1. Hello everybody! I'm here with a very small idea. Why not add the ability to load weapons without clips to the game? How it is implemented, for example, in the game DayZ. Playing on complex sandbox settings, I sometimes had problems with firearms - I didn't have clips for them. Why doesn't the character put a round in the barrel? Of course, it might not be effective against the walkers, but... it will be possible to rake them in one place Thanks for your attention
  2. I've set my sandbox settings to active at night and zombies to sprinters, so during day time they move slowly and are not dangerous, but during night time they can sprint, making them dangerous. My first run went well, but my next few runs were broken. I start at 9am, zombies are walking, a few mintues later, I run on a 30 mintue day cycle, they start running during day and night! I have a few mods, but these do not interfere with the ai of the zombie, meaning it may be a bug with the game. There have been many cases in the past for such bug. I really enjoyed the nocturnal sprinter zeds, but now I can no longer play that certain mode due to this "Active during inactive times". Im currently on IWBUMS 41.31 with several IWBUMS 41 mods that don't interfere or alter the ai of the zombies.
  3. The character is not saved after the crash of the game, any failure, any mistake and the game character is completely deleted, to the flesh until the very start, that is, I start from the very beginning, where I have nothing, BUT! The world is preserved, my refuge is completely in place, all things and the like, but the character is not! I discovered one bug on my own ... When you go to the crafting menu and in the “filter” line I start to write something, and then change the keyboard layout, the game crashes, fix this fatal bug, because of it I lost my character. I know that all this is still in the alpha-beta-gamma-omega stage ... But such critical bugs kill all the desire to play as evil, I decently put (items) into it. By the way, for future autosaves, that every 10-15 minutes there was a save, when the game crashed so much, there was a place to go back to, I know not quite honestly, but efficiently. P.S. In which section to write, where they consider ideas, I have a lot of cool ideas that are needed in PZ or at least diversify or improve the game.
  4. I play in vanilla iwubms 41 When i place a battery charger in my base, i can't interact with it at all. I can see it, but cannot plug a battery nor pick it up.
  5. I'm getting errors when crafting stone axes, I had enough materials to craft four axes, I opened the craft menu, hit 'craft all' but my character only made one and an error showed up and the craft menu kinda froze up, I had to close it and open it again to be able to craft another axe, then I got another error, had to close the menu again and so on... It happened both in 41.27 and before that in 41.24. logs.zip
  6. I'm 10+ hours into my current run, haven't encountered any problems, then it crashed and now if I load it back it crashes again after a couple minutes of playing (tried to continue 4 times so far). I attached the logs.zip, hope that is what you need ^^' logs.zip
  7. When I try to start a new game, the game crashes. Please help. I checked the integrity of the files, reinstalled the game, the latest version of the video driver (441.87). In compatibility mode the same. My specifications: Windows 10 x64 Intel Core i3-4130 3,4 GHz 6 GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GT 640 1 GB logs.zip
  8. Hello everyone! We are currently looking for a few dedicated and active people that would like to test Hydrocraft and report bugs a bit closer with us! So if there is anyone who would like to participate, this will surely help the development of the Build 41 version a ton! We will also send an invite to our Discord server to make communication easier! Now on to the good news. The "Beta 1" version of Hydrocraft for Build 41 is currently available! Beta versions are to be considered "IWBUMS" so there could be game breaking issues and require some games to be restarted. So for anyone who wants to play Hydrocraft until it is considered to be stable enough to be released publicly, there will be periodic releases there once in a while. It would be really appreciated if bug reports would be done on GitHub but any other channel will still be considered Thanks!! The Beta 1 can be downloaded right here: https://github.com/DemolitionDerby/Hydrocraft/releases Again and lastly, if anyone would like to hunt bugs to help us with the mod, please send Hydromancerx or myself a quick PM and I will send the link to our Discord server! Enjoy! And thanks to everyone who helped!
  9. - 2 pages of "NEW - DUCK AND COVER" in the guide. - In character creation, clicking the arrows to rotate a character's wrong. If you click the arrow pointing right, it'll turn the character left, same goes for the other button. - Sometimes when you try to do something with an item in a container, it takes the item and just stops the action. For example, I want to butcher a dead mouse from a container, I right click the mouse and choose "butcher small animal", the character takes the mouse and stops. He just took the mouse, he didn't butcher it. Same goes for dismantling radios and slicing watermelons, these are the examples I encountered. - I felt like my beard in-game grew WAY too fast. I searched in google how long does it take for a beard to grow and it said "about 2 to 6 months", my beard in-game grew in 11 days from goatee to long beard. You should change the beard growing time to make the game more realistic. - When I drink a pop, the animation's a little wrong, he keeps repeating opening the can and when he's drinking the can jumps from his hand to his mouth and then back to the hand. It's hard to explain, see the animation for yourself. - Can't choose to read a book that's in a backpack that's on the floor. I need to grab the book and then click "read". - There was an error when I tried to build 2 spiked baseball bats in 1 click. It made one and then there was a "1" in a red box at the bottom right corner of the screen, it didn't make the second spiked baseball bat. - So, I'm keeping a zombie to bang on a locked garage door so I'll be able to loot whatever's inside and every time I go away and come back, the zombie changes. Different clothes and gender sometimes.
  10. I'm really glad to finally see the push into the anims update! However, whenever I am in a building, a pixelated outline appears on the windows and everywhere that the camera is supposed to cut away the building so you can see inside. For clarity i've included a screenshot. My laptop runs with 8 gb ram, an i5 7th gen processor and an intel graphics card (don't know which one i'm afraid). I have validated my game files and everything should be alright. Before i validated my game files I had the "Random quitting" bug that i've seen some others mention. Does anyone experience this issue and if yes, have you managed to resolve it one way or another? Anyway, Don't get bit! -Canay
  11. on one of my better runs and found a floating car on the bridge out of west point Also found an acoustic guitar, when equipped two handed it showed as a ghostly outline with no fill. didn't manage to get a picture as i was shortly attacked and it broke after the first 3
  12. Hi there, Just tested, seems to be a bug. When you watch TV CookShow on normal speed, you will unlock Cooking level 1 with no problem right from the game start. If you speed things up on 2x for example, you are going to miss the last 8.75 xp boost. Repeat steps: 1. Start with 0 level cooking (use Slow Learner) 2. Watch Cooking Show on 'Live and Living TV' on normal speed. 3. Enjoy free level 1. 1. Start with 0 level cooking (use Slow Learner) 2. Watch Cooking Show on 'Live and Living TV' on 2x speed. 3. No free level 1.
  13. When I get into a car and press escape quickly (I think I'm canceling the character closing the door) I get stuck and can't do anything, the radial menus don't work either. Exiting to main menu and reloading solves it.
  14. So, there's a problem with player-built walls if set on floor 1 or higher, they're not showing up properly when standing on the same level. They're cut like the player is standing behind them, which I don't think is suppose to happen. For example, here's how it looks from ground floor: https://imgur.com/nYXwhWg And how it looks when I go up: https://imgur.com/txgjiMd (I used debug mode, to make it faster) If someone already posted something like that or if it's already known issue, then my apologize.
  15. While powering a washing machine with a generator, if you turn off the generator while the washing machine is still on, the washing machine stops working but it'll keep making the sound like it's still on.
  16. So i accidentaly pressed shiftx2 in a tree and fell last night, after i hit the ground my gloves broke. Is this intended? If yes, at least make it take some damage instead of instant break. PS: Heres a clip of it happening, you can see the color of my characters hand change around 4-5secs, as well as me reacting to it when i check inventory. https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklySlipperyCockroachPastaThat
  17. this happens, but the resulting items do not appear in inventory. logs into attachments console.txt logs.zip
  18. Pretty much what the title says, cannot get compost from the composter, nothing happens when I try except for a number popping up in the bottom right corner.
  19. Rather self explanatory in attachments. Only equippable after putting in left hand then right clicking and equipping on both. It wasn't caused by any mods too, since I don't got any on. It's quite gamebreaking since when you need to re-equip a certain weapon (and it's two handed) then you might be screwed.
  20. So when I opened the door to get rid of one single zombie outside, it turned out to be 3 or 4 instead so I died. But the reason is because a zombie somehow glitched through the wall next to the door when I was right in the middle of the doorway. This actually surprised me and I ended up dying almost immediately. The reason might be because all the zombies were grouped/packed tightly together.
  21. Whenever zeds shamble over a fence, any attacks made against them will be standing attacks instead of the ground attacks despite the zed models clearly being on the ground for a while. This attack then immediately snaps the zed back into a standing position, adding to the jank factor. This is as opposed to zeds shambling over a window where you'll do the expected ground stomp/downward weapon attack once they get through. Unfortunately, this behavior also isn't perfect for windows. If there's furniture on one side of the window (counter/bed/etc.), any zeds climbing over that furniture will count as standing as well, similar to the fence behavior.
  22. In build 41, each time I start a new game, get told that this is how I die, click to start, etc. After about sixty seconds actually in game, the game freezes and crashes to desktop. Attached is my console.txt, and if anything else could help please let me know. console.txt
  23. If I jump through a window and inside it there is a 1x1 tile with some furniture in it, I teleport through the wall and end up in another room.
  24. [Tutorial] Killing the zombie in any tile aside from the one marked will soft lock the tutorial and require a restart [Gameplay?] When creating a character and selecting a new item that can be colored, all items of clothing that can be colored will have their identifying color squares randomized Trying to open a locked door and then being pushed over while in thee animation will make you hyper jiggle / spam the lock Some times after dying and clicking continue, you will load into your last character where they last spawned instead of choosing a new character and such. (Actually this has been happening to me 100% of the time.) [Map?] A railbridge right outside of Westpoint is transparent and missing a few textures. I'll update this list as I find more.
  25. Upon running over Zeds/Zombies with a vehicle and zoning away from the potential crawling Zeds/Zombies they appear naked and upon approaching Zed/Zombie suddenly spawn with clothes and crawl. This can be exploited and indicate which Zed/Zombies are corpses or Crawlers. And also killing Zeds/Zombies by vehicle does not count towards Kill count? Thank you
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