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  1. After some test, it seems to work fine with 2 handed weapons (tested the baseball bat), but 1 handed blunt weapons (maybe axe, I might have to check as well) definitely have something wrong (also tested the bat 1 handed : same problem occures). It happens (at least and for sure) with the club hammer, frying pan (called it "stove" in my previous answer), griddle pan, hammer, saucepan, baseball bat (when using it with 1 hand). The spear issue is a bit different (using it with both hands), because it sometimes makes a one-shot hit/animation (that's a bit longer than the usual stab-hit animation) that also prevents you from moving until it ends, making this weapon a very risky one when you have 2 zombies or more close to eachother. Here is a video showing the "1 handed" baseball bat. It works the same way with the other 1 handed blunt weapons. Movement 5.mp4
  2. I mostly used 1 handed blunt weapon (hammer, stove), and also spears, though I'm almost sure it can happen with every weapon type (like 2 handed blunt weapons). When it happens it seems to be when you hit either kills or knocks down the zombie, but it's not always the case.
  3. I don't know if it's intended or not, but in IWBUMS 41.39 it still happens that some hit animation will make you unable to move until it's finished (just like in MGWhiskers's video at 14 and 25 seconds ). Fighting can become rather unreliable, when you want to keep moving backward after hitting one of the several zombies in front of you to avoid getting hit. Maybe it could be possible to disable these kind of animation (as well a critical/one-shot strike from knives, spears, etc) if you are currently moving when attacking ?
  4. It's not about instakill, it's that the zombie skips the whole vault/get up animation by going through the fence just because I hit him. He should either stay on the other side of the fence, or not recover so fast since he is skipping the vault animation for a way shorter one. Maybe it doesn't look like a problem in this situation, but if you want a concrete exemple of what it could lead to : I got bit because my character hit the zombie that was beginning the vault instead of the one that already went through the fence (that was on the ground), which resulted in the first zombie to make me fall while the second one could bite me almost instantly while I was getting up, because my hit made him skip the vault animation. If you compare both animation time, the "hit stun" animation is something like 1,5 seconds, while the vault animation is something between 4 and 6 seconds, depending if he tries to make you fall. Either the vault animation shouldn't get skipped in that situation, or the zombie shouldn't instantly get on the other side of the fence by getting hit early.
  5. Here 2 short video to illustrate the 2nd issue (the 1st one is an issue mostly because of the 2nd one actually). Fence 1.mp4 Fence 2.mp4
  6. I was waiting for 2 zombies behind a fence. When the first one vaulted the fence and fell in front of me, the other one was just beginning the vault animation. I attacked with a hammer, but instead of hitting the closer zombie that was on the ground, I hit the one that was beginning the vault. Then, despite hitting the zombie during his vault animation, he only got the short stun animation (when you hit them with a weapon), and was already on the other side of the fence. Hitting him resulted in a faster recovery, skipping the whole vault/get up animation of the zombie. In this kind of situation (hitting a zombie at the beginning of his vault animation), maybe he should stay on the other side, or fall on the ground because of the hit.
  7. When you fill a pan with water, durability of the weapon doesn't show anymore. Then, when you empty the water from the pan, if the pan was already damaged before you fill it, it goes back to full durability.
  8. Now you say it, the best would be to be able to choose manualy the random time, we could write for example between 20 and 40 days (or anything else) before water/electricity shut off. I wish that because when I did a sandbox and harder mod of the "survival", the water and electricity shut off at day 2 (I set the option at "0-30 days") so it went a bit frustrating when it went off so early. This way we could set ourselves the minimum and the maximum time it will stay, so it could still be random and less frustrating if ever we want, like in the survival mod, have the warranty electricity and water will stay for some days so we have the time to fill some jericcan or other stuff like this.
  9. In fact it would be great if we could have a fusion of the solo player options and the multiplayer option, we could choose between more random settings (like 0-30 days water/electricity) or more specific settings (like when you write yourself the number of day)
  10. I think only host can know (but I feel more like playing with some friends on this situation) I have nothing about randomness of course, what I suggest would be a secondary option, and since you can balance/unbalance your world as you want in sandbox, I'd like to be able to choose when it will shut off (moreover, on the official survival mod, water and electricity always shut off the same day, it's not random, so why couldn't we in sandbox)
  11. Yes that's the point, it still is random and some days (like 0-30 days) can make a huge difference on your gameplay and all, and since you can put the exact number of day on a server (as well as on "survival" mode where it's fixed at 15 days, and not a random number between 0-30 as in sandbox option) it would be nice if we could choose this for SP as well.
  12. It would be even better if we could have information about destroyable object's health (like the barricad would be visually damaged) so you could guess if it's close to break or if you still have some time before you must repair/change it
  13. It would be cool if we could be able to choose how many days water and electricity will stay in solo player. We can choose it when we create our own server and if we could also choose it in SP it would be great (we could choose between a random amount of time like it is now, or a specific amount of time like on the server). And vice versa with the MP server, where we could choose to put a randomized amount of time
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