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  1. Zombies going through the one that just got hit is intended, kind of : it's rather a bandaid fix to avoid the other zombies getting stuck behind the one that just got hit. I also experienced the "hit from behind" animation, which happens like in the video if you move behind the zombie before the "hit from front" animation is over.
  2. When you remove a bait from a trap, you don't get the invested food back anymore (at least that's what it does with trap crate and/or cabbage as bait).
  3. I tried it with a spear, and it seems to work (I believe it's because this kind of weapon can hit through fences, unlike the blunt weapons I was using precedently), but in this specific situation (being near a fence) I didn't get root despite doing a stab attack (I could still move during the animation). Fences spear.mp4
  4. Even pushing doesn't work. Sorry for the successive replies (4 mb max per reply), but at least I'm sure the issue is crystal clear for you ! Fences 2.mp4
  5. You have to be quite far to avoid it. Fences 3.mp4
  6. Fences 1.mp4 Since the last update (41.49*) I believe, you can't hit/push zombies that are too close to big fences anymore (barbed ones at least).
  7. The title says it all. In the previous 41 version you could swap weapon while aiming, but in 41.44 you can't do that anymore. You have to stop aiming, then press the shortcut button.
  8. It's missing is french as well. It's not supposed to be missing though, in 41.43 everything was fine, but now the ingredients name are missing in 41.44 (what I mean is that translation do exist already).
  9. We currently have sandbox options for temperature and rain frenquency, but not yet for heavy weather. I would really love to have that option as I find it really immersive and thrilling when a storm/blizzard occurs for several days whether you're outside finding your way, or inside hearing and seeing it happen so you stay safe inside), but it rarely happens. Tell me if I'm wrong, but the way it seems to work now is that there is an odd for a storm to happen, and whether it's raining, freezing or not, it can be a storm without rain, a storm with rain or a blizzard. So, in addition t
  10. Currently we can refill small thread parts to get them full. It would only make sense, at least for matches, to be able to refill them as well.
  11. Something you might not know is that you already have a chance to get a small amount of thread when ripping clothes (depending of your tailoring skill, if you focus on that you can get thread very often, you'll need to invest some time into it though). I agree there are some recipes that need resources that are rather scarce (as you said about spears, I would never waste some precious duct tape to put an attachement on it). A way to craft twine would be nice too (maybe by using a greater amount of thread for example ?) Maybe being able to turn thread into twine could be
  12. I like this suggestion. I can understand this to happen with knives, but with a long range weapon like a spear you should be able to control (what you're suggesting would be perfect) when you want your character to stop moving to do such thing instead of randomly risking death because of it... Does it happen with other weapons ? There used to be a bug with one-handed weapons that would make you stop as well sometimes, but now I don't think that any other weapon (except knives if you're too close) have this issue.
  13. I second this as I had it to happen as well. It's hard to tell what triggers it (at least after you already hit/pushed them I believe), but it's infuriating when it happens for sure 😒
  14. I don't know if that's related to any of your issues but I noticed that sometimes, zombies try to grab you from further away than they should (resulting in a miss if you keep moving, but make them more dangerous). Can't tell why, but it seems to happen if I already fought them (hit or pushed them on the ground).
  15. I figured out that the coat give only half the bonus stated to the neck compared to the other body parts (10%/20% instead of 20%/40%), so I guess that's rather a display issue in the "inspect" menu. Also, not sure if that's intended, but the protection bonus from patches (with tailoring) are also halved on the neck for the coat.
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