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  1. I second this as I had it to happen as well. It's hard to tell what triggers it (at least after you already hit/pushed them I believe), but it's infuriating when it happens for sure 😒
  2. I don't know if that's related to any of your issues but I noticed that sometimes, zombies try to grab you from further away than they should (resulting in a miss if you keep moving, but make them more dangerous). Can't tell why, but it seems to happen if I already fought them (hit or pushed them on the ground).
  3. I figured out that the coat give only half the bonus stated to the neck compared to the other body parts (10%/20% instead of 20%/40%), so I guess that's rather a display issue in the "inspect" menu. Also, not sure if that's intended, but the protection bonus from patches (with tailoring) are also halved on the neck for the coat.
  4. The protection values displayed for the neck on leather coats are either missing or incorrect. You can see on the picture that the neck ("cou") protection from the coat isn't taken into account since it's clearly bellow what it should be with only that coat (19%/48% in the protection screen, whereas the "inspect" pannel for the coat shows 26%/52%). The neck seems to be the only part of the clothe that's affected.
  5. All right it makes sense then... I tested with 1 hour for corpse removal, and indeed the corpses' skin decayed every hour until it disapeared. The tipo in the sandbox settings isn't clear though, it says "Number of in-game hours before zombie corpses are automatically removed from the map", without mentioning that this number is for each stage of the decomposition.
  6. Does it mean that the time you put in the sandbox settings is the time for each stage to complete (and thus, by default, you would need 45 days for them to disappear) ?
  7. Hello there, I was wondering if it would be possible to have the option to set the day length to 90 minutes in the sanbox options. I know we already have a lot of options (mostly for very long day length past 2 hours), yet 1 hour is a bit short sometimes, whereas 2 hours can be too long (it's the double already). A middle ground would be great !
  8. I can also confirm the corpse removal bug (I set it to 720 hours but nothing disapeared after 2 monthes of survival). As for the aiming bug, it's mostly happening with 2 handed weapons I guess ? I also feel like it's weird.. I think the weapon hitboxes have the same angle (but different range), thus even when handling a larger weapon (compared to a knife), you feel like you could hit more easily the zombie, yet it's not the case. Add to this that some 2-handed weapons are slow and have a long recovery (like shovel), it can be deadly.
  9. I set corpse removal at 720 hours (1 month in game) instead of the defaut 216 hours (which was supposed to be 9 days), and iikr corpses are supposed to deteriorate over time (becoming skeleton before disapearing). Yet it has been 2 monthes of survival and not a single corpse disapeared nor deteriorated (I could easily see it from the corpses near my base that I killed early). Edit : I just saw this problem got reported in "IWBUMS 41.41 - Few Problems / Guess some bugs" thread.
  10. When you are doing the action (after you clicked on it), it's written on the item in your inventory until the action is done.
  11. What is your " Population Peak Day" setting (and which day were you) ? Even if the zombie respawn is disabled, if you didn't reach the peak day yet, zombies are still able to spawn on the map.
  12. Yes, it seems to happen for kills, but also when they fall on the ground (they aren't necessary dead), and you indeed get stuck briefly when it happens.
  13. Perfect ! Now it's very clear how dangerous this issue can be (when you got scratched after a "bad strike"). If that can help to reproduce the issue, I'm using the RMB to aim instead of CTRL.
  14. Yes it is, as you can't actually move when it happens. It doesn't happen consistantly (though when it does, it can be deadly), but if you make some try when backpedaling (it seems that's when it happens the more) with a 1-handed weapon (I increased zombie tankiness to test it) you should have it happen at some point.
  15. I tried when moving toward a zombie : it happens rarely compared to the other cases (took 20-30 tries to get these 2), but it still can happen. 5.mp4 6.mp4
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