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  1. Well, there's obviously the splatter sound effect when the head is squashed, but stomping on the body and stomping on the head sound indistinguishable to me.
  2. I would love to have a key binding that lets me open vehicle doors/lids in one keypress, the radial menu is a bit cumbersome. Maybe simply with a longer press of the E key, analogous to climbing. Also, I think the green outlined area to access vehicle doors could be larger. Since the animation update I constantly struggle to hit the sweet spot in the first approach and have to wiggle myself till the green square appears
  3. I think it would be helpful for learning where to aim for a head stomp if there were feedback in the form of different acoustic cues for stomping the head and stomping elsewhere. Maybe a more soft, punching bag-y sound for stomps on the body and a crunchy, bones breaking kind of sound for the head?
  4. Try to move to the door, press v and in the round menu chose Open Door. You should then be able to access and remove what is occupying the seat.
  5. Does the player character not effectively get Desensitized after a while anyways? And the game already offers a means to counter Panic with Beta Blockers.
  6. Had this happen too in v41.15. Entered a house and found no zombies inside, but one was outside bumping a window. As I went out and around the house and got its attention I saw ~5 spawn inside.
  7. Does 2. still happen to anyone with the current 41.15 build? I never had that happened and tried to reproduce it in a sandbox game with low Zombie Count and avoiding all combat with only Hypochondriac as a trait. Ran into trees till I had Scratched, Bleeding and Infected status on three spots, did not disinfect the wounds, bandaged with Ripped Sheets and waited till the wounds healed up. Did that four times. Never got nauseus, sick, fever or zombified.
  8. Are you using any mods? I've never had the Place item option for stuff that was not in my main inventory. Or is there another way than right-clicking on the item?
  9. I can open/close windows from the adjacent room by left-clicking on them when the window is near the wall between the rooms. See video: https://libre.video/videos/watch/d96cc7d0-deed-4f2b-ab5d-1f644f95cc52 IWBUMS v41.15
  10. Ok, weird. Closed the game and steam downloaded updates for PZ, but the version number remained the same 41.15. Seems that update fixed the issue, equipping 2-handed weapons works for me again now.
  11. Is this on version 41.15. If so, I have a similar issue: Fresh Sandbox World, have a Wood Axe and a Sledgehammer in my starting building and cannot equip them at all, because they are exclusively 2-handed. But when I pick up the Sledgehammer, chose the Destroy action in the right-click menu and target an entity to be destroyed my character equips the Sledgehammer in both hands and commences hammering. Now, as long as I have the Sledgehammer in both hands I can equip other weapons (a Spear, the Wood Axe). And as long as I have one of those equipped I can change to other 2-handed weapons as well, and so on.
  12. No-Zombies Sandbox with abundant Food, abundant Weapons and abundant Other settings. West Point pastry shop has only non-food items (Concrete Power, Nails, Batteries,…) in the Glass Display Stands.
  13. 1. You can take them with the pick up tool (like furniture etc.) 2. Icons should be designed so that an item can be identified at a glance and under stress. I think an image of a single cigarette could be too easily be confused with a pen or the poolcue.
  14. Encountered a house with broken down front door in a Sandbox Game with zombies disabled that had shelves that appeared to have stuff on them (visually) but did not contain any. Otherwise the house had very few items, so I guess the house was scripted to be pre-looted. I seems that the script does not update the graphic of the shelves after removing loot.
  15. Did you attack the window or did you right-click on it and chose the Smash Window action? The latter should work every time right away.
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