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  1. Hmm. Can't say I have the same negative experience regarding the random knick-knacks inside kitchen counters. I mean, I get them too, I just got a house where all 3 counters had a pen/pencil, but I feel like those were the counters that would've been totally empty in the previous build anyway. I'm on rare everything, and my canned food haul doesn't feel any different. Nothing weird with clothes inside drawers as well. Maybe just bad luck?
  2. Nice. I should probably learn how to read the code as well to abuse more of the game's mechanics.
  3. Hmm. But that function's called getRecoveryMod() though. (?) It looks like it takes your fitness level, weight, lipid, and protein levels to calc some modifier related to recovery (health? sickness?). In any case, that snippet only says "fitness AND protein will affect something else".. which doesn't match your conclusion that protein affects fitness. EDIT: Yey, there it is. Thanks.
  4. Found it. It's been added so long ago, but still no mention in the nutrition page. IWBUMS Build 34.5 Date: 13th February 2016 Forum: IWBUMS Build 34 Update 5 Added new foods item Pasta/Rice now need to be done in a saucepan with water and not a pot of water Now if you're under weight your calories will decrease slower, if you're overweight it'll decrease faster, should help some problems.. Various balance in nutrition calculation. You can now run while being Obese (small speed, and only walk if Obese + Unfit..) You gain strength exp points faster if you have a good proteins balance. Save/load frozen state on Food Frozen state now decrease faster (specially in oven) Updated icons (freezer + traits) Evolved items made of canned food now have a correct name You can now clean blood with a Mop (<3 Kiwion) Lowered n umbers of berries given by foraging Foraging now gives bit more exp. You can't choose unfit AND out of shape (mutual exclusive) Added DayFresh option on Ham
  5. So.. I'm a dirty tree slapper and I love slapping me some trees on my downtime to build strength. I even functioned an auto-clicker so I can spam the x2 or x3 speed while slapping, because for some reason it immediately goes back to x1 speed as soon as the slap animation starts. But that's not the point.. See, I just recently noticed that my strength xp gain varies from time to time. At the start it was a stable +2 per slap, but while I was eating junk food to keep my weight up, I started noticing decimal values on my strength xp. It was definitely lower than +2xp per slap for a while. Now, I just recently got into trapping, which I I'm pretty sure gives me a surplus of protein. Almost as soon as I switch diets, every slap now gives me +3xp. Can anyone confirm if I'm not just imagining this? What file/s do I go digging through to see how this works?
  6. Sweet. Looks like this is one of the fixes mentioned on 41.18. Guess I can mark this resolved now.
  7. So, putting weapons on your hotbar (belt/back/holster) reduces their weight by 30%, that's well and good. But when you equip said weapon, they don't take on the better 70% weight reduction brought about by equipping them. Easy enough to check: Get a weapon -> equip (note your current weight) -> add to back/belt -> equip weapon again (note your now higher current weight)
  8. Playing at the lowest lighting setting gets rid of the fps drop and freezing for me. But.. i dunno if it's just my gpu or if iwbums isn't optimized for this setting, but it looks.. horrible: Does the lowest light setting really look like this for everyone? It's pretty much giving me x-ray vision for everything minus zombies, which is really off-putting. Here's the setting on medium for comparison:
  9. Can also confirm the freeze when climbing over a fence. Though.. the heavy fps drop in my save doesn't seem to be fence related, as there's a fence directly to my west, and going near it doesn't cause the fps drop. The reproducible fps drop only happens strictly when moving slightly north (top right). EDIT: Nevermind, it IS from the fence. Moving north put's me on the other side of the fence to my west, which turns on the see-through thing, and causes the insane fps drop.
  10. Can (sort of) confirm on Windows 10. Though, in my case, it's an insane fps drop instead of a freeze. Like 1 frame every 2 seconds. I even have a save right here where moving slightly north will immediately trigger the issue. In my case, since i can still move very slowly, moving south again gets rid of the fps drop. Probably trying to load something weird over there. minmaxman.zip
  11. I just had a case of surprise zombie infection recently. Just a queasy moodlet as i was taking consistent health damage until dead in 2-3 hours.. didn't even have enough time to get home and drink some nice cool bleach. This was on the default infection setting btw.
  12. pretty sure it's exactly the same as this: Do check out if my explanation there works out for you as well. Just get a stabbing weapon and do the instakill move that sometimes happens when you're really close to a standing enemy. If your weapon gets stuck, then you should get 0 weight until you reload. I usually reproduce this by using the handfork (digging tool, not the fork) which seems to get stuck 100% of the time when doing the kill move.
  13. Gotta agree on this one. Either root the stunned zombie in place and remove its collision so that the other zombies can pass at reduced speed, or just make it fall down on the spot as if it's getting trampled down by its buddies at the back trying to get to you. As long as it isn't straight up sliding into my face while stunned, or acting like an impassable wall for his buddies, then we good.
  14. Whenever zeds shamble over a fence, any attacks made against them will be standing attacks instead of the ground attacks despite the zed models clearly being on the ground for a while. This attack then immediately snaps the zed back into a standing position, adding to the jank factor. This is as opposed to zeds shambling over a window where you'll do the expected ground stomp/downward weapon attack once they get through. Unfortunately, this behavior also isn't perfect for windows. If there's furniture on one side of the window (counter/bed/etc.), any zeds climbing over that furniture will count as standing as well, similar to the fence behavior.
  15. Happens when using stabbing weapons that can get stuck on zeds. When you do an instakill animation with a blade, and that blade gets stuck on the zed, your carry weight will immediately drop down to zero until you reload the save.
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