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  1. I didn't think very well about other professions,I thought,maybe only a police officer,a security guard,a veteran can stand in this position, but about average Joe i got smile .
  2. gosh im so stupid,i think contact is for consider. PLEASE SORRY ;-;
  3. Hi, Indy stone, I noticed the pose when a player stands with a gun and a flashlight, for some reason it seems a little strange to me. So, I think you know about the recent remake of Resident evil 2, when Leon sometimes holds his hands in a cross, can you try to do the same? I think it will look cool. Why did I suggest this idea? I just thought, you guys kind of adding a little bit of animation, maybe listen and try to do? But if you dont want , you can just make a craft (SORRY IF I DOUBLED A MESSAGE I JUST FORGOT ADD SECOND PICTURE ;-;)
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