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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    fill in action can't be queued One of benefit of radial menu is to remember position of entries (orientation) to quick select. I don't think it is a good things to hide unfeasible action because button aren't at same place. Each time i open the menu, I reflect to what is where, loosing initial advantage. Think unfeasable action should be only shadowed or grey box then buttons would be all the time at the same place. I think t's to complicated to switch seat, often is in emergency action, it would be nice if there was close to ignition directly seats drawed or an icon representing a seat to open a little window on it.
  2. ergonomics with the new radial vehicle menu

    I do a suggestion, for me it is idea who ask to reflect to what can be do, or not,is there a lake, a solution, etc... what you say is relevant, but that's not a reason to directly reject "prototype" for a things. pretty false linear sub entries : I think the most important may be to not to hide (only shadow) infeasible things to keep button in the same place/orientation Expect for wall level !!! who should display only the higher doable
  3. ergonomics with the new radial vehicle menu

    I talk about the game, for mod, it is mods : a modification can open a "classical linear menu".
  4. ergonomics with the new radial vehicle menu

    if there is 30 entry for carpentry, with sub section : building : frame, wall, door, window, floor, pillar... storage : bookshelve, crate, night stand.... furniture : bed, various chair, table... aesthetic : cross, sculture of me... there is only 6/8 object by section. could have 2 layer of petals. when many entries, that the menu is linear, radial or triangular is the same, first time you have to see all, then with times, you will remember what is where. idea : the camembert menu give carpentry > open a little camember (sub section) with flower around who display objects of sub section, when click on part of camembert keep petals of the subsection chosen. ( to not switch to other part of camembert if object desired is opposite of the part choosen )
  5. Late game security

    I started to answer, then finish by create a new post. That was a old brainstorming.
  6. tought to some useful objects who can give some sophisticated systems and a post remind me that : transmitter : Vibration detector (knocking detection) : on a door, wall (all straight line or radius number wall) when detect knocking, emit. destruction detector : on a door, wall (all straight line or radius number wall) when detect absence of object when set, emit pressure plate : on the ground or floor when Zombie, player, car, loot is on the tile, emit more wide range if plate can craft selective plates Light detector : on ground, wall. can set the lumens detection. modifier : radio frequence transmitter ( same use as remote controller, but can be add to objects) Can be set on a radio frequence. need a batteries who consume low power in standby and a lot when detecting. higher electricity lvl for increase frequency range and distance For objects : vibration /destruction detector, pressure plate, timer, sensor. radio frequence receiver (as sensor for remote controller). Can be set on a radio frequence. options : reverse signal, interrupteur/detector need a batteries who consume low power in standby and a lot when receiving. higher electricity lvl for increase frequency range and distance For objects : bombs, desk lamp, wall lamp, noise maker, TV, radio. Can't change frequences of transmitter / receiver in safehouses with this you can : Have a light or sound alert (or not) when somebody attack a wall, a door. Trigger a bomb (or not, that's amazing !) when somebody attack a wall, a door. warned of passage of Zombie, players, animals or car on a tile. switch on/off light by sensor or day /night. attempt to distract Z's when attacking a wall or a door, or pass on a tile (by a noise maker away) can hear if someone attack a wall, a door on any radio (even in car) in the range of your system generate events when a car light on, a player with torch, or somebody who switch on a light hack system of other player in watching wich frequences they use.
  7. I remember some efficient ingames menu and I thought to this radial menu before but for all options, for menu who is out of windows : By holding right click the wheel appear, more like a camembert than a flower (with a very little cancel round at center). With woodenworking, metalworking, mechanic, and other avalaible action : destruct (if sledgehammer), dig (if ground), etc... then at release click on the wanted part of camember : realize the action if it is a single action open a flower menu (as actually for car) to choose action for mecha/metal/wood/water. Open a sub petals for submenu as for table with woodenwork) Could be very efficient and easy to use.
  8. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    With IWSMB and vehicles test branch, don't know where post this bus or an other. hope they will be read by concerned dev. can hotwire at 2mecha and 1 elec, is it normal ? when there is a zombie around, I hear always many zombie, idle state and attack state : when a zombie attack me i hear many zombies attacking me. I hear sometimes car doors slam while I'm alone on server. when hear one time, there is many door slam after. When refuel generator, if I stop refuel by go away, no fuel is transfered (seems a all or nothing action) sometimes i don't hear generator or car engine (out of car). doors, seat, tanks,batteries, brakes, suspensions respawn but no muffler, engine parts, and the most destructed : windows winshield and hoods ! painting a wall don't remove blood sprite. decreased weight is not apply sometimes in container (weight of full, but not full), have to transfert it in inventory to refresh weight. Paint bucket weight don't decrease when partially emptied as others painting seems very restrictive in addition to an only nice-looking effect ! amount of painting with a bucket : painting yield is 10/15 m² by liter, if I concider 2 layers : with a 5L you should paint at least 10 wall. A draw seems ~1/4 of wall painting use. wood is not really a good support for plaster, so can we plaster metal wall too ? ( health point become a surprise for attackant) plastering have no real references : 5kg bag are mostly for interior use and small jobs, 25kg are the more common for walls and exterieur : the yield is ~8kg/m² , 3yield, so a bag by m². May set weight to 25, spawn more plaster to adjust one bag by wall, and give an other interest than nice-looking effect : plaster could give shield points to wall, who crumble/disappear when attacked : can't give a visual info on shield statut (no need to give a number of health point) if ability to plaster metal wall : hide to attackant what is made wall until attacking enough. no visual effect of the destruction state of a wall, can't repair wall (just give the posibility to "upgrade to lvlx" if not maxHealthpoint and not plastered ) the radial menu is very big ! an option to reduce size of round and icons as text in windows. always don't see any pump. a post remind that : for 7years player can read, make wall, cook,etc... in totally dark ! As player say "i don't understand" etc.. when reading a too difficult level book, he should say "I don't see anything !" when perform a cook, build, read, farm, forage, in totally dark. Add a real good challenges. ( so, I imagine already to put my car face to a wall with light on to manage to end my wall after sunset ! )
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    if i knockback a zombies next to a car : he fall under car and don't get up. Dash ranger : it is the only car I found who have the "normal" seat capacity (and as other car, can't change it by change seat). It is too the only car I found that if you release forward [w] the car stop as braking. The windshield damage seems very high when hurt an object, I think to many car who have a big crash and only the hood is totaly destructed! think windshield should be damaged by hurting Zombies (and no hood), less than stationnary object. I succeed to reproduce the magic logs car ! If I full seats of car with log and saw logs from car, then go further and comeback (or deco/reco) logs reappear in car. If before they reappear I full again with log and saw this, then at reappear logs are added, so i get a franklin valuline, with 12 logs x 5 seats. (I stop the add at this point) who auto reload with deco/reco or go away and come back. There is no way to stop queue action in car (horn, hotwire, etc...) with problem above, when launching saw, if a Z's arrived, have to move the car, until the saw finish, because can't stop action. same problem if i launch many horn/hotwire action at a time. [E] (exit car) should stop any action/queue started. When in car and/or driving i can saw/eat etc.... I think should have some action who can be driving, other stopped, and other no. If I saw logs in car, when inventory is full logs are looted on ground. All mixed up : leave on the ground planks could be interresting in MP, somebody who prepare a wall saw logs, and loot stack on the ground here and there but not while driving. eat while driving seems feasible. read no, but passenger yes. fluidity changes : game is more fluid with mass zombies, can attack bigger horde (but not biggest). But worth with "end of the world" slowing and players presence.
  10. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    General : select container by overlay sprite select always one below if click to the bottom of a container. don't select the visible overlay sprite, select in priority the lowest. should be the highest, to tie in visible sprite. If more than 3x3 crates , selecting those at the bottom of fail (placing 3x crates on 9 square around player, those ahead/right can't be selected) destruct all interior walls in a house, give many shadow error : Light react as walls was always here. durty border wall to the floor is ugly when removing wall, leave trace of walls Vehicle window is really big on my screen, (as recips), hide the player and main part of screen in each place i put it ! have to close window at each sound to verify the security. Could I move window out of the screen ? allowing to put window to bottom to see behind and watch my player and around him. Very more simple and fast if there is sound of a Zombie than aim and click on the tiny close button ( who is sometimes behind inventory window). Even if i rarely craft in unsafeplace, could be usefull to recips window, I think many people who manage windows do like me and move windows on the bottom or/and corner just for an action on background, or to keep not far. If I got 20 glue and 10 not full, have to click one by one on fill in xx% can you add "gather" when more than 2 to fill all not full with each other ? container MUST be transparent when back to player and ahead. With the weight and the number of car parts have to do many containers (I double the need of capacity in my safehouse), I have to know perfectly where I'am in this big storage because don't see me. Going further : may add an other round mask, just the diameter of player who blind everything who is ahead and in back of player. there is many reset with zombies and problem when up and down in stairs. same problem (or advantage, i use this against player killer) for player. may the last square up of the stair should be concidered (and see) as the upper floor, because the head and hands of Z's and player are at the level up (therefore the weapon), may Z's declared in code crouch so they hurt lower body. In my estimation, think will appear more smoothy and appreciable. Can't move sideway on stairs, so I cross literraly Z's on it, should can evite them, and prevent me to pass if 2 or 3 on the row. Can't fall from the side of stairs, but i can from a floor without fence ? side Floor above, in a stair should be concidered at wall but without this i should fall. connexion : sometimes "contact server" or an other connection step on server screen hang,connexion button is shadowed, so can't connect other or retry. can you add a "cancel" button ? Can't use [tab] to pass from user to password, etc... On spiffo numbers of players (in info server) are rarely wright. I think it would be wright to display the date in info server. Allow to prepare player for winter wear, degradation, etc... know very advanced server Vehicles : There is a random fail to hotwire, can we heard a fail sound ? On some cars have to retry 6/8 times, I thought to a bug. green squares, with the perspective and car height aren't really specific for front and rear seat, think a surronding line of door would better situatewich door player is facing. If no battery can't unlock the door where I'am seating because There is only the "Lock all doors" (powered plock), miss (un)lock the door (mannually). If i destruct all rooms wall to do a garage at ground floor, can't drive on it, there is many false collision point. Franklin valuline 6 seats (without rear windows): If I open one middle door the two rear seat are accessible right and left. accessing rear places are by facing rear tires. maybe could be better display 2 seat in middle door (as 2 bag or crates on the same square) can (un)install midlle and rear(side) window, but there is no middle or rear(side) windows there is rear windows but can't (un)install it. and logic : i can (un)install rear door without remove window Could we uninstall door with window on it ? (with weight added and health in info tooltip). The glass is part of the door who is part of the car. All seats allow capacity of big seat while there is only standard seats installed on all vehicles. (Result of the last point) Change Seat don't change the capacity of seat in car. Allways big seat capacity ( 30 ) "Standard seat sport" and "sport seat sport" are inverted in spec (standard W:10 cap:10, sport W:15 cap:20 "performances suspension" (3 types) have logo from brake find a pieces of each cars parts (except one), but can't find any tire pump, isn't include in respawn list ? If battery car have an health and a power statut, then we can reload it ? we may reload batteries on power generator ? If i remember correctly, you add usable pump to refuel car, Is it considered to power pump by powering gaz station with generator ? somebody can tell me where what/where is Scoreboard and Mini-Scoreboard ? (if it isn't character info) P.S: will edit if another dots....
  11. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Disappear of items (stack or one) occurs again after a transfert, seems it's when there is already an items at the destination. some vehicles seems locked as they should be in a safehouse : can't hotwire (i can, but do nothing), can't unlock doors. (wasn't the problem) Somes vehicles when hotwired, loose the ability to start it (neither in menu, nor shortcuts). francklin valuline 6 seats, in my case (wasn't the problem) I never man IRL when you remove rear seats : trunk is bigger >> Missing rear seat could give an access to trunk by doors and bonus space trunk , could be very good and resolve many rear door access / capacity problem ! somes franklin valuline are 2 seats + 85 trunk and others 6 seats and 85 trunk. In the 2 seats van, can't add rear place (IRL even if it is an option, the car have ability to). to balance, bonus space trunk should be most than the space of biggest seat. then If you want to carry more, you may have only a seat, but if you meet somebody, you won't carry him. Can't remove rear windows of Dash Ranger, but can open it. Should be reverse : can't open it, but can uninstall. Hotwire vehicle is at lvl 2 now ? was mecha lvl2 and elec lvl3 and was able to hotwire. Ability to repair extern metal parts (doors, hood) with metalworking + sheet ? (add of previous post to disassemble metal parts of vehicles) Miss the ability to remove hotwire. when you have the key and somebody borrow your car for exemple ! And in advanced server, all cars will be hotwired for a new player. With the "hotwire don't work problem" I have hotwire almost all cars of Westpoint on server.... Ability to uninstall and change neyman (keeping the key print) at high Mecha level ! Is there an chance for car who don't have key already spawned to appear in zombis corpse killed around (lucky trait) and at container respawn ? (I kow there is chances in container, but is it only at map generation ?) Car battery weighs 0.6... and radio battery STILL weighs 0.6 ? more heavy a screwdriver ? May time to reduce electric batteries weight (close to an empty gas jerrycan) and up the Car Battery ! (close to a full gas jerrycan)
  12. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    since 35.x got some problem with fullscreen / windowed mode. If fullscreen is set on, sometimes start windowed and out of screen (with system tray), have to go options > fullscreen off, apply, then fullscreen on to be in fullscreen. This launch was preset "fullscreen off" and got 4 red box but one error and as sometimes, got background picture of game, but no menu or text (occur more in fullcreen than windowed) : linux64, 1440x900
  13. [Vehicles Test Server] Spiffospace: Vehicles

    server down there was 30 min ago. there was neutz and me, personnally i was running from WP to valley station.
  14. Health of walls

    I repost here, would like an answer from devs : I spend many times to know the health point of walls and as many things : everybody know and say different answer from others, but nobody is wright, even the PZwiki talk about numbers with no references. So i read media/lua and would like some clarification and will edit pzwiki : log health : 400 + SkillLvl x100 framed wall health: frame + LvlWall + SkillLvl x100 or Frame THEN LvlWall + SkillLvl x 100 ? LvlWall for wood : 1=200, 2=300, 3=400. For metal 1=450, 2=550 Frame : wood=50, metal=120 (don't apply SkillLvl when just building frame, that's wright ?) I think the first solution is more logic : so a metal frame + wooden wall3 + carpentry 10 = 120+400+1000 = 1520 ? that's wright ? So the difference between plain wood an metal wall at 10 is very low : 1450 / 1670 or may metalSkillLvl is more than x100 ? the plastering wall don't give BonusHealth ?
  15. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Metalworking : Can't refuel blow torch with propane. can only pouring in other blow torch If got more than one blowtorch and one almost empty in inventory, menu don't allow to build : count the most empty (or only the last used, don't know). have to put the most empty in my bag, then menu allow to build. If some parts of construction are missing, item to build don't appear in red. can't take to replace or dissassemble metal crates, can only destruct it. Can't stack 3 metal crates as wooden crates. If can stack 3 metal crates, with his 80, will never say metalworking is useless, lol With all farming i do, i don't find "The Metalwork Magazine Vol.3", is it normal ? no metal sheet in disassemble ? ( metal sink, shower for exemple). tubes tubes tubes and pipes sometimes, but main metal works use more sheet. Disassemble car parts to get metal sheet (recycling old pieces such door, hood, etc who spoil very quickly) ? Disassemble wreck in a veryyyy long process and tiring effect at lvl 6 of metalworking to get a good amount of tubes and sheet ? others : some metals sheets(x5) disappear at transfert in inventory, occur too with pot filled with water(x4)but remplaced by pot filled with soiled water(x1) occurs when put on crate after purify water. Z's loot again keys for the same door I build (no others), An other door I build use the same keys. so, on 9 doors I build and 188 keys i found, i got 157 keys who work for 2 doors. I just equip my second keyring to count keys, it disappear when click on inventory (to desequip it). rescue keyring disappear, lol no colision between car and lamp on pillar Is it desired that's car key comeback to inventory and no keyring ? shortcuts and action to take a key (car or door) should put it in the keyring not in the opened inventory (button "take all", "take", action shutdown engine, remove key from ignition, etc...) Agree with move a stack to light objects only : may move a stack if total transfered is under a weight. This could force to take half or a quarter of stack to move it rapidly, very imersive. for nails, cigarettes, etc... For me there is more "reappear 20m before" by foot, before update was very uncommon. Still : (but I was thinking easy to implement because code/visuals are already here !) barbed fences useless (same effect as broken window + cross trees) no buildable metal door / metalframe door (So why build metal wall ? there is a wooden door ! and Z's knock the door !). and in transparency : high wire meshs / prison bars / prison doors I was on my roof, and think about the fact i can't see the base of the building, may use the mask to see player behind wall as opposite in the back of player to see in pit , like this :