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  1. Yes , when starting the game traits seems very complex, but when you play hundreds hours you realize that can't allow to (fine) tune player and don't really change gameplay : When you find a good build, there is no really interest to change or test others, and after the character is set, you have just to XP all your stats.. Actually all is done to : enhance Axe or pistol with run or sneak/nimble and build, mecha or engineer. skills who each increase / decrease 2 or more gamestats can give a very good way to tweak at infinite ....
  2. That's make me think to an annoying situation(s) for me where can't retreive my past logs there was few weeks ago, I ask for add few tiny lines script to have an history log (as all logs under linux) :
  3. When you press "A", you want to turn left, that's right ? when you post for that first time, I reflect a long time to how people can play with A for right and D for left. As I know some people play with inverted mouse axes, but to drive a car, unless driving mainly backward, I don't understand.
  4. I know the perspective problem of actual stairs to be 4 put directions. That's evident when you see (or rightly not see !) the back side of an inclinated roof : 45° ( or higher) is just the sight of player, then you don't see it, because flat roof above it. Recently TIS talk about Louisville outskirts, Make me think to Road ring (elevated road) on cities outskirts. Then I go back on an old idea when cars was just at start : a way to allow car to go on other floor, allowing multistage parkings, real bridges, road rings. I think to a "stairs very less inclinated", a
  5. type this in terminal : LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib64/:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH export LD_LIBRARY_PATH then try again.
  6. stake ( barbed wire ) have no collision box with car (nor players, but less weird). Seems that in some case colison box appear, then car flight. All bulding action an placing objects shouldn't be allowed on tiles where is a car.. Aside Vehicles : thank's to the longer time to enter PvP ! But while the loading bar during this time, could be good if the skull appear with other color, better : instead of a this loading bar, a loading color on the skull (with skull fill in red, then when PvP, becoming white). So the same state icone could be visible and understood by all
  7. It seems that long post aren't read by some people. I'll try to do shorten posts and more often, may help to the snake biting its tail, so pages on topic, then don't read all, so repeat same things who make more pages... I get again key diseappear on MP while doing quickly "click on ignition to remove key > use [Key] to exit car" Because translation I'am not sure to understand sense, I totally agree If it is the way that hire wire is too simple. actually on Spiffo Space problem is to find batteries and gaz, not at all key (or hire wire) to manage to start cars. I think
  8. There is a new topic to talk about 41.2 as beta vehicle has been merged with IWillBackupMySaves.
  9. I make a quite doublon because I start writing before thrusdoid. So i repost main of things here. A key disappear problem with actual save disconnected player on MP who really annoying me : If i drive a car, when I leave it but disconnected just after, then I lost key car. (because wasn't in my inventory at the moment of the saved used to reload (driving car), but in the map, it isn't on vehicule (leaved car) ! I Had some disconnecting by my ISP. Then I'm a little affraid to leave a car and take keys , watching my internet Box, praying to not be disconnected at this moment ! I fina
  10. For the update On steam problem : The vehicule TEST beta has been merged with IWBMS today ! So go to proprieties of the game > beta tab > Then select IWillBackupMySaves , (actual 41.2 version)
  11. SP : From some vehicule SP release, I got bigs lags on firsts minutes on each new game. I don't know if a preload can be possible, could be annoying and distrubing for new players. If swing in the air with axe or other, then zombie heard me, but i don't make any noise or other, even a transfert is mor e louder. Mechanic "waiting diagnostic" should be done only when don't done before. Such as a 1 minute instant acces allow or such bypass. because if I watch my back to kill one zombie, (so 10 sec...) when i turn me to reopen window have to check again ! So If 1 zombie arrive ea
  12. hmmmm... I talk about suggestions to balance and add features on radio for being usefull for player. You say that it is actually useless. I talk about suggestions to balance and add features on radio for being usefull for player. You say that actually a mod exists. I'am not english, so I may not understand what you want to express. We aren't in general discussion, we are in suggestion topics, then that's the purpose to talk about things who aren't actually.... Do you mean that you aren't interested by such features ? Do you mean that for you radio is useless and you will not us
  13. The radio com and global chat are two separate things. It is not because global chat is on (and on spiffospace, as it is for vehicle test, it is understandable) that you have to use it. it is the behavior of each who make the game. Two things : Sadly, nobody use them anyway : it's the snake biting its tail, nobody use it because it is actually useless/impossible : you are very very lucky if just when you listen on a 5000 frequence there is somebody who try his radio on this frequence. Then some player use the global chat isntead of radio. Even on Spiffo Space, the global chat is on. I see glo
  14. All new padlock are named "Key 72345343" (at least in french version. don't note the real number display) car jack and lug wrench are very difficult to find as they are mostly include with all cars ! (With spare wheel) (With lucky trait watched all garages of West westpoint, to finally find (only) one in the garageShop of center. IG, as that serve only wheel maintenance, i don't think make them common could alter gameplay. in GarageShop (I visit West Point) it seems that there is a weird balance spawn : No glasses and windshield But sooo seats
  15. I think (and hope ) I do already bests with sinks and closed gates . It will be very good for players understanding of all this differents beta version (and stable)
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