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  1. In the settings for the sandbox the water and electricity shutoffs can be 0-30 days to 0-5 years then 2-6 and 6-12 months. I think it would be quite nice if you could choose to have the minimum slightly higher without needing the maximum to be so late, something like 15-45 days or similar. Even though it hasn't happened to me yet, I hear horror stories of people having their electricity and water shutting off within the first week and this seems terrifying. I would just like to have the option to not have to worry about that happening too early on in my game without feeling like, by the time i
  2. Hello everyone! In the Project Zomboid It is possible to carry fuel ONLY in gasoline cans, which looks a little strange as it is possible to do it in bottles and similar containers (Beer bottles, bleach bottles, and so on) And also Transfer water in gasoline cans, which would also be very useful.
  3. In general, I would like to add something like a water pollution factor. You also need to add tablets for water purification and the ability to boil water. According to the coefficient, water can add unhappiness, mild nausea, nausea, or illness. If you pick up a hot pot, the character may get burned. Also add the cooling time of the water, otherwise you will not be able to take the water into your inventory. For example, the water pollution coefficient for: shower - 0.1 toilet - 0.5 - 1 ( flush cistern - 0.2 - 0.5 ) bath - 0.2 - 0.4 kitchen sink - 0.1 - 0.9 ( sink can incl
  4. Is it possible to have bodies of water freeze in the winter? Is it possible to have watering cans/buckets of water outside freeze unless brought indoors? Can we get water from snow? Will evaporation of buckets be a thing or is there any point? Thanks.
  5. Good afternoon. After having discussed an issue on the General Thread, several people revealed to me that I am experiencing a bug instead of ignorance. You can also see the issue by clicking this link. Thank you for any assistance you may have. -TURTLESHROOM
  6. Having put over 100 hours into Project Zomboid, i have had my fair share of what-ifs and if-onlys. I have noticed that carpentry is somewhat of a staple skill for all players to have if they want to make it past the water/electricity shutoff. I have also noticed the lack of usefulness for shovels in the game as of current. Now I know that both the shovel and trowel can do the same thing with the shovel being the heavy, more damaging alternative. However, if I were to choose between a shovel and trowel I would most definitely go with the trowel due to it's weight being rather light in compariso
  7. The way it is now its a hassle to know which same items have tainted water and purified water. It only shows the status for the first of that type of container and the sub-directory when it lists all of the same container doesn't give any information about the water. It would be best if tainted and pure water were listed as separate entries.
  8. I don't know if its an oversight or a bug, but for some reason Kettles don't collect rain water. If its a bug, fine, but if its a design choice it makes no sense for the simple fact that it would be logical for a person when placing a Kettle outside to get water would remove the top. Just because the icon used has one doesn't mean its always there.
  9. It would be cool if we could be able to choose how many days water and electricity will stay in solo player. We can choose it when we create our own server and if we could also choose it in SP it would be great (we could choose between a random amount of time like it is now, or a specific amount of time like on the server). And vice versa with the MP server, where we could choose to put a randomized amount of time
  10. As of now, rain impairs the movement and senses of zombies, makes players sick, moistens crops, fills barrels, and puts out fires. However, there is a lot more that can be done to make it feel more like true rain. Flood Tiles by Riverbank (And future added Creeks/Streams) When it is raining/has just rained, the banks of the water sources really should be raised. My suggestion is that the Devs add a "transition tile" of sorts, basically a tile that will switch states from land to water based on the amount of time it has rained, the time since it stopped raining, and what month
  11. Just wondering about having in the game a fill all in the context menu to fill all water carrying items on your person. As it is if you have 15 items and doing it for each one it gets to be pretty tiresome.
  12. So, first, a scenario to illustrate my point: I started a new Sandbox game, and it spawned me in the middle of the woods. No big deal, right? So I walked in large concentric circles, expanding out as I went. After an hour (real-time) of finding nothing, not even a berry bush or a single zombie, it begins to rain. Fifteen minutes later, at this point I'm wet, hungry, and tired - I realize my strategy isn't working. I decide to pick a direction and just walk. I head Southeast. Another 1/2 hr later (with my actual fingers beginning to fatigue) I'm now starving, soaked, and exhausted. I'm about
  13. The water in PZ is aesthetically flat and a little confusing. There are pixel animations within the game and I was hoping maybe the water tiles could be re-done to look more like moving water, with waves lapping at the shore. This can be done in 3D and turned into pixel sprites, to more seemlessly integrate into the atmosphere of the game. I am very impressed with the 2x Tiles and I'm not trying to devalue anyone's work. But I think creating the world's tiles in 3D would fix a lot of the perspective problems, confusing details, aesthetic inconsistencies and make animations easier.
  14. Hello everyone. I have created a mod that is aimed at higher level electrical skill. You will be able to create a device that is based on "atmospheric water generator" Read here for basic concept: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmospheric_water_generator This device allows you to get water from moisture in the air. To craft the device you will need electrical skill of 7, as well as the following items: screwdriver,electronics scrap X 4,battery, and either an empty bottle or empty pop bottle. Once the device is created you can use the device to get water from
  15. On Bedford Falls, I'm building a base in the large clearing east of the lake in the middle. With the latest build you can move lights, sinks and TV's etc, but because it isn't an existing house, the game doesn't supply power/ water to them.(yes the water and electricity are still on in game). So is there an easy way to mod the files either with the map editor or manually to make the game see those cells as having water/electricity? - I also want to do this to stop erosion from spawning grass and shrubs inside my base. I don't really expect a mod, just a quick fix until the devs implem
  16. "Fire bad" -Frankenstein's Monster; Frankenstein So, I wanted to address this issue... it is logical for filling pots or buckets with water/soil (and soil sacks) and pour them on fires to stop/extinguish them... but what about this: An Unconventional Way to put out fires... I don't think that it's a bad way to extinguish fires... O__O You usually carry them around fully loaded anyway and could be equipped to put out fires in a pinch (of course it wouldn't use conventional ones but shouldn't we try it out? XD So, there could be a lot of ways to snuff out fires, and I would love to see
  17. So from browsing around the forums it seems like there are a few main issues with collecting water. Some people (myself included) are of the opinion that being able to get a large amount of fresh water from houses after the water goes out is unrealistic (yes I know zombies are unrealistic, shh), and makes the late game too easy given the sheer amount of water fixtures in the world. Barring that, you have to either rely on carpentry or start in West Point. I would change water collecting in two ways: First, nerf the gathering of fresh water from houses - make it so that instead of getting, sa
  18. After looking at setting up a long term residence with renewable food supply, It came to my attention that rain barrels for collection is implemented but there is not an "efficient" way to direct water to moderate / large size food plots. A solution for this would be to place a rain barrel(s) elevated so that gravity can act as the pumping mechanisim and attaching a gated trough or valved piping system to do the initial dispersment to the crop rows. With trencing dug between rows to allow for watering of the adjacent crop tiles. Gated trough recipe could / should be a lvl 4 Carpentry given
  19. Originally I started this in the mod suggestion forum as a temporary "hey wouldn't it be nice if..." http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/16106-farming-water-management-irrigation/ However the more I've thought about it I see it as a necessity for any long term ( more than 2 week game time ) setttlement / safe haven, while not breaking the z-realisim factor.
  20. (I didn't test this myself, in fact I don't know if it is already a feature; so in case that this feature is already in the game please tell me so I can erase the post) Something that could be a cool implementation would be irrigation circuits that would be build near water bodies. This could be kinda useful; the irrigation canals could be build 5 or 6 tiles away from an X water body, "automating" the watering of your crops, but this means that you need to settle down near the X water body or travelling all the way to your crops to examine that they weren't destroyed or infected.
  21. very basic mod, just adds never to electric and water in sandbox mode so you can have unlimited water and electric. Information `````````````` Project Zomboid's Services Modifier Mod - Sandbox Mode This will change the electricity and water options so you can always have water and power. That's right, survivor robots manage to maintain the power grid and support the water utility, thus giving us unlimited utility's for ever =) Installation `````````````` Unzip into mods folder. Then enable in game. Notes `````` This has been tested and working on Build 23, please let me know if this also w
  22. The problem: When the water shuts off, you still have near endless water from all the fixtures, which many people seem to be complaining about, and for good reason. The solution: Sinks need to be filled manually by the player before they store water for the shutoff. Toilets still come pre-filled but with dirty water. You only have extra clean water from the sinks you've gotten to already and you need to boil the toilet water. For showers, realistically the amount of water left in the pipes of disabled fixtures wouldn't fill a small glass in real life. Different fixtures would interact unique
  23. I was quite pleased that the lake actually has limited fish, because after a month of fishgrinding, there's none anymore (might be a seasonal thing, it's about the end of October ingame, I'm not entirely familiar with the system). Anyways, a way to put some fish in lake for it to reproduce would be nice.
  24. Drinking to much water kills you. Why add it? Stop's people being a Richard to water.
  25. As the title says, this mod will give you food poisoning if you drink from a toilet or rain barrel. It also lets you take water from water tiles that you must distill before you can drink it. Features of dirty Water: Get sick drinking from a toilet or rainbarrelGet sick drinking water from a bottle, kettle, bowl, etc. filled from a toilet or rainbarrelCollect water from natural water sources (river, ocean, ponds, etc.)"Dirty" water in a bottle that is filled with "clean" water from a faucet is still considered "dirty" by pollution.Empty your "dirty" bottles before filling in "clean" water fr
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