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  1. Interesting idea. I would say that your system has some merit but if it was implemented maybe only for levels after five. This way you have a grasp of things but to expand into higher learning you need the shops.
  2. I have always wondered about this myself. With the new combat system coming up this would be a nice addition.
  3. You would not have seen windmills generating electricity, they were more for things like pumping water. One thing you have to remember batteries sucked for storage. Batteries now days are getting better but they still suck as a medium to store electricity long term. I brought up windmills as a more likely thing you would see before you would see a solar panel. Electricity is not a real need item when the world ends. If you did need it your more likely to have a generator. I personally would be terrified to run a generator in a zombie apocalypse. A generator would echo so bad in Kentucky it would draw hoards. Generators I used in the 80's and 90's were not like the quiet ones we have now days.
  4. As Enigma mentioned they were not common. As I mentioned they were around at the time but not many people had the money to be able to pay for something that did not have a high rate of return. People who did own them where fringe eco people and schools. People who would sink money on an idea and not for it's value. In Kentucky you would see more wind mills generating electricity than you would have seen a solar panel.
  5. Yes there was solar panels in 1991. They were big, bulky, and did not generate much but they did work.
  6. Asked for this a long time ago and somewhat recently. It would be nice to automate a partial walk routine. I am one of those that tend to clean up all bad area after a fight and doing this over and over again with upwards of a hundred corpses is mind numbing. A small automated routine when clocking on a corpse and have it clean up the area by placing them in open graves or on a fire would be great. This way one can speed up the time and things would not be so bad.
  7. I hope they do it justice. Enjoy yourself.
  8. Happened to me a few times over the years. When it would first happen I would consider it a chance for "free" exp points as you can just beat on them with any weapon and gain exp. Now days I just walk away and they either get deleted after you leave the screen or they start walking again. Can't remember as it has been a bit.
  9. It has been suggested a few times before. There really should be one in the game. What would be nice is if it was a hunt for one. IE it was out on a call when the driver was bitten and is randomly somewhere on the map. So while exploring you might come across it. If they do add one I really do hope it would be random so that people are not hitting up known locations like spawn points.
  10. I can get on board with this thinking.
  11. This might explain something that happened to me as well. I thought I had a game paused and when I came back to play the game was no longer open. Now I am not sure if it crashed or I closed it while working but when I started over I was in the last place I was at before but had a time warp. No longer late afternoon but night. All things I left on the ground was reset. Weirdest thing was no zombies. Went back to the safe house and slept. When I woke up I was able to clear out a bunch of houses with no interference from zombies.
  12. It's not. I forget the name to the mod but it is one that adds a few nifty items to Zomboid. One was a starter stone you could forage. Go through your mods and find that one and remove it from the startup list and see.
  13. If you need a way to justify something like this then when you build something a zed hears it from a distance and moves a bit closer. Them moving closer brings other zed. In scouring the town you tend to go down certain paths. Over time your scent builds in certain areas. Zeds move toward scent and other follow. Over time they would track you back to an area. Maybe have a bad luck random and a horde follows and your surprised but more often than not just constant stragglers till you spend a certain amount of time away.
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