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  1. nickodemos

    Why is Twine so irreplaceable?

    Thought you could forage it but looks like it is Hydrocraft. Honestly the devs should pillage some of the ideas out of HC and make them vanilla.
  2. nickodemos

    A Hardcore Server

    Never played a server so I would like to try.
  3. nickodemos

    Buyable Traits Mod

    Really do enjoy this mod. Can get expensive to buy back the bad traits but that is what I get for the extra perks.
  4. nickodemos

    Leveling up

    It roughly double each level. Level 01 -- 75 Level 02 -- 150 Level 03 -- 300 Level 04 -- Level 05 -- 1500 Level 06 -- Level 07 -- Level 08 -- Level 09 -- 7500 Level 10 -- The ones missing I cant 'verify' as they are not showed on my current run through.
  5. nickodemos

    Hi, Lay.

    Like most things in life it is the little things that do you in. One thing that pisses me off more than anything is this game and how it beats that point in to me each and ever damn time I play. I never go out in a blaze of glory. It is always that blasted chomper behind the door that I got over confident about and never clear it properly. I will be three months in and my hubris gets the best of me and once again I do not do a proper clearance and low and behold there is ten zeds in the room. I have close to 2000 hours playing over the years now, not including the time I spent on it before I bought the game. I play many other games but PZ keeps me playing while others just get forgotten. The game is fun ( once you learn how to really play it), the game is tedious. I love playing the game but also hate the fact the I am playing at times. A NEW MOD CAME OUT! Crap its fun but makes the game to easy. I hate this game, but it is the only one I keep coming back to. Hope that says something to you about it.
  6. nickodemos

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Also wanted to add that when putting on a SWAT helmet my welding mask disappeared.
  7. nickodemos


    Well I am not sure how the mechanics would work with bandits being added. Honestly if we go this route then there this would be another entire game. We would have to start setting up traps, alarms, checks against the bandits skills to see if they set traps against our skills setting traps. PZ is pretty much a brain dead (pun was not really intended) game. Play till you do something stupid and your life is lost. Adding all these other things make things great for the long time players but it really is changing the entire concept of how PZ started. I like mods. You can set things up how you game style wants to go. If anything I think PZ should stay simpler overall but it would be nice to see them add background mechanics that modders can run with.
  8. nickodemos


    Less I would say for amount of resource and more for the amount of time you spend in a spot or do things with it. 7 Days to Die has an interesting concept of a heat map. IE the more you do in an area the more it brings the critters to your area. Everything from staying in a spot to developing the area. The more you do the more likely things are to be drawn to your area. This would sorta force a person to try and develop multiple safe houses and garden patches to try and keep areas not so active. -edit Heat maps due make sense but since the zeds we fight in this game are basically mindless it really would not work that well since the design here is them wandering into areas.
  9. Where is it located? Also tried looking at it as a bigger image and nothing showed up. Not sure if you can do anything but thought I would let you know.
  10. nickodemos


    One thing I was thinking about some time back was that the zombies could randomly pick things up. So leaving things on the ground could disappear over time with each zombie passing by might pick something up. I tend to drop a lot of things on the ground as it is the easiest way I know if I have searched a zombie and might want that loot later. Also would like to see zombies having a chance to destroy wooden boxes and everything would be dropped to the ground, and possibly picked up. So having your base overrun you could loose a lot if there are many zombies running through it. Well not loose it as it would now be on the zombie. I can imagine this would be a huge data issue as now the game would need to keep track of each zombie that picked anything up.
  11. nickodemos

    Cure Zombie Virus

    Thanks for the mod. So is this a full cure? IE once taken I can never turn?
  12. nickodemos

    Zombies climbing on hoods.

    Actually a very real issue would be zombies bones puncturing tires. Bodies getting caught in the wheel wells. Getting into the actual engine and ripping a belt. Busting the radiator. There is some very real world issues that would be justified with running over zombies that would justify doing damage to the cars. Along with more damage to windshields and car door damage. Smaller cars should get bogged down in zombie groups. Larger ones should face a higher rate of flat tires and engine issues.
  13. nickodemos

    Hydrocraft Mod Steam Workshop :: Craft helper Mod (v1.1.2) for PZ 36.4 You can also use this site for reference. List of All Project Zomboid, Hydrocraft Mod and ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod (ORGM) Recipes / Crafts As to the rest many items tend to be extremely rare drops. Looking for clamps I could search for months and then hit two houses in a row that has them. It would be nice if they had a higher spawn rate in auto shops. Also are you doing everything? Here is a list for making a battery array. Information about Project Zomboid recipe: Research Battery Array
  14. nickodemos

    Hydrocraft Mod

    This is the correct place. The biggest issues was corrected but we are slowly adding things that are not working. Small things like my Canned Cheese wont open. To sleeping bags are not working. Post anything you find.
  15. nickodemos

    Cure Zombie Virus

    I like the idea of a cure less and less even after 1000+ hours of play. More like a temp cure for one bite. IE a salve that eliminates a bite. Use uncommon items so that there can only be a limited amount of cures in a given game even after scouring the entire map. So antibiotics, gun kit, all three types muffler, candy cane, ... Basically rare types of items. Need something from each even though the idea of them is stupid. IE a special metal in the muffler. A specific lube that comes in a gun kit.... Your story play it like you want. Fish of a certain weight. A dead squirrel. An Ice pick ( I think I never seen an ice pick before). Lock it behind multiple skills. Mechanic to build device. Electrician to wire/calibrate. Metal workers to frame. Medical to have the knowledge.