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  1. nickodemos

    Game Freezing every few seconds

    Drivers as mentioned. Always try to go back to the original drivers for you MB to start with. Updated drivers do not mean they are going to work with your system. Most of the time if your system is running fine stick with it. Or update one driver at a time and then give it a few days so you can see how it reacts with your system. If you update multiple drivers you are not sure which one is causing an issue. Background program could be at fault. Wireless devices as well. Move some dongles around. IE ones in the back to the front. Check power settings. Is your HDD running in IDE mode instead of AHCI? If you change from IDE to AHCI then make sure your OS is running in AHCI. Sometimes you need to tell it. Check your bios. There is a power saving setting on mine that wants to force idle the computer. Also which OS did you dl from here. Might be some information in the forum thread about the same issue. How to fix Windows 10 Freezing, BSOD or Reboot issues. - - Windows Tips & How-tos Windows 10 freezes randomly [Solved] - Driver Easy
  2. nickodemos

    Replace broken glass on windows?

    So does the game mechanics really let heat out broken windows?
  3. nickodemos

    Good places to camp?

    I think I thought about that spot before but never got around to trying it out as I tend to ALWAYS start in Muldraugh. I almost always tended to have a camp in either the large wharehouse or The McCoy logging Corp. The Main reason for that is that is where all the stuff is at. Someone mention Gas-2-Go and I remembered trying it in the past and it is a pretty good spot. Surprising little to no zed activity yet you can get to many things. Next run through I plan on trying your spot out just to see if I like it or not.
  4. nickodemos

    improve electrics and mechanics

    No easy way except just tear everything apart AFTER you read the needed books for it. Mechanics is such a chore that I either never use it or I get the trait and THEN read the books to get additional boost.
  5. nickodemos

    Reloading skill could use a rework

    I can get on board with this thinking.
  6. nickodemos

    Inverse decay setting for zombies

    It would be interesting that they could mutate into something more than shambling death. Could even have them get traits related to their future class release. IE Police man might have a gun with one shot, or use a baton when attacking. A footballer might have running trait that rams you. Gardner might attack with shears. Farmer with a shovel. If this is used I would imagine that you would have to use it sparingly unless change it in the sandbox settings. Call it "Late Game Mutation" setting and how many per 100 show up. So 3000 zombies means 30 walking around. Or maybe allow 1% a month so by years end could be 12/100. Game would definitely get more interesting if you start to think there can be that many walking around.
  7. This might explain something that happened to me as well. I thought I had a game paused and when I came back to play the game was no longer open. Now I am not sure if it crashed or I closed it while working but when I started over I was in the last place I was at before but had a time warp. No longer late afternoon but night. All things I left on the ground was reset. Weirdest thing was no zombies. Went back to the safe house and slept. When I woke up I was able to clear out a bunch of houses with no interference from zombies.
  8. nickodemos

    Hydrocraft Mod

    It's not. I forget the name to the mod but it is one that adds a few nifty items to Zomboid. One was a starter stone you could forage. Go through your mods and find that one and remove it from the startup list and see.
  9. nickodemos

    Heatmap Migration

    If you need a way to justify something like this then when you build something a zed hears it from a distance and moves a bit closer. Them moving closer brings other zed. In scouring the town you tend to go down certain paths. Over time your scent builds in certain areas. Zeds move toward scent and other follow. Over time they would track you back to an area. Maybe have a bad luck random and a horde follows and your surprised but more often than not just constant stragglers till you spend a certain amount of time away.
  10. Yes I got that but I was putting it in as a "Hope for the future" and my idea on it. Sorry about taking over the thread with something you was not asking for.
  11. This would not be to bad an idea since say once you hit tenth level all skill book multipliers would be gone and you gain at regular level. But this still could be abused as it might be slower gains with carpentry it still is easy enough to do. Maybe once hit tenth drop it to normal skill level but at 0.25 percent gain. Avg Skill Lvl / 4 Slow but it would still assist.
  12. nickodemos

    White list for items

    Sorry. Need more detail as I am not sure what you mean not to be deleted.
  13. nickodemos

    Scrap metal from cars

    Welding mask and torch. Burns up alot of propane though.
  14. nickodemos

    Car winches

    Must admit that is a nice simple winch to get out of a small sticky situation. Though, while watching this, my daughter came in and I tried to explain why this would be a nice piece of information to know. With her being 13 she had to negate most of the reasons I gave her why this would be handy.