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  1. Yes I got that but I was putting it in as a "Hope for the future" and my idea on it. Sorry about taking over the thread with something you was not asking for.
  2. This would not be to bad an idea since say once you hit tenth level all skill book multipliers would be gone and you gain at regular level. But this still could be abused as it might be slower gains with carpentry it still is easy enough to do. Maybe once hit tenth drop it to normal skill level but at 0.25 percent gain. Avg Skill Lvl / 4 Slow but it would still assist.
  3. nickodemos

    Cooking is difficult

    Why there should be a basic algorithm added to the game. Where you click make soup/stew/salad/fruit salad it automatically chooses 1/2 high hunger items and sprinkle in the other four items. Or at least have a button to choose random items with none matching unless there is not enough items. This pick and choose bores the living crap out of me. Hands down the worst part of the game.
  4. nickodemos

    White list for items

    Sorry. Need more detail as I am not sure what you mean not to be deleted.
  5. nickodemos

    PZ is lagging in Singleplayer

    I have found that the new shadow system was causing a huge stuttering issue for me. I still have some but I turned shadows all the way down and things are better.
  6. nickodemos

    Scrap metal from cars

    Welding mask and torch. Burns up alot of propane though.
  7. nickodemos

    Car winches

    Must admit that is a nice simple winch to get out of a small sticky situation. Though, while watching this, my daughter came in and I tried to explain why this would be a nice piece of information to know. With her being 13 she had to negate most of the reasons I gave her why this would be handy.
  8. nickodemos

    Favorite items

    Been asked more than a few times so far.
  9. nickodemos

    Hotkey for 'loot all' button Steam Workshop :: Smash And Grab It has hotkey option.
  10. nickodemos

    Am I the only one who noticed this?

    Never happened to me, yet I would admit that it would be a bit funny if it did randomly happen from time to time. One of those you know it is possible 1/100 chance of farting 24 hours after eating the beans. Knowing the risk that you might rip one while trying to be silent.
  11. I use this all the time. It is probably considered breaking the game a bit but I like it. It helps a bit early on and maybe just a bit later on but to me there is no real way to abuse this. I tend to use it to upgrade my low end skills for the first 1-3 levels. After that levels are very expensive to purchase.
  12. nickodemos

    6 month after apocalypse battery/car issue

    8% your battery is dead. Sometimes it is even hard to get the cars started with 100% battery. I can have a car who's overall repair is over 85% and still it stalls. I just take it that it is the cold weather.
  13. nickodemos

    IWBUMS 40.41 (important info for server operators)

    What would help me out is if you specify the kinds of things you are looking for. As it is I am just playing my game as normal and game play is pretty good. In another thread I mentioned how the driving on the server is smoother than in sandbox. Other than this I have not noticed much. Except I did die twice from scratches on Spiffo that almost never happened in SB.
  14. If you do give us an idea. I did a basic search and did not find anything.
  15. Not sure if this is still true or how it works but I did ask this a few years back. It is a small read. Desensitized - PZ Suggestions - The Indie Stone Forums