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  1. Asparagus

    Strike a Pose

    I see the future now... pool parties with your neighbors deep in the center of your reclaimed city, walled off not with just log walls, but with metal-plated walls... zombies trying to get a taste of that sweet life... banging on the walls as snipers and sentries stand guard... In comes "Woo-hoo"-ing your lover, taking showers by spinning fast, high-five-ing your friend to raise your friendship and even their morale... And when life gets good, special zombies come... some can rally other zombies to it and attack en mass... some will infect your farms in the middle of the night... sure, you may kill it, but its zombie juices seep into the ground... you're all infected... O__O ... ... I mean nice update!
  2. Asparagus

    Night Terrors

    I mean... I remembered picking up money before... or was it my character's lack of sleep making her hallucinate? O__O
  3. ... Or TIS's secretly plotting to test the zombie virus they were developing and the game was just a front... and now, they're going to unleash it in Britain... now that the EU wont be obligated to help, it'll be the perfect testing grounds for their master plan... Project Zomboid isn't just the name of the game... it's a government-sanctioned project to develop a bio-weapon and we're giving them data from feedback using the game simulations... O__O (I'm kidding of course... or am I? O__O)
  4. One could say that the zombie virus also affected plant growth... beware the plants... O__O
  5. I have come out of my safe house to vote in favor of this O__O
  6. Probably a scene in Dawn of the Dead where they have small openings on the sides of their truck where a chain saw can pass through to kill the zombies on the other side... the scene right before this one: ... but then, a large drop in damage could be implemented due to the lack of force exerted when doing this... a spear would probably make a better weapon when doing this though... *Jabs spear through opening* *hits eye socket* Me: O__O Zombie: X__O Me: sup O__O
  7. Spawned in the middle of a horde... "You survuved 13 min and 28 sec". *sigh* Happy Day of the Dead O__O

    1. lucy the axe

      lucy the axe

      Heh~ malas. Patawas ka.

    2. Asparagus


      Anu gagawin ko nun? XD tumakbo na lang ako sa banyo at maghintay na mamatay O__O

  8. In my own little corner in my own little chair I can... survive in the forest sleeping on a chair O__O *zombie passes by when I woke up* >__> *sneaks away deeper into the forest* O__O

  9. Ban FootToots for knowing what a burnt pair of severed calves smell like O__O
  10. I have 3 Spiffo the explorer trading cards... pls someone trade with me O__O

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    2. Asparagus
    3. lucy the axe

      lucy the axe

      I used up my spiffo cards for a badge. I can buy at market now but there'll be 30 day lock in period again before we can trade. :(((

    4. Asparagus



      I must find another O__O

      (thanks anyway :3)

  11. Plot twist, people without a torso can find her O__O
  12. We should also get a 1% chance to encounter a shiny raccoon!! He will be called Spiffo!! EASTER EGGS!! $%^&*()(*&^&*(*&^T O__O (I like this idea)
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