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  1. Also check "More builds" mod. That's access for you possibility of building any objects which exis in vanilla game. Some recipes so funny.
  2. @RingoD123 What the difference between Point , Polygon and LineString ( not seen on map ) ?
  3. First playable beta will be when I finished 6 cells. ( I hope to the end of that year will be first beta ) I don't know when. It's a lot of work waiting on me ( a lot of buildings , garages , houses and another small things ). Every house is unique , every yard is unique. Stay tune.
  4. Update 24.08.2022 Church with bellfry , church yard , 2 huge cemeteries , food store, ambulatory ( small polyclinic ) , post , school yard. A lot of unique houses with different interior ) , storages , garages and etc small things ( trees , small roads , design etc. ). P.S. I was change my system from Windows to Linux and don't know how to launch CartoZed on Linux. Sorry guys. I will send map with better quality when I will find solution.
  5. It's custom basement. I am talking about room which look as like second floor and but it will under ground. And there will be a staircase that leads down to the basement. That is, you opened the door in the house and went down to the basement. I know about that mod but this is little bit wrong. Not digged basement , basement in houses by default ( and when you can make -1 floor design in WorldEd and Building editor )
  6. We all know that after a while the electricity turns off in the game. But how does it shut down without a power plant ? Since the developers heard (like my wishes) and added electric poles to the game, it means they may have plans to create an electric network. I suggest adding power plants, transformers and the electrical network itself consisting of poles and wires on the map to the game, which will be displayed on the map as an additional layer as the player finds each pole. That is, in order to see the entire chain of pillars on the map, the player will have to explore all this way. Having reached the 10th level of electrics, it will be possible to repair the power plant and restore the light (a good goal for a long game). You can also add such a thing as the repair of certain sections of the electrical network. Going to the pole, you can check the presence of electricity (if there is, for example, 6 levels of electricity) and certain tools by opening the context menu. If it is not there, then fix it with an electric wire and appropriate tools. In general, this is a very extensive topic. But in general, it would add more meaning to such a profession and skill as an electrician. P.S. I know and understand it's very difficult things and developers don't do quickly. It's just idea , calm down.
  7. Yeah. Thanks. But , what is basements by developers opinion ? I think it's can be just basement by cement , sand and water ( like foundation of house ) , but not cellar and not level under ground.
  8. I suggest adding -1 level to the game. That will add a lot of interesting things that are indicated in the name of the topic. This innovation will add not just new things, but will make it possible to create a full-fledged base underground. The main trick is that there are not so many exits and if you are clamped by zombies it will be more difficult to get out. But at the same time, you'll be able to use this as a nice hidden base, leaving the house untouched (I can already see this being used on servers, and how other players pass by your underground base without noticing anything). For map makers, it will be a holiday and fresh air. All you need is to add one level under the ground and you get just a million ++++++++++
  9. Pop up ( window ) will be one , just information will be change. Information will be from the nearest hood.
  10. Scotch tape + newspaper or magazine
  11. It's good , but when you back to the hood the hud must open up automtically ( not hood , the window with characteristics. Hood still opened ) and you must see charcteristic without any actions by you because hood was not closed. Why I for check hood inside I need close the hood , open the hood , waiting 5 secs and then I will see window with characteristics ? It's irrationalized wasting time.
  12. But they nothing said bout pets. Infected pet (one) and infected animals (multiple) is big difference in coding and other things.
  13. When player open hood and check vehicle mehanics, then go away ( zombies atacking etc. ) and back to the hood window with vehicle mechanics is closed. Please do next one - when player is back to the hood and hood was open window just show again (without press button). This window can be close when player will close the hood. Thanks. P.S. It's very angry me when I million times open the hood (when zombies attack and attack for example) and wait always 3-4 seconds ( I didn't close the hood ). Just no logic. Hope you will fix that quickly guys.
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