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  1. Nazarito22

    Toasty Warm

    No matter what the quality of MultiPlayer will. The main thing is that the animation will be much better than in Steam version 40.
  2. Current version: 0.1 beta Hi guys. I released first version of my mod. This is test map with new rounded textures for roads in PZ. While this is a deep beta version, but the map is quite playable and not as simple as it seems. Here you can get the map => https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2320942352 Link to the branch and news of mod => https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/31797-rounded-roads-circle-crossroads/ Big thanks for the buildings: Kennethdio , Jela331 and me ( Nazarito22 )
  3. NEW PROFESSION Railway worker NEW BOOK railwaying NEW THINGS Train wagons: - wagon with resources - wagon - restorarunt - empty wagon - Locomotive - handcar NEW OPORTUNIIES - can buildrailroad - can drive a train - can drive handcar - can place the boxes inside resource wagon Actually it will be a huge field for art. Good luck guys.
  4. Not bad ... holidays are coming ))))
  5. I trying few times to spawn car in garage but get fail. As I undertand right the car can't spawn inside building. Will be cool if devs add possibility for spawn cars in 1 floor ( or add special zone - garage ) cause a lot cars could be in garages after apocalypse. However in the game a the moment garages is empty.
  6. Can't waiting he moment when I will buy top laptop and trying game on maximum characteristics with new water , new fog in 60 fps. Went to working.
  7. Do you think in the place with the handle water more clear han in toilet ? What I proposed here: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/30469-the-water-quality-and-water-pollution-factor/
  8. Nazarito22

    Slaying catch-up

    Then we sleep quietly ))
  9. The grid must use everywhere cause it's isometric game and you will have big problems in future if you not use grid. I was started making the curved masks for curved tiles of roads in photoshop. Check mod branch, all news I will publish there. I think developers don't have time for that and I am trying to help them and community. And I have first results already, but it's very very boring thing. However I don't give up. Curved Road barriers must use only on line section of road and problem solved.
  10. Nazarito22

    Slaying catch-up

    Hope this is just a joke because there are more interesting little things to implement. For example, water pollution factor, water purification tablets, boiling purification water, which will make the game more challenging and more survivable. Or another little things. Ok , this animation is cool, but ..... Anyway I love what you do guys.
  11. I was start eveloping sprites for rounded roads and circle crossroads. I will create test map where you can be to see the that miracle. Hope developers add them to the game and to the game editor when I finished. ( for minimum you could be use in your custom maps ) Updated ( 07.12 - 13:23 )
  12. I understood your role You are personal protector of developers. You doing everything for resting of developers )))
  13. Everything is possible and just needs additional tiles for rounded parts of road (asphalt). More detailed rounded parts of asphalt with different angles.
  14. ( UPDATED ) Started implementing, mod branch here => https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/31797-rounded-roads-circle-crossroads/ (OLD) The game needs more rounding. Hope this will be add to the game soon. You can try make roads in isometric constructor here => https://icograms.com
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