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  1. I fix it. Solution: - You need to remove all keyboard layouts except English (British) (maybe it will work with American English too, I have not tested it). And then the buttons all work. And if, after deleting the layout, add the Russian or any other layout again? The buttons work in the game. Linux Mint 20.2 Uma (Cinnamon) 64 bit
  2. When is IWBUMS update ?
  3. I have the same problem in Linux Mint 20.2 How to fix it ?
  4. What is problem to make available 15 or more floors then ?
  5. One more example. Opened and closed garage doors. OPENED: CLOSED: Why I can see neighbors houses and another outside stuff when I close garage doors ?
  6. How you explain that ? Why as character I should be see that objects outside if I inside at closed room without windows and with closed door. I must see only four walls and door , why load these not needed objects ? This is kill atmospheric inside. You can see another loaded buildings outside around while I inside. For what that needed ? If you want to add big city you should be study delete another buildings and objects around while character inside. You will add 10, 20 , 100 floors then and game not stopped. I understand , it's difficult , but it's will need to do. Wi
  7. PRODUCTIVITY Explain to me how the top layers can have a big impact on performance if there is almost nothing there? It seems to me that performance is affected by the fact that you are loading a whole cell. It would be better if you only download what is in the player's field of view. And if the player is in a building, do not load other buildings and the environment outside. For what download all cell ? Of course, this is not a couple of days, but it would be a big step towards huge productivity. Of course, I understand that the number of objects in a ce
  8. Nazarito22

    MP Status Update

    Where is the news? It's Friday already.
  9. As I understood when you at the some cell , the cell is uploaded fully ( what is stupid ). I mean if devs will add more levels , these levells wll be load the game and fps fall down. If I would work on optimization I made to load only objects visible for character at the moment , not all cell. Also If character inside at building I would be deleted all outsided objects and buildings. But what bout I talking if devs forgot disable fog when character inside at building. I think you understand why will not get what you want.
  10. Hi , bro. I think , this topic will help you fully. Just read attentive step to step.
  11. I am not 3d modeller , hope after this guide we will see more interested things.
  12. 4-th row - "Failed to find any .lotheader files" Game can't generate the map without lotheader files. Just trying to recompile your map and be sure what your new lotheader files and another will change your old lotheader files and another in your mod directory like C:/users/NAMEPC/Zomboid/mods/....... In WorldEd you should be generate output files : "File" => "Generate Lots" => "All cells" or "Selected cells" Be sure what you set right path to your mod directory. More information you can find here ( Step 4 ):
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