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  1. Great update. What the next planning, devs ?
  2. Yes, I am not against your proposal. I wanted to say that this is a voluminous work and the developers vryatli will now drop animations and will redo the ground. But in the future, anything is possible. Good suggestion. And I think developers will move in this direction but this will not soon. Peace
  3. Nothing will change. It's very big data.
  4. You are strange man. You are not developer ? Developers, don't listen him )))
  5. Nazarito22


    Awesome fog atmosphere.
  6. Wanted to write about that , but you are first. I add that if you cook meat or chicken also get points unhapinness and boredom. Level cooking no matter. I tried on the maximum level. Why character unhappy and boredom when eat chicken. I feeling happy if eat in real life.
  7. Teoretically , we can create 45 degrees road but without trafficline, borders, sidewalks, traffic lights and another road elements. But we must use 45 deqree tile of asphalt top and bottom on the border of asphalt with something, now. It's not comfortably.
  8. You may have years of experience but not notice the usual things under your nose. Because developers are people too, and they may not notice or see something, and so on. They sit at the code every day and have a million thoughts in their heads. Of course, some ideas can be easily forgotten or simply not reached in thoughts. That's why this topic exists - for proposals. We are here suggesting and discussing to make the game better. If something is written here, this does not mean that it should be done immediately. The developers have their own plans and their own vision of further development. I think you talk too much - you reject everything, but you do not offer anything. If you have nothing to offer, then you better shut up. And if the developers do not like what I offer or do not like me personally, then let me be banned. But this is definitely not for you to judge.
  9. Hi everyone. So , in the bottom you will read the improvements: - remove ground (vegetation and floor level) under buildings ( if you know in Buildings Editor we create a floor for building ). Also we can add ground manually if need of course. - make the grass level like the sublevel and the lowest level. Also make the grass a single picture (maybe 300x300), and not like array of units. When the player interacts with the grass level (digging, for example), simply add the appropriate unit and tile on top of the level above the grass along the coordinates. Thus, the grass will not be drawn in a loop, but as one picture, which will save memory resources and drawing of ceil will be faster. - THE BIG NAILS PROBLEM. As you know game freezes when you try to move 1000 nails from bag to bag. SOLUTION: I am sure the every nail made like one independent entity. For fixing that I propose to make nails in general like one entity with counter. And when we move nails to another bag, we need to move one entity , not 1000 entities and just change the counter and show this number near right of entity in inventory or bag. That is , if you have more equal one nail inventory or bag and you try get more , you just change counter and not move entity to inventory. If you not have nails you just move one nail entity and change counter in bag. This solution you can use for another quantitative things. This topic will be update if I have new idea for optimization.
  10. I little bit working in photoshop and prepared for community and developers this picture. I would be add more directions for roads. I think it will give more stuff for map makers and maps will be more realistic and more interesting. However, the last words are for the developers. Right ?
  11. Nazarito22

    IWBUMS 41.44

    Great update. Thank you developers.
  12. How it possible ? Did you see the town with 4000 of population without sockets in the houses in real life ? Zombies eaten sockets ? And where is wires ? I mean wires outside between two electric pillar. So , I think it will upgrade electric branch and doing more realistic game. And also will be cool if you will add the function of creating Christmas tree and Christmas lights on wall. It's easy for implementing and holidays are coming. We need little bit positive in the game on the minute. We need a "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" 🎊😊😊
  13. Hi everyone. I started to develop the map of my village where I born. Population - 3358 persons Game area - 10 x 10 cells ( aproximately ) Private courtyards and houses - 1000 items ( aproximately quantity) Another buildings - church , liceum complex , ambulatory ( little hospital ) , music school, cement factory , big stadium , small stadium with artificial turf , farm , trainstation , different shops , post etc. Topic will be updated time to time.
  14. The issue is solved. Topic can be closed.
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