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  1. I don't see them in TileZed, but new another Tiles exist in TileZed. Only roads curbs don't see. I tried to put /root/.Tilezed/Tilesets.txt to /TileZed/share/config/Tilesets.txt Not working /root/.Tilezed/Tilesets.txt - here is correct file /TileZed/share/config/Tilesets.txt - here is not correct file and using by default
  2. LINUX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @EasyPickinsAre you check new TileZed and WorldEd before publishing ? New TileZed can't see new roads blends tiles ? TileZed can't read Tileset.txt correctly. What are heck ? Every fucked versions critical bugs and not worked instruments. Endless unfixed bullshit. How to fix it tha bullshit ?
  3. @EasyPickinsWhere is rounded roads tiles for new roads ? Can't find them.
  4. @EasyPickinsWhere is rounded roads tiles for new roads ? Can't find them.
  5. Good news. I waiting for new rounded roads tiles.
  6. 1. Please make possibility to move of ceil ( tmx/bmp ) to empty place on grid or change each other with other ceil in WorldEd. 2. Please make possibility to add new ceil in top and left of grid ( when you need to add in top of grid ceil you need move all ceils down to one ceil - it's very wasting time ) 3. Please add more tiles to BuildEd by default ( In current time I need to add some default tiles (fences, railings etc.) using menu -> edit tileset etc. ) 4. Please add possibility when you put some object on the grass in TileZed the vegetation will be remove ( from vegetation level ) automatically. These things will do life of map modders easier.
  7. Finally. Please add a companion dog in the next 42 build for hunting and character support (as like "Chester" in "Don't Starve") so that the dog can be used as additional storage, to scout a situation, or as an aid to knock zombies off their feet. It's will add unbelievable emotions and new game-play in game.
  8. Where to get new Tiles with new road's corners and other things from 41.60 build ?
  9. You need to set zone "deep forest" where you need in WorldEd.
  10. Why you need multi import ? Do you have 100 or more cells with size 300x300 ???? If not , you can easy import one by one. It's not too much.
  11. ATTENTION !!!!! Not working for me. WorldEd is crashing and closing every time when I trying open any cell. ( Linux version ) My PC system: Linux Mint 20.1 Uma Cinnamon 64bit Back to old version. New version not workable for me. @EasyPickins
  12. Where to get latest Tiles from 41.60 version ?
  13. Hooray !!!! Thanks for everything !!!!
  14. This idea will probably already be relevant when the developers take on the NPC. I think it would be cool to add traders to the game: merchants sell rare items (cement, stucco, sledgehammer, etc.) currency - for example, captured animals or something like that. the merchant has a mini-base which cannot be entered the merchant cannot be killed, since he is inside the armored base it is also impossible to disassemble the room with a sledgehammer where he sits there are always a lot of zombies near the base, as the noise of the generator attracts them
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