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  1. I didn't quite understand about the translation of the comment: is it an automatic translation of the comments or is it just that you speak Russian? - Thank you. Now I don't really have time to develop a map, as I am looking for a job in real life, but I still do it a little bit. - Yes, alas, there is no support here, perhaps after the release of multiplayer something will change. - The map will be completed - 100%. When? This is another question. I plan to release the first playable beta when I finish 6 tiles. Then I will expand. - It's not difficult t
  2. Looks fantastic. If you have time make the opening and closing animation for doors. Thinking it will be interest for you.
  3. Nazarito22

    Last Boy Zcout

    Somebody thinked about that: What happened in Kentucky that all doors are closed ? Nobody was a home when apocalypse is began ? It was a day of Kentucky ? It was a picknick day ? No one ran out in horror and left the door open ? Maybe have the sense to make randomly some doors open as garages ? (1-3 %)
  4. Nazarito22

    Last Boy Zcout

    Will be cool if character would have a lot of option for interact with door. Randomized door can creak.
  5. Nazarito22

    Last Boy Zcout

    Add different sounds for handle, door opening, door closing, door slamming, door creak. I think this is something worth working with in more detail, because doors come across very often and it is they who set the atmosphere when you open it, and the crowd is looking at you and trying to devour you.
  6. Please make that when you place the item on the ground, the vegetation layer under object is clear automatically. It is wildly inconvenient to switch the brush to remove excess grass every time so that the subject is visible.
  7. Nazarito22

    Last Boy Zcout

    1. Multiplayer. Everything what you do is good, however you need to give private key for streamers ( Ras7a from Russia for example who make your game more popular - 120 -150 online every stream ) and they could be record stream (what they do without MP) and found bugs. You should be more opened for comunity. A lot of people make popular your game for free , a lot of people make mods for free and doing everything that interest to game not fall down. I think streamers - testers is good idea. Open your hearts, eradicate your pride. Be nearer to comunity. 2. Sounds of door is not real, too n
  8. How you make screenshot of full cell including trees ?
  9. For front walls with window needs new animation of climb over. This is impossible at the moment.
  10. Wow how interesting. I always thinked why I always find saw in kitchen , and food in bath ))))) Lol
  11. You can always recover your files using utilities for recovering data. EaseUs , Recuva , Disk Drill , Glary Undelete and another tools. I also lost files and recovered them used one of tools.
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