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  1. YES! I'm so glad this was a bug and not intended behavior. My brother and I were both seriously bummed out that we basically couldn't play haha. Thanks for everything guys
  2. I just want to drop by with an update, I just played about an hour of single player on normal settings, the difference is night and day. In multiplayer it is very clear that once you have a zombie's attention, it will follow you forever.
  3. I'm running into the same issue, on 40.11, 100% default settings (The only change is a static spawn point so my bro and I can start together). Zombies seemingly never lose track of you after the first sighting. I kited 20-30 out of the yard of my starting house, ran 4 blocks, cutting through trees, houses, jumping fences, taking sharp turns around corners, sneaking 90% of the time, AND my profession was burglar. I made my way back to the house I started in without pulling any additional zombies, started rummaging around, organizing what I had, feeling satisfied that I had kited so many zombies despite the obvious increase in difficulty. Then, quite literally five entire minutes later, there is the same horde of 20-30 zombies that I had originally kited away, all grouped up on the front door. As soon as I opened the door, I was dead. I noticed the difference in behavior literally within 5 seconds of playing. I though "Oh wow they really increased the difficulty! this is fantastic!" And after actually being convinced that I successfully kited that pack of zombies away, only to have them all at my door several in-game hours later, was a huge disappointment. This is a drastic, drastic difference from the last version I played, with was 39.something. TL;DR; I have to chime in here and say this is definitely a bug. Either that or the zombie tracking was balanced around a previously bugged version, and the bug fix broke the balance.
  4. Hey this thread is back from the dead! You could say it's... *sunglasses* zombified. YEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! But yeah... forum etiquette, super simple stuff.
  5. I have died from broken glass scratches too, before 'remove broken glass' was added in. One time I had no medical supplies on hand, and it healed up fine, and another time I had plenty of supplies but I got a fever and died (didn't reanimate). I've only died this way a handful of times but still, I noticed no pattern to it. I think every time you get an open wound, you have a chance of getting an infection (note: "infection" doesn't always mean zombie virus) and/or a chance of getting sick. And every time you get sick it has a chance to just be fatal from the start.
  6. This is terrible but every time I find a lady zombie in a laundry room I always think "she died doing what she loved." First time I made that joke my brother and I laughed for a solid five minutes.
  7. I'm thinking more along the lines of "stupid" NPCs firing off shots near your safe house and screwing you over. Or, if you run around with a firearm equipped, it's would ideally make any NPCs you run into much less likely to try to hold you up or outright attack you, unless they also have a firearm. Like if you run around with a pistol and run into an NPC with a bat, that NPC, if hostile, would act friendly and then try and hit you from behind (Giggity), instead of just coming at you with the bat and getting his brains blown out. But then maybe NPCs would do that sometimes, leaving you with no choice but to fire and attract a shitload of zeds. Ugh I love theorycrafting about this game. Also I can see why NPCs are taking so long lol.
  8. Guys, I think guns are going to be a whole new ball game once NPCs are in, not to mention hostile players in multiplayer. As for how they work now, I don't have much trouble killing zeds with them, though the shotgun is infinitely superior to the pistol. I don't really use guns at all though because the noise just isn't worth it. I'd like to see silencers, bows, and crossbows added for killing zeds at range.
  9. I'd like to see cold packs usable for pain relief. You could attach it to a wound with a ripped sheet to reduce pain and swelling. After a few hours it would turn into a 'Warm Cold Pack', and would have to be put into a fridge for a few hours to be usable again.
  10. I like where all this discussion is going! There are some cool ideas in here. Also, as king jjwpenguin said, the bottom 2 cm or so of the laundry basket would fill with water. I figure it's there in that scene to show that the father and daughter were getting very desperate and were trying to use anything and everything they could find. It does look funny though
  11. Good point about foraging, maybe that skill would get a dew collector that generated small amounts of water each morning. I think you're missing my point about just how little water is actually collected from just setting out cups and bowls and stuff. Even a garbage can would only collect a little bit of water at the bottom, and considering that it only rains every once in a while, I think it's safe to say it would take a lot of containers (as shown in the screenshot of my original post) to be even barely sustainable in terms of water. You'd still be thirsty all the time, and if it didn't rain for a long time, you'd be screwed, which is exactly what happens in 28 Days Later. From a gameplay standpoint, the amount of water collected per container would reflect what I just mentioned. Also, if zombies blunder into your collectors, it would put them in a state of being knocked over, emptying them and disabling them until you put it back. But that still leaves the issue of the carpentry water collectors being only 1 tile and somehow being more efficient. I would say make the water collector a 3x3 structure that requires 9 garbage bags with a much higher water-collection-per-tile rate than that of the makeshift collectors. I also envision the hypothetical dew collector I was talking about being a 2x2 structure. This should be possible with the implementation of the furniture moving system. Sorry if I'm all over the place here, I'm trying to brainstorm while also maintaining coherency haha
  12. Why should there be? We can assume that any player after at least one or two attempts has figured out how to get to water before the water cuts out. The thing that comes to mind is "eight months later" mode, though I don't play it much myself. Also, if someone wanted to focus on fishing, trapping, foraging, and/or farming without having to invest a lot of time and effort into other professions, that player should have a sustainable way to collect water. Also, from an if-PZ's-zombie-apocalypse-actually-happened-in-real-life standpoint, it seems obvious to me to use containers that already exist (like in the screenshot in my original post) instead of going through the trouble of building one. If you're in an area where it's safe to settle down, then by all means build a larger, more efficient collector, but if Les Stroud has taught me anything, I'd say use what you already have.
  13. I get what you mean, but I was thinking it would be very small amounts of water for something like a mug or bowl. Since they have smaller areas to collect from, they would fill slower than pots/pans/buckets. I'm envisioning something along the lines of 20 smaller collectors just to get one to two bottles' worth of water from one rainy day. Not only does that mean you need to use up 20 tiles, but it would also increase the value of kitchenware. I do like the idea of having multiple professions with a water collecting option, but I think there should be a no-profession option as well, even if it's like 100 times less efficient than with a profession.
  14. So from browsing around the forums it seems like there are a few main issues with collecting water. Some people (myself included) are of the opinion that being able to get a large amount of fresh water from houses after the water goes out is unrealistic (yes I know zombies are unrealistic, shh), and makes the late game too easy given the sheer amount of water fixtures in the world. Barring that, you have to either rely on carpentry or start in West Point. I would change water collecting in two ways: First, nerf the gathering of fresh water from houses - make it so that instead of getting, say, 4 bottles worth of water from each water source in the house, you get 4 bottles worth of water from the entire house regardless of which source(s) you gather from. Second, allow mugs, bowls, pots, jars, buckets, pans, etc. to be placed in the world as rain collectors with different maximum capacities respectively. This scene from 28 Days Later comes to mind: The rain collectors made with the carpentry skill would have course gather much more water and use much less space. Now, I don't know the way the game is coded, but it seems like you'd just have to replicate the functionality of the current rain collector object, but add a parameter for which item was used, and set the max capacity accordingly. The art is already in the game, just use the same sprites as when dropping a pot/mug/bowl/etc. on the ground. (Ideally one tile would fit more than one mug/bowl/pot/etc. but I feel like that would add a huge amount of complexity to the code.) Please let me know what you think of my idea!
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