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  1. Good afternoon. I attempted to search through the Vanilla rendition of PZ's files to find the script that represents the White Microwave, to no avail. Much to my chagrin, it does not exist in the SCRIPTS file and is only referenced in the Translation file. The Microwave sound effect is there, but for the likes of me, I can't see where the Microwave itself is located. The reason I want to know the answer to this is because the "Hydro Craft" Mod has several items that can spawn in cabinets that are exact, but non-functioning, duplicates of placable Furniture. For example, you can find a microwave (HCMicrowave), a mini-fridge (HCMinifridge), and a washing machine (HCWashingmachine). All three of those items have equivalents in the Vanilla rendition. None of the HC versions really do anything outside of being disassembled. I know that it is completely possible to disassemble a placable Furniture piece (e.g. a television or radio), but what about the opposite? What I want to write is a Crafting Recipe that takes the non-functioning HC versions of furniture and converts them to the Vanilla rendition furniture. With this ability in place, likewise, I also want to create a Recipe for the opposite, so that the special parts HC adds to those things can be gathered more fairly. I know or a fact that Vanilla rendition Furniture has a reference as an Item, because you can pick them up and interact with them. Where are the files for the Vanilla rendition, placeable Furniture located? What can I do with them, and how? Thank you. -TURTLESHROOM
  3. I actually do have one image. In my last test (this one without the "Super Survivors"), all of PZ actually completely froze up and I had to force the program to close. I pulled up the MS-DOS/Command Prompt window while I did this. I snapped a picture before I did, which looks like this: I hope this helps.
  4. Good evening. This is something I can't explain in pictures, because it's in motion. I can, however, describe it. I am also experiencing lag like I've never imagined, although I attribute that to the "Super Survivors" and my entry into a place I have not been before, which requires new Survivors to be generated. (Trying it without the "Super Survivors" enabled only caused monster lag when there were large numbers of zombies.) When I summon a horde of zombies to follow me in my car (so that I may either ignite them or run them over), the occasional event in which the horde gets so big that the zombies literally stop my car happens. This is normal, and usually, my car can't move more than a few pixels for some time until I break out. That is where the problem arises. Zombie hordes keep concentrating on one side of my car, and the game clips as my car is forced in the direction the zombies are pushing. I have no control over my car until it crashes into something. It's as if my car is on black glass! When I plough into a horde of zombies and they stop me, the usual pixel-by-pixel shoving begins, but once I break out of the horde, my car suddenly lunges at full speed, as if the horde was a chain that had been broken, in the direction it was going. I cannot control, break, or reverse course into the car unless and until it crashes in some way. It's as if my car is on black glass! I should mention, BTW, that it is in November, the temperature is approximately thirty two degrees Farenheit, and it is raining. This, coupled with lag, means my car crashes into everything and the game keeps lagging, so even when I am in control, I still crash into things. Even with all the Mods and the special Advanced Map, I never experienced any lag like this, and I've noticed a lot of change in vehicle mechanics and behavior since the IWBUMS V40.14 version. (Namely, the positive benefits are that I can run over zombies more efficiently and vehicles cause more damage to zombies.) Is this Working As Designed, or have I encountered a bug? Thank you for any assistance you may render. -TURTLESHROOM
  5. @EnigmaGrey I think those are the same type of shelves, but colored differently. The post you quoted pointed to a Mod that a user named Snake created to fix Vanilla rendition shelves with no Sprites representing something on them. The shelves from the Map Mod I am using are Vanilla rendition Sprites. I know this because every Map on the Advanced Map uses Sprites from the Vanilla rendition, because that's more or less all there is.
  6. @Pandorea Pandorea, I am on an advanced Map that combines the Maps of most of the projects uploaded to the Steam Workshop. Consequently, the area I am in is, unfortunately, custom made. HOWEVER, every Map that was added to the Map I am playing used only Vanilla rendition Sprites. IIRC, I'm in Bedford Falls on the Advanced Map, so if you run Bedford Falls and spawn there, you'll see it.
  7. UPDATE: I have found another user who has pinpointed similar shelves to the ones I have encountered. Perhaps they are the same thing?
  8. Yes, I've tried it with hammers and saws. Yes, I've used the actual Pick Up and Disassemble tools. No, the thing can't be picked up or disassembled.
  9. The "Hydro Craft" Mod is supposed to do that, but as of IWBUMS V40.0 (up to and including the current one, at V40.16), you cannot sew any form of seed or harvest any form of plant. This is a glitch that the Mod's creator(s) are/is trying to fix at the moment, but for now, it's a no-go.
  10. "Project Zomboid" is set in the early 1990s AD. A lot of these books didn't exist then. (George Martin's "Game of Thrones" series, for example, started, IIRC, at the very end of the nineties.) Indeed, I was in the second grade when the first "Harry Potter" book came out. I read the whole thing, and I hated it.
  11. For those unaware, this is comically unrealistic. Pillows CANNOT work as silencers, and "silenced" (suppressed) guns are still plenty loud. They're just not loud enough to casue permanent ear damage. If we applied RL gun physics to PZ, guns with silencers would still attract plenty of zombies, but instead of being a magnet like an unsuppressed gun, it would probably attract zombies with a more restricted range, akin to a Meta Event. Of course, "Project Zomboid" is first and foremost a video game, so it doesn't have to be realistic.
  12. TurtleShroom

    Reusable Jars

    They are. In RL, you can can goods with glass Mason jars and even gallon-sized pickle jars. You have to seal and boil them. The key is that it has to be an airtight seal to disinfect and pressurize the canned goods. This means that plastic lids don't work in RL, and, assumably, PZ uses modded lids as well.
  13. Is there anything that is still needed for the Mod? I'd be honored to help contribute.
  14. @thejoker954 I checked to see if that was the case. It still happens if the desk is completely empty.
  15. Okay, I'll try loading a new game with nothing except the Map that spawned it, go to that tile, and see what happens. That is assuming that I'll ever find it again. I don't think I will, unfortunately.
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