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  1. Compounding this issue, I have found a Library with a specific class of shelves that spawn books by default (see above). The problem? None of the shelves are spawning any books you'd normally find in the Library. Only five or six Default Books and a few Skill Books spawn. I checked every shelf, and they were all mostly devoid of books as well. You will see the issue in the image attached to this post.
  2. I think that might be the case. Although it wasn't an issue when I was reporting the bug, subsequent testing caused the engine to hit zero percent. I apologize, but I might have reported something working as designed. I hope you aren't angry at my error. Still, that shouldn't spit out the key.
  3. To my knowledge, the School Bus is a Vanilla rendition vehicle. While I have plenty of custom Vehicles and the Vehicle API (e.g. the addition of the RV and a Delorean, etc.), the School Bus has no changes to its sytem and is, in all aspects, a normal PZ vehicle. While I was able to break free from a pile of zombies while testing, the entire time I was trying to escape, there were zombies on both sides of the bus. They were screaming at me. I tried to turn the wheels of the bus, and the wheels did not animate when I made the turn.
  4. I have successfully reproduced the bug. You will find the video of the bug attached. clip0080_ok5sJI7z.compressed.avi
  5. Good evening. I just lost my character to a really bizarre and frustrating glitch. I was in a School Bus surrounded by zombies, and have been running them over in a desparate attempt to escape. Suddenly, the bus stopped. Now, this may have been due to the engine breaking apart, but that turned out not to be the case because the bus restarted and proceeded to move when I pressed the movement keys. The bus reaches about one RPM and less than five miles per hour, switches to drive, and travels about two or three feet before the key pops out and the bus stops. I reinsert the key, turn the engine, and then the bus starts again. I move the bus again; the key jumps out of the car. It does not work. Again. I thought it was because I was sitting on zombies, but I eventually broke free and the bus continued to stop. Again, when I cranked the engine, the engine light was green and the bus moved. When I was cranking the engine, it was yellow if the engine didn't start. The heater still works. The battery still has charge. The bus has all four tires. All bus components are present. The engine is not at zero percent. Nothing else with the bus is going wrong. It is not the engine failing, but the bus key jumping out of the ignition! I eventually got out of the bus and was mauled to death by zombies. I have a backed up saved game, but I'm still not happy with this bug. Thank you for any assistance you may render. Warm regards and warm bodies, -TURTLESHROOM
  6. Good afternoon. I want to create a Recipe that allows you, if you have the required goods, to craft your own Sledgehammer (among other things). However, I am unable to find any of the Items, Recipes, or documentation of all the Vanilla rendition things you can gather in the game. Where, in the Steam Launcher Program's PZ folder, can I find what I need. Thank you for any assistance you may render. Warm regards and warm bodies, -TURTLESHROOM
  7. Good evening. I am experiencing an odd situation on a custom Map. Now, one might say to oneself, "this is a Mod issue, take it there", but it isn't. The original author of the Map has confirmed the same bug in a game on his map without Mods. In the pictures attached, you will see the issue. In these specific classes of shelving furniture, the game is incapable of spawning anything except books. I searched in rooms marked "TOOLSTORE", "ELECTRONICSSTORE", "MEDCLINIC", "STORAGE", "GROCERYSTORAGE", "JEWELRYSTORE", and various other rare specilizations. Every single one of them spawn books. Only books. Every time. Despite this, I have seen other loot tableswork properly. In a room marked "STORAGEUNIT", I found a Baseball Bat and various tools inside both a filing cabinet and a desk. In those same kinds of places, the types of shelves pictured continue to spawn books, and only books. In the few instances where there are no books, I find empty shelves full of Plaster Powder and Concrete Powder, and five nails. I have never seen a Display Case producing anything but nails and Plaster Powder. It seems, based on what the makers of the Map I played on, that some classes of shelving are hard-coded to spawn ONLY books unless they are in one specific class of room. Some store shelves seem to spawn ONLY books UNLESS they are in an area marked as "GROCERY" or "GROCERYSTORAGE". Am I doing something wrong? Should I restart and run a custom Map, and only the Map, for testing? What governs loot spawning in shelves? Is it tied to the room, or to the shelf? I'm sick of books in my tool stores and electronic stores. Thank you for any assistance you may render. Warm regards and warm bodies, -TURTLESHROOM
  8. Oh, I should note, BTW, that Kentucky has one huge meteorlogical difference from the Deep South. While a part of Dixie proper, Kentucky differs from my state in that it has actual seasons. Georgia, Florida, and those such states are subtropical to actually tropical. Kentucky is temperate. Kentucky has the summers of Dixie and harsher winters that are not only cold, but have regular snow. The Deep South usually sees about three weeks of cold and less than one snowfall per year. Meanwhile, states like Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, the Carolinas, and Florida have three seasons: allergy season, the OH MY GOSH WHY IS IT SO HOT season, and wintertime. There is no transition from summer to winter or winter to summer. Indie Stone successfully modelled Kentucky's diverse seasons correctly AND factored in the extreme summertime heat. Indie Stone did some serious research when they made this game.
  9. I live in Dixie, south of Kentucky, and every full-sized window in the building has blinds. My home state (Georgia) is subtropical; the sun is hot and the air conditioning runs twenty-four-seven from about late April to the third week of September. The master bathroom has a tiny octagonal window next to the toilet for lighting, but it's high up. One of the largest windows in the building is directly above the tub (a huge jacuzzi, specifically), but it is frosted and only serves for lighting and decoration. Those are the only rooms without blinds. The den (the "family room" and not the greatroom, for you Yankees) normally has either curtains or blinds. My great-grandmother hung old-timey drapes (made by Johnson and Johnson back when their textile mills made general purpse fabric) in the den. My family hangs blinds. My grandparents used to have those vertical blinds that slide, but they replaced them with dark, pull-down shades. In short, yes, coverings over windows are ubitiquous in the South, especially in the time period that "Project Zomboid" is set in. Modern Dixie residences forsake curtains for blinds and the cancer of huge open spaces without walled-in sitting rooms is inescable. I hate it.
  10. Good afternoon. I was surprised to learn that the most recent stable update (Build Forty) and the current IWBUMS version (Build Forty-One) added a mechanic where any form of backing up into zombies caused significant damage to an automobile's trunk, no matter how slow or meticulous. I find this both odd and unrealistic, as the only thing running over something at a very, very slow speed could do was burst the tires or significantly damage the suspension. As I search for a Mod or setting to change this, I should indicate what I do not want: I do not want to strengthen any part of the vehicle but the trunk. I do not want to affect crashing into the environment, into trees, into buildings or signs, or other such objects. I do not want to affect running into zombies at a high speed. What setting would adjust the damage to a vehicle's trunk when it collides with a zombie in slow motion? Does the setting for hitting zombies differ from the setting for hitting the environment? Thank you for any assistance you may render. Warm regards and bodies, -TURTLESHROOM
  11. Good evening. In my most recent "Zomboid" game, I accidentally jumped out of my running vehicle by pressing the "E" key and was unable to get back in, despite pressing it again and despite the green square being highlighted. I popped out of the car by pressing "D". Consequently, the zombies that I mowed over devoured me, and I committed an act of Save Scumming because of the accident. Restarting the game at my last back up, I showed up back in my base and walked to where the vehicle was. It was there, but the key I had left in the ignition was not present. It vanished. I am using the latest "I Will Back Up My Save" branch on Build Forty-One. Thank you for any assistance you may render in future updates. Warm regards and bodies, -TURTLESHROOM
  12. I see. So they actually made the weapon skills mean something? That's honestly both surprising and exciting. Do I build those types of skills through using the weapons? I know that you can still use the one-shot trick with the Knives.
  13. Good afternoon. I got back into "Project Zomboid" for the first time today, and I am thoroughly enjoying the new updates and graphics. I am currently playing on Build Forty-One, with the latest "I Will Back Up My Save" enabled. However, I have noticed that zombies are vastly stronger, more durable, faster, and harder to kill in every aspect. They are nothing like before. I set the zombie settings to the slowest Shamblers with normal (untouched) toughness, strength, and durability. Their hearing and vision are normal, their smell is poor, and they have no memory. When I attacked the zombies, I was neither exhausted nor tired. I had no bad stats until one bit me (more on that to come). My character was not extremely weak or underweight. Here's the problem, though. I had a Crowbar in both of my hands. Two years ago, a Crowbar was one of the best Melee Weapons in thegame. It could throw zombies back at least a yard. Melee Weapons are intended to be swung like baseball bats, striking zombies from a distance at which they cannot make the "grabbing" animation that can hurt or bite you. That is no longer the case. Melee Weapons, like the Crowbar and especially the Frying Pan, are useless unless you are in a range so close that you could use a knife more effectively. They offer no defense from the zombies that a knife cannot provide. This is critically dangerous, if not lethal, in the new game. Worse yet, I tried to kill a zombie with said Crowbar in both hands. I was unable to hit them except once or twice, so I kept shoving instead. When they hit thefloor, I started counting how many stomps or swings of the Crowbar were needed. With the Crowbar, it took me over seven times to kill one zombie, and four or five times to kill another. Another thing that I have seen is that characters attack a fallen zombie in extreme slow motion. Compared to two years ago, I am fully aware that it takes twice as long to make a full motion swing, collide with the zombie's face, rise up, and swing again. There was a time that I could take on two zombies, rarely even three, with a trusty Frying Pan or elite Crowbar. Now this is impossible. Despite being on the default strngth and weakness, the zombies are acting like brick walls. I really, really do not wish to turn down the zombie health and strength to Low, out of Normal. However, if weapons are all broken and the zombies are brick walls, I will be forced to do so. Has the META really changed that badly, or did Indie Stone just introduce a glitch? I want to be able to fight zombies without a gun or knife. Frying Pans are fun, and Crowbars were once legendary. What am I doing wrong? Thank you for any assistance you may render. Warm regards and bodies, -TURTLESHROOM
  14. By the Grace of God, I was able to resolve this issue by completely uninstalling the game, and then completely reinstalling the game.
  15. Good afternoon. I am experiencing an issue with the "Project Zomboid" video game. I use the Steam Launcher Program version, and am running "Project Zomboid" on the latest "I Will Back Up My Save" edition (Build Forty-One, if I am not mistaken). When I go to run the game, I have many Mods, but most of them are not showing up. This includes all of my Maps. Only the newest Mods, updated for the newest version, can show up. This applies solely to Mods downloaded from the Steam Launcher Program's Workshop. This makes no sense, as previous PZ iterations permitted outdated Mods to be run, and most of those that I ran still work. This is especially, and nearly universally, certain for the Map Mods I crave. The principle Mod that does not work, and there are many, is my all-time favorite Mod. It is called "All In Zomboid", and it links together all of the contemporary, custom Maps (as of the Mod's last update) and adds Vehicle Spawning Zones and links across those Maps. To me, "Project Zomboid" is unplayable without this Mod enabled. Several of the other ruined Mods are also, to me, essential to my game. I can always manually extract the Mods in and put them in my local PZ folder, but I have quite a lot and would rather have them work as intended. I humbly request assistance and appreciate any help which is rendered. Thank you. -TURTLESHROOM P.S.: Yes, I already cleared my Download Cache.
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