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  1. Is their any mod could increase the kinds of crops´╝č

    The "Hydro Craft" Mod is supposed to do that, but as of IWBUMS V40.0 (up to and including the current one, at V40.16), you cannot sew any form of seed or harvest any form of plant. This is a glitch that the Mod's creator(s) are/is trying to fix at the moment, but for now, it's a no-go.
  2. Literature mod

    "Project Zomboid" is set in the early 1990s AD. A lot of these books didn't exist then. (George Martin's "Game of Thrones" series, for example, started, IIRC, at the very end of the nineties.) Indeed, I was in the second grade when the first "Harry Potter" book came out. I read the whole thing, and I hated it.
  3. The Pillowsilencer

    For those unaware, this is comically unrealistic. Pillows CANNOT work as silencers, and "silenced" (suppressed) guns are still plenty loud. They're just not loud enough to casue permanent ear damage. If we applied RL gun physics to PZ, guns with silencers would still attract plenty of zombies, but instead of being a magnet like an unsuppressed gun, it would probably attract zombies with a more restricted range, akin to a Meta Event. Of course, "Project Zomboid" is first and foremost a video game, so it doesn't have to be realistic.
  4. Reusable Jars

    They are. In RL, you can can goods with glass Mason jars and even gallon-sized pickle jars. You have to seal and boil them. The key is that it has to be an airtight seal to disinfect and pressurize the canned goods. This means that plastic lids don't work in RL, and, assumably, PZ uses modded lids as well.
  5. Most Interesting Deaths

    This one isn't really as funny, but it is a lesson I want everyone to know. I die fast and often in PZ. The longest I lasted with Guaranteed Mortality on was just over a month. Sick of losing my character over and over again, I turned off Guaranteed Mortality but set zombie effects on player Health to maximum, guaranteeing that any bite would automatically get me sick. I learned through experience that sickness isn't much to fear if you have food, so the game got a lot easier. That's when I learned that you are still no match for a horde of zombies without a gun. Twice. The lesson? Don't let your guard down or think PZ is easy when you turn off Guaranteed Mortality from a bite. You can still get your butt whooped six ways to Sunday if the zombie ranks climb too high. I have come so close to death that I got Critical Injuries several times. ALSO, NEVER SET DOWN YOUR SECONDARY-EQUIPPED BAG OF EMERGENCY SUPPLIES. IT ONLY TAKES A FEW BITES OR BLEEDING SCRATCHES TO BRING YOU DOWN WITHIN A GAME HOUR .
  6. Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

    Is there anything that is still needed for the Mod? I'd be honored to help contribute.
  7. @thejoker954 I checked to see if that was the case. It still happens if the desk is completely empty.
  8. Shelves Have No Stocked Sprite [V40.16]

    Okay, I'll try loading a new game with nothing except the Map that spawned it, go to that tile, and see what happens. That is assuming that I'll ever find it again. I don't think I will, unfortunately.
  9. Dang. That spelling error in the image, though.
  10. Good afternoon. Enough said. This desk, like all PZ furniture that I know of, is from the Vanilla rendition of "Project Zomboid". Unlike most other types of desks and tables, I cannot disassemble, pick up, rotate, or otherwise alter or relocate the desk by any means except the Sledgehammer. This is not the first time I have encountered furniture like this. Thank you. -TURTLESHROOM
  11. Good afternoon. Enough said. I am using Mods (particularly "Hydro Craft") and a Map overhaul, but none of the Furniture or graphics are overwritten by either. That means these shelves are glitching in the Vanilla rendition. The shelves, regardless of how full they are, are always shown to be empty. That means they are missing the Sprites that change the shelf when something is sitting on it. What, if anything, can be done to fix this? Thank you. -TURTLESHROOM
  12. Missing Graphic Texture [V40.16]

    For any Developers looking at this thread, this comment someone made might interest you:
  13. Favourite Location(s) in Project Zomboid

    Dang. I voted Riverside, since it was so close to it. You should have an option to change your vote before the poll closes.
  14. Missing Graphic Texture [V40.16]

    Good evening. Enough said. Although I am using a Custom Map, there are no custom textures that could explain this. (On the Custom Map, the exact area of the buildings with the glitched glass is X13270/Y11195, which is where I took the screenshot.) I feel that this is a texture found in the Vanilla rendition, so it's worth showing. (Note: the glass is still gone when I look straight at it.) Thank you. -TURTLESHROOM
  15. Favourite Location(s) in Project Zomboid

    My favorite place in "Project Zomboid" is the Fifties Diner outside of Riverside. I continue to believe that this is the best location in the game for a base.