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  1. I agree; water/swamp based plant life and survival would be a welcome addition to the game. The way the game currently works with different levels is a little disorienting, I hope maybe in the future they'll figure out how to resolve that. Making the character models 3D for ease of animation and adding things was a good idea that I think could be applied to entire game without hurting functionality. It would make modelling or editing any kind of tile in the game much easier. I have a love of pixel art, don't get me wrong. I think this is a game that has already demonstrated being benefited by 3D though. It would only help the game I think.
  2. The water in PZ is aesthetically flat and a little confusing. There are pixel animations within the game and I was hoping maybe the water tiles could be re-done to look more like moving water, with waves lapping at the shore. This can be done in 3D and turned into pixel sprites, to more seemlessly integrate into the atmosphere of the game. I am very impressed with the 2x Tiles and I'm not trying to devalue anyone's work. But I think creating the world's tiles in 3D would fix a lot of the perspective problems, confusing details, aesthetic inconsistencies and make animations easier. Just a thought. You guys have done amazing work on the game art so far, and I know you're focused more on making the game work well and diversifying gameplay aspects. The water of the PZ world could use a little pixel-love is all. There are some shading issues that make certain aspects of the map look flat, rather than raised. I'm just thinking making some things, like structure, in 3D would help pop out the bridges, along with better shading beneath structures. Perhaps in the distant future boats, docks, floating homes, swimming, and travel via water might be a playable aspect of the game, and with that would need a water overhaul. So really, this is isn't an immediate issue. Just ideas floating around in my brain for future possibilities.
  3. Just some small bugs: 1 - Cabbage and Broccoli farm plant textures are still switched. 2 - Can't remove grass on tiles on the other side of a log wall. (Character attempts to path to front side but doesn't walk around objects. When I put the character in front of the wall, and click where the tile of grass would be on the other side, the option pops up and character removes random grass in front of the wall.) Weird. 3 - Some roofs are half-missing or tiles are rotated the wrong way. 4 - Some bed tiles are rotated the wrong way.
  4. Hey there, I'm not sure what's going on--maybe needs an update--but I haven't been able to craft a Trellis Kit, despite reading the magazine and having all the ingredients necessary. Otherwise, the plants that don't require it are functioning just fine and I'm very happy with the mod! Thanks!
  5. Just started a game on a new map I hadn't tried yet and... whoo boy... Other than the foliage/trees bug, everything else is great. I'm happy to see a higher resolution.
  6. Being out by a farm house in a field, I see a hoard of zombies doing the Thriller dance to what I can only assume is ambient noise. They are constantly pulled by sounds from all around and do not stop moving. I can only say that this is weird, difficult to deal with, highly unpredictable and probably another audio-related problem. I can understand a hoard moving toward a dog barking, or just milling about in a field reacting to their own sounds, as with their AI in previous versions. I dunno, this seems more like something that should be addressed. It visually looks like a bug. Off to continue playing...
  7. 3D environmental audio is VERY loud, is there a way to turn it down? Dog barks, gun shots and alarms are disproportionately loud, hurt my ears and are just a little too much. If they were a little more balanced with the rest of the environmental audio of the game, a little bit more on the level of what they were in previous versions, it'd be better/less distracting. Second thing that struck me as odd was the occasional dropping out of sound effects from my character's actions--in general; fighting, drinking, looting, etc. I thought it was odd that it would cut out to silent while I was whacking a zombie in the head with a blunt object. I think a little investigation and tweaking in those audio areas would be good--just my play-testing critique so far. Off to continue playing...
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