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  1. Pretty simple idea to get rid of the wood from disassembling furniture.
  2. I don't want to know where I start in the game, because if I do it feels a little too predictable if I chose my start point. I want to do in blind.
  3. vonVile

    Attacking helicopters?

    I want anti-air missiles to take helicopters out.
  4. vonVile

    Natural building materials

    Bricks made out of poop. Can't get more natural than that!
  5. The way it is now its a hassle to know which same items have tainted water and purified water. It only shows the status for the first of that type of container and the sub-directory when it lists all of the same container doesn't give any information about the water. It would be best if tainted and pure water were listed as separate entries.
  6. There's a lot of building designs where the stairs are just behind the forward facing wall making players unable to see anything on the lower level when walking down the stairs until you reach the floor below. This is very hazardous for players, because there could be a group of zombies right at the bottom of the stairs and players won't be able to see them until they are right on top of them.
  7. vonVile

    An Idea for the Zombies Origin

    Spiffo's Burgers used rabid raccoon meat in their burgers.
  8. I don't know how many times I've died for the simple fact my mouse happened to be over an open inventory/status window. When your mouse is over said windows your character can't rotate and attack commands are locked out. These commands should be accessible at all times.
  9. I just had an occurrence where I system notification window popped up while in the middle of the game. I had to quickly get rid of that window because just at that moment I was about to be attacked by a zombie. I couldn't go around the pop up window because it was designed to always be on top of the others. I was fast enough to get back to the game to not get injured.
  10. I don't know if its an oversight or a bug, but for some reason Kettles don't collect rain water. If its a bug, fine, but if its a design choice it makes no sense for the simple fact that it would be logical for a person when placing a Kettle outside to get water would remove the top. Just because the icon used has one doesn't mean its always there.
  11. Player should be able to place the crafted mattress on the floor to sleep on. As it is right now there is no reason to even craft a mattress, since all it is used for is building the bed, which can't be done until you reach Carpentry level 4 or 5.
  12. vonVile

    Boy Scout Profession

    It would be great to have Boy Scout at profession in the game. It would give you: - The time of day without a clock, since they can tell time by the sun. - Bonuses to: fishing, forging, blade maintenance, cooking, first aid, and trapping
  13. You don't have to drink it. Use it for watering plants in your vegetable garden or putting out fires.
  14. Currently empty bleach bottles serve no purpose in the game when you find them next to a dead body. Players should be able to fill them with water like other receptacles. Also when we use up the bleach from cleaning up blood the bottles shouldn't disappear.
  15. vonVile

    Dropping things out of windows/ledges

    I remember to good ole days when you could push furniture out open windows. The game's code wasn't designed for this because the furniture never ended up on the street and just disappeared.