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  1. Hello everyone! I want to start this post by saying Project Zomboid is one of my favorite games of all times. I also love supporting indie projects like this with a passionate team behind and because even if it's still in development it offers an incredible quality and more playability than most EA games out there, I'll support it all the way. Now, that said, there is something that as an intersex person and physically androgynous AFAB has been bothering me quite a lot: the binary choice in character creation. This is an issue in the vast majority of games, I'm aware, and realistically speaking it doesn't make much sense, and I know how you guys care about realism. My suggestion could help you improve character creation significantly and in a way that isn't that hard to implement too. I'm a roleplayer so I wouldn't play a non-binary character in 1993 Kentucky anyway, it wouldn't make sense. By that I mean my characters are non-binary, for sure, but the word for it and use of gender neutral pronouns wasn't a thing back then so this isn't what I am asking for since we don't have the use of pronouns in this game at all (up untile NPCs get implemented at least). If you want to keep the initial binary choice for the pronouns in the future, for the dialogues with the NPC, I think it's no problem and is realistic considering the setting. The only change I'd like isn't about gender but body variations and natural diversity. That's why I'd ask is for both M and F characters be able to chose between three body types (the initial two and one maybe a bit in between, slim like the F model but less curvy), and a toggle on both facial hair growth and boobs. Just that. With that in the game, I'll finally be able to play a character that is like me and I don't get uncomfortable playing a character with boobs but don't have to get the whole ma beard too. I have a beard but relatively smaller to what ends up being in the game when it is overgrown. If you can add between two options of facial/body hairiness too there, that would just be perfect. So for clarity, here is the suggestion summarized in order of importance : ◼️ Facial hair toggle for both M and F characters ◼️ Breast toggle on/off for F characters ◼️ 3 body types for each "gender" : 1 that is the current male body type, 1 that is the current female body type, 1 that would be in-between ◼️ 2 different hairiness levels for facial hair Thank you for the time you took reading my suggestion. Have a great day and keep up the good work!
  2. In the current state of the game isolation is a viable method of the game and much more preferable in terms of survival, why would i go into the zombie infested town if i can just make self-sustainable base in the middle of nowhere. My suggestion is to add more depth into carpentry, why we currently can saw logs into planks immediately? With time, maybe in few months especially in summertime planks in our buildings and furniture will dry out and change their size increasing inner stress in the material making buildings unstable therefore it's not recommended to saw and use fresh logs for sawing and building of any kind. Players must do scavenging runs to the town to pry off planks in the already existing buildings to build their own base if they are willing to do so. They can still saw logs but first they have to cut down a tree and left logs to dry for a few months or a year. otherwise sawing logs will produce only scrap wood usable only for firepits. This is just one of the suggestions to prevent self-isolation almost from the start of the game. For the new upcoming 42 update it can be also implemented that on some sawing mills you will find kiln driers~ By placing fresh logs in it and some fossil fuel you will gain dried log that can be used to saw into planks later on
  3. Personally speaking, pz starts to get way too easy when you hit around 500ish hours. And the sole reason for me it's the loot situation in towns. I think that the levels of loot in the first 2-5 days, should be pretty high, (due to the fact the most people would rush to the stores, thus making them infected) but afterwards it should start declining rapidly, so after a week or two, the stores would have very little loot left. House loot should decline but not in every single house but just in the houses that other survivors have already looted. Also the same things as the store situation should apply to EMS buildings (especially the police), so that EMS gear and tools could only be find on zombies. This should only apply to cities and not to isolated places!
  4. Long story short, there appears to be some work going on with car interiors judging from some of the assets in the current game that simply don't spawn in the actual playspace, (and there may also be some devlogs I missed). With this said, I'd be interested in seeing some features related to those car interiors: Zombies inside of cars: Either buckled or unbuckled, buckled zombies being unable to move and easy to deal with (for example, near-guaranteed headstabs with knives and spears), unbuckled zombies being able to crawl between seats, smash windows to get out, slip out of open doors and windows, etc. Thus to loot some cars, you may have to lure a zombie out, or kill and remove them if they're stuck inside. If you're really foolhardy, maybe you could even leave a zombie buckled into the back seat opposite of the driver's side as a little road trip companion. Corpses inside of cars: Similar concept as above. Corpses that are either dead players, part of the world generation as environmental events, whether it be car crashes, survivors who've crashed or killed themselves with some loot in the car and on their person, etc etc, that the player has to drag out of the car to make use of the seats they occupy. Bonus points if these 'corpses' can be sleeper zombies that wake up when you start trying to mess with them or attack them with no aiming outline until they're awake (even when using it for all weapons), but are still able to be attacked. Loot inside of cars: Also pretty simple, loot inside of car seats or bags sitting on seats. After the exclusion zone was put up it's very likely that lots of people would have packed their necessities into bags and tossed them into the seats of their car. Guns, clothes, canned goods, non-perishables, toys, and just other everyday essentials and luxuries that people would want to take with them. Even if not in bags, loose stuff found inside of cars visible from the outside of the car would be awesome, and give more of a purpose to wrecked or low condition cars left on the side of the road, as well as serve as a nice little treat to get now and again when looking for cars with keys or gas.
  5. its sorta funny when ur body just falls out, and also if ur infected and u die in a car i think the zombies should just remain in the car seat until they break out of the car window, although id imagine its hard to implement. I dont know how it would work if the car has no space, i guess just make that particular corpse ignore the storage limit
  6. Gimbo


    I think with the title i pretty self explain myself....
  7. I would like to suggest with the upcoming b42 and the new crafting system an assemble system for the works stations, basically a new system of build the stations not the classic 2 stone 3 planks and 2 nails to build a full equipped station, pz is a very close real surviving games so keep it like that please! i suggest a system where u have to find piece of a work station and then craft the station an example a blacksmith station will need and anvil a log to keep it ,a table ,some tools a furnace, maybe u can even make the furnace with other elements or find one!, And whe u have all of those elements u can build it , a ammo craft station so u'll need a table a press for the ammo caliber and the molds ok let's go find those elements and after u can build it. Maybe even the tools u use, lose condition with every use and so u need to keep your inventory refurbished of tools, an hammer don't last forever. Please i ask please don't make this game another low level craft survival
  8. - Hitting a zombie with a meat cleaver, hammer, machete, crowbar, axe, plank give you the same vibe, you boink them on their heads and it all feels like you hit them with a blunt objecte so yeah that could be improved too, the main thing is some of these sharp/bladed weapons should get stuck in a zombie just like a knife does when you do the jaw stab animation and you lose a knife because it's stuck in the zombies head, that is until you loot it back from the body. - Now with these weapons the odds are you're more likely to have your weapon stuck in a zombie if it's heavy and can pack a punch, the top candidates are wood axe, the axe, meat cleaver and a machete, this is mostly from the experience, I've used all four of them. - Working with large amounts of raw meat in restoraunts I've had the oppertunity to use a meat cleaver, they are really heavy and exhausting for the arm, the more body weight and muscle you have the easier it is to use, but they are still heavy and the whole design is made for cutting bones, if you used a meat cleaver on a zombies the odds are you won't struggle killing it, you'd stuggle with talking it out, a lot of weapons have these crit animations where your character violently swings a weapon, if you really did that you'd have your cleaver half way through the zombies but that's also where it would be staying if you didn't retrieve it from a zombie that's no longer trying to nible on you, and if you did strike it in the head it would be the almost the same story if you can't pull it out of a falling corpse. - Wood axe, the big red axe and machete would work in the same principle only one would he it better than the other, the wood axe would be really strong but there is no doubt that you'd be having trouble taking it out once you slash it through a zombie, pickaxe too, now the hand axe wouldn't be so much of a trouble, they are really light for their deadliness , but that still doesn't mean they wouldn't get stuck once in a while. -Obviously strenght, overall weight and level of the weapons class will affect this but 0/10 - Now why I think this fits the game and why it should be added. I've seen where the devs were/are heading with this game and quite frankly you're not a hero in this dying world, in this story, but you sure can take an axe with some moderate levels in it with maintance and clear a whole town like Muldraugh in a week, month tops, why have a cure to the zombie virus when it already exists, a beautiful high damage dealing no consequence to attacking axe and a machete with zombie's name on them, oooh right ther's that feature that teleports in new zombies every three days in areas unseen in the last 16 hours, that shure is fun! a Superman stuck in a world with ever spawning clash of clans skeletons (yeah not the best metaphor but it works). This would add some balance to the OP legacy of sharp/bladed weapons, even at level 0 they are 300% better and worth using over a hammer/crowbar etc. for clearing out places and general combat.
  9. RIVERCITY ROLEPLAY - BETA COMMUNITY IS IN THE BETA STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT. THE SERVER IS CURRENTLY IN PUBLIC TESTING. Rivercity Roleplay is a community established by roleplayers, for roleplayers. We are a VOICE AND TEXT Roleplay server, primarily using the ingame VOIP to play our characters. With a heavy emphasis on well-written characters and plots, Rivercity Roleplay isn’t striving just towards quality, but also fun as well- we seek to offer an all-encompassing experience that is as entertaining as it is realistic. With a focus on Realism, Entertainment, and Quality over Quantity storylines and characters, we strive towards the most realistic, all-round roleplay experience possible within the PZ community. Features include - -> QoL and Realism-centered modlist, with few maps for the vanilla PZ feel, yet plenty of modded weapons, clothing, hairstyles, and more. -> Steadily growing community, emphasizing community rather than “just a server you play on.” -> Hardcore gameplay, this IS the apocalypse. -> A very, very liquid storyline that all sides can influence. -> Voice-RP! Yet still looking for literate members! CURRENT LORE FOLLOWS SEPTEMBER, 1993. It is one week after the infection began in Riverside. Knox county has been completely closed off to the outside world. A no-fly zone encompasses the entirety of Kentucky, and military patrols are commonplace over the EZ, as it is called. Knox County is now the patient-zero site of an unknown infection. Said infection compels the dead to rise- and seek out human flesh, living, or dead. Anyone bitten by the infected dies within 12 hours. Those who die, bitten or not, rise up within 2. There is no chance of survival, regardless of amputation or worse. The CDC has gone quiet over the radio since day one- Survivors are openly fired upon by EZ Border Patrol if they attempt to leave. The only hope is to survive within the EZ. A small militia has formed within the EZ, seeking to protect the innocent and restore order to the choas- so far, they have only met failure and increased losses. They are known as the KNOX COUNTY NATIONAL GUARD, and have begun robbing passersby out of desperation to feed their own people. https://discord.gg/pZJPsc6cB9
  10. I was playing Project Zomboid the other day when I realized something, whenever I hit a zombie I would lose way more speed than I should. Then I started testing. Going 90km/h in an unloaded, 100% condition van hitting a single zombie would cause the van to lose 22% of it's speed, ending up with around 70km/h. I then did the math: If the average van weighs 1984kg and we suppose that the average zombie is 56kg (14% loss of 65, average human weight, due to decay), the van should have a final velocity of about 88km/h. So, car collisions should be tweaked so cars lose a more proportional amount of speed.
  11. Since wildlife is a planned feature for future builds, I'd like to make two remarks about it. What triggered me for writing this post are various ideas/suggestions related to PZ and animals posted here on the TIS forum and elsewhere in the web. 1. WOLVES: I've seen various posts which among other things suggest that the devs should add wolves to the game. Problem: There are no wolves in present day (including early 90s) Kentucky. Historically they were present in Kentucky but have long been extinct there by now. As a compromise, wolves could be introduced after a certain amount of in-game time like after several months or even years. This might be in accordance with the idea that after civilization collapse and the lack of humans, nature slowly becomes more diverse and animals "claim back" their old habitat. Speaking of large predators which could potentially be a threat to humans, there is only one type which is present in current day Kentucky: bears (more precisely: black bears). I am not sure about their population in the early 90s and I am not sure whether they can also be found in the Muldraugh/Louisville area where the game takes place but I think adding them would not be completely against reality as it is the case for wolves. Thinking about "dangerous" animals which could potentially be a threat to humans brings me to my second remark: 2. DANGER OF WILDLIFE TO HUMANS: A lot of posts suggest that predators could serve as a new type of enemy to the player besides the zeds. It is a common trope in video games that predators like wolves or bears attack any human player on sight and it is understandable from a game design perspective that they do so (for variety of enemies). However, even for larger predators like bears this is a rather unrealistic behavior. Besides a few exceptions, most predators are quite shy and try to avoid humans. This also applies to bears (and even more to wolves). To get an idea of how rare such an attack is, you might check the Wikipedia article "List of fatal bear attacks in North America" and a similar one for wolves. The black bear for example has roughly between 0 and 2 fatal attacks per year in North America (US and Canada). Since a strong point of Zomboid is realism (except for zombies ofc) and since I think this realism should also apply to the depiction of wildlife, my suggestion here is that the rarity of animal attacks should be taken care of when introducing animals. Instead of making it so that the woods are full of bears (and maybe wolves) which constantly attack the player on sight, it might be closer to reality if those animals are rather seldom and when a player encounters them, the probability of an attack should be very, very low. In most cases, they should simply run away.
  12. As far as I know, the current game still allows you to farm during winter time (even if it snows). The farming is a bit slower then and I think you harvest a bit less but in principal, the current system allows you to survive for infinite time without leaving your safe house area. You just need to constantly plant a lot of stuff around your safe house. My suggestion: Farming during winter shouldn't be possible anymore. This could spice up the late game a little bit since surviving winter might become more difficult if it comes to food supply. Moreover, such a change seems quite realist to me. By a quick web search, I found some sources which state that the main farming season in Kentucky is between May and October. (Not sure if those sources are reliable though. Probably needs some more serious research.) To compensate for the more difficult farming, I suggest to change the system for food preservation a bit. For example, food preservation by canning and cooking could only require a jar, a jar lid, some water and a cooking pot with water (that would also be close to the real life canning and cooking process). After a jar with food has been consumed, you will receive an empty jar and lid which can be used again. The durability of preserved food could also last a bit longer to give players a fair chance to survive winter with food they preserved.
  13. I Think that a tile based inventory system would be great for this game. like Escape from Tarkov, Day Z, and Resident Evil 4. (see attached photo for context) It could let clothing have inventory space rather than you just being able to hold 10 units of stuff. course I see that it would be tedious to swap around items from your pants to a new pair, etc. but I think the struggle of organizing your items as a zombie, or three, bang on your door; but being able to visualize how your stuff is placed in your pack would feel less unorganized than a drop down list. I'm not saying remove weight for a space system, but have both. it doesn't make sense to be able hold 250 potatoes in a backpack, but with the tile system you could have it only be able to stack 10 potatoes in a tile, thus you cant physically hold that many even if you have the strength to hold them. Same with other objects, like how does a rifle fit into a school backpack? I could see someone make a point that you could leave the top unzipped and leave it sticking out, which I think would be okay. Personally I think an extension to the holster system like the current hotbar in b41. if a backpack had a holster on the side that you slide any gun or two handed weapon into. it could let you have two weapons at the ready and it wouldn't take up space in the backpack. this all could fit into the tailoring system as well. adding new pockets to pants for more space? This also has potential to give disorganized and organized traits New Life, maybe modifying how many of an item you can stack together or changing the size some items take up, or even making some storage have more space. I could go on but I don't want to make a unreadable text wall.
  14. 1. This shirt cannot be ripped into rags and blood is not displayed: Police Trooper T-Shirt - Base.Tshirt_PoliceBlue 2. Blood is not displayed: Police Trooper Hat - Base.Hat_Police 3. Blood is not displayed: Police Deputy Hat - Base.Hat_Police_Grey
  15. I got this idea from my personal experience with the game. See, when I'm playing with my first created survivor, and he dies, I forgive that initial immersion in the world, because the second survivor is still inside his home, even though the apocalypse in his city has started more than 1 month ago! This is not immersive, nor does it make sense. After all, this game is a simulation of an apocalypse. The second survivor must, as the name he describes suggests, be surviving! Whoever reads this agrees with me? Because of this surreal reason, I came here to propose that you, developers, or modders, create a Zed Story for the second survivor (and later), which suggests that he lives in a city that is really going through an apocalypse, this way, maintaining the immersion of the city and the game. I got tired of deleting my game because I was not immersed in the second created survivor. I want him to have a story, like having just had a car accident, and having a cut on his leg, making you rip his shirt to stop the blood. Or you're camping out near the city, hungry for your food to run out. This type of story makes you immersed that he spent 1 month surviving and suffocating as his first character, however, he does not do as well as his first survivor, and you need to continue seeing a dramatic and immersive story of a survivor , controlled by you. That's all I'm asking for. Enough is inside the house as if none of the dead were walking in your garden or eating your neighbors for more than 1 month! I also suggest that Lore's story about the second survivor be told according to his chosen profession. Some got suggested: If he is a policeman, for example, a story that would fit with him could be an accident in his vehicle, he just got close to the chosen city of spawning, in a neighborhood, he is bleeding slightly due to a scratch caused in the accident , or cut, and it is necessary to tear your shirt to stop the bleeding. If he is a lumberjack or forest ranger, he may be surviving in the woods, at a camp, near the road to a store or gas station in the chosen city. The food he collected and that helped him survive until then is over and he is a little hungry. Other stories that suggest how the second survivor is surviving the apocalypse when you start to control it: Inside a house with sheets on the windows and doors. Inside the gas station store. Inside a supermarket with an empty backpack. Inside a car at the entrance to the city, but the fuel ran out. Near a campfire, with rice. This fire may have been built near a city lake. or not having any food, just the campfire warming the survivor, and he starts to sit next to him, warming up. Inside a hospital, with a bandage wound. (I know you have a mod with a similar start, it's a good idea to dive in yourself) And it can contain as many different immersive scenarios as you developers want to add. Thanks for reading. Sorry about my English.
  16. Hello guys! Its not a huge suggestion, but I think it would fix something ingame, that bothers me for a long time. I experienced, that Canned Sardines does not requires Can Opener to get opened, because it has this little handle on top, what you can use to get it open. I checked the Canned Tuna textures, and it also does have the exact same handle to open, but it requires a Can Opener to get opened. My suggestion is to make the Canned Tuna possible to open without a Can Opener. Also I have found Corkscrew in game. My suggestion is to give the Corkscrew a function, which is meant be. Give the Corkscrew the same option as the Can Opener, but with WINES! So from now on you only can open wine with Corkscrew. Also a bottle opener would be nice for beer! Also a further addition as a "more complex" item would be nice the 3 in 1 - a can opener + bottle opener + corkscrew so people would not needed to carry these 3 types of items but only this one, but this one would be quite rare compared to the others.
  17. Hello everyone! Project Zomboid is one of the most atmospheric games I know. The 41st build has become even more atmospheric, beautiful and realistic, it is being refined and this can not but please. The other day I was playing The Long Dark and OMG! These sounds of inventory, when you have something behind you clanking or gurgling, very much immerse you in the game! Or take another game, DayZ, in which you can hear a rifle dangling from your belt, behind you. This also immerses you in the game. Would PZ be prevented from doing something like this? It seems to me that to hear the soft rattle of your double-barrelled shotgun behind your back, while the character runs lightly across the field in the night, would be much more atmospheric than to hear the simple "crunch crunch" of the grass under your feet ;D It is definitely not very important, and it may be difficult to implement (and even more so to synchronize between players), but something tells me that exactly what was missing in the game. Maybe the developers have already thought about this and they have an exact answer? Or has someone already created a topic similar to this one?
  18. Hello everybody! I'm here with a very small idea. Why not add the ability to load weapons without clips to the game? How it is implemented, for example, in the game DayZ. Playing on complex sandbox settings, I sometimes had problems with firearms - I didn't have clips for them. Why doesn't the character put a round in the barrel? Of course, it might not be effective against the walkers, but... it will be possible to rake them in one place Thanks for your attention
  19. Hello dev team and forum community! So, here's a small list of some ideas I've had for small details. -Choosing "short sighted" gives you glasses by default. That pair, and only that pair, negates the effect of the perk, if they're kept clean and not broken. If lost/broken, too bad. -Pain tolerance traits (increases/decreases pain moodle amounts) -Noisy clothing (like those pants that, no matter how you walk, always go "SHZWEP SHZWEP SHZWEP" when they move) -Different footwear should affect climbing ability and stamina drain -Gas masks should provide face protection, and maybe have stamina drain a bit faster when wearing one -Slings/straps/sheaths added to models on the player's belt or back, either as an added thing to the belt or weapon that allows it to be added to a quickslot, or just by default. -A separate mode or sandbox option or something for clothes being far stronger than they are by default so it can be more realistic, because holy fucking shit, no human being on the planet, zombified or otherwise, can get through a fucking firefighter's jacket with a single bite or scratch. That is insane bullshit. I was okay with ignoring how hard it is for human teeth to get through denim, because denim is very common and popular, gotta balance that and make it weak, sure, but heavy fabric lined with asbestos being just sorta okay protection is WAYYYY different than a pair of jeans. Got a little mad at the end but that's all. Elsewhere is a full review from steam that I wanted to make sure was seen and it mentions some of this.
  20. This mod lets structures come crashing down when their support structures are removed. All structures must have a wall in a 5x5 area below or get destroyed. Also prevents players from building floors more than 3 tiles away from any wall. Be aware that any player (and zombie) that is below a crashing structure will get hurt, maybe even killed... Mod preview image by Onkeen. Thanks! I'm still working on the details and effects of this, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to reply! This is what happens when you remove enough supporting structures: This is the new maximum distance to build floors: And this is what happens when you stand below a single floortile crashing down on you: And finally, download the mod here: From the workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=836161359 From github: https://github.com/blind-coder/pz-bcGravity/releases Requires bcUtils: https://github.com/blind-coder/pz-bcUtils/releases Changelog: Enjoy!
  21. I love the idea of zombies if strong or numerous enough being able to break down walls or even topple houses if you set them to extreme settings, but this is silly and I would only like it as an option. I'm sad that huge hordes of zombies can only break doors and windows. It seems a bit silly too in that way. I'm also disappointed that cars can't crash into signs or buildings and cause any actual damage. Cars crashing into buildings are not so uncommon and get reported on the news less often than they actually happen. I saw a news report once that a man got drunk or had a heart attack and drove his SUV right into a mans bathroom right through the cinderblock wall. Why can't we do this in PZ? I think there needs to be at least some small degree of realism in that sense. I also think it's silly that ramming a high speed car through a horde of zombies slows the car down so much, so fast. If you ever watch some of the crazy videos of car crashes on the internet (18 or older only! very warning!) There was a video of some women walking in the street doing a protest or march or some parade or something? in the street and a car drove them over and all the people in the street vanished into thin air as the car hit them and carried them out of the way of the camera, out of frame. The car didn't slow down and just kept going almost unaffected (but surely very damaged) I understand if cars in PZ slow down if they hit a large amount of zombies, but if the car is moving fast enough, it should go very fast through a large horde of zombies but it should become severely difficult to mantain control and the car should take serious damage. I think that would make it more realistic instead of always being slown down no matter what speed. tldr: zombies should be able to break more things given enough effort and large horde size or strength (or combination of some other factors) cars should be able to damage the environment more and handle driving through many z's at high speed'z cars should be able to drive through walls of buildings given enough speed with high damage to car and possibly driver Please take this suggestions and bite me! jk I love you. thanks for reading!
  22. Much like water in containers; the weight is determined by how much water is in said container. It would also be amazing to have this implemented with food items. If I have a box of Mac and Cheese, that weighs 0.5 by default, surely if I was to eat 1/2 of the Mac and Cheese then the weight of the item should drop to at least 0.30? Assuming that the packaging would weight a default 0.1, and that 0.2 of the weight is consumable. This would be extremely useful if implemented, both for managing weight and realism. The same could be implemented for things such as cans of paint, and even more importantly - medicine! Don't you just hate it when you pick up painkillers that have maybe a couple or a single pill left in the pack and it still weighs 0.2 even though that's how much a full packet would weigh, same as things like bottles of disinfectant; because they can weigh a lot when you have numerous bottles and it can often be a pain to use the "fill" mechanic when in a hurry. Not exactly a bug, more of a suggestion; but a much needed suggestion that would be greatly appreciated if the feature was optimised.
  23. Hi, recently started playing again. Trying to sleep I lay pondering. Let me see if I can remember it all. Real time. How come this isn't default? There is the speed up buttons for those moment where it takes a long time. Item transfer delay would make more sense as well. (supported in sandbox) Not being able to carry almost anything without a container of sort. It would also be nice if you could use certain items from your backpack without the item appearing on you. Taking a pill for example. This includes fridges. More positive traits possible. Somewhere around the general guy would be nice. Whenever I make characters based off my friends, it usually ends up with them having too many positive traits to be able to play. Your body turns more food into fat when you sleep. Do you gain more weight if you go to sleep on a full stomach in the game? Temporarily feeling sleepy after decent meals. Decreased stamina after large meals. More strength makes sense. Feeling tired rather than sleepy after digging. Watering is such a bore. Garden hoses would be such a relief. At least when there is still water. Rotating sprinkler. (needs garden hose) Tall and short body perk. Metabolism. Your body will save more calories if you are not getting enough food. Extreme weight loss also turns down your body's metabolism for many years regardless of the amount of food eaten after. To be able to drop worn backpacks to the floor. (right clicking) Being hungry should decrease your ability to learn. Same goes with being tired. It feels like being full goes away too quickly. The ability to use spoiled and rotten food as fertilizer. I know you guys have said no regarding bathroom business, but have the topic regarding watering and fertilizing the fields with your wastes been brought up? Activity takes more calories, but you feel less hungry while in the midst of it. You feel more hungry after, though. Food after activity helps build muscles. Some food are more effective than others at this. Swinging melee weapons indoors would be unwieldy in rl. Buildings may be more suited for firearms. Buildings would also reduce the distance of the sound being heard. Weapon magazines. Useful for handling and maintaining weapons. The weak trait penalty is too great. It should be worse to be frail imo. I would consider myself weak because I have little upper body strength. Doesn't reduce my ability to carry heavy backpacks that much, though. Upper and lower body strength traits. Body type muscles traits such as strong and endurance. Most food should reduce thirst. The body absorbs a good amount of water from food. Allergies. Ash from biologic sources, such as wood, make fine fertilizer. Night owls and morning bird traits. I really miss seeing the ability to sterilize rags by cooking them. Filling pots or pans with certain liquids. If you for example put alcohol or disinfection on a bowl, then you could put rags and bandages in them multiple times. Staying warm by sleeping in bed. Keeping food cool by digging it down. Symptoms such as nausea and fever helps your body combat diseases. Being able to survive the zombie plague. This doesn't mean you are immune as the plague can create new strains over time like the flue. Cannibalism. Zombie meat might even be safe if you prepare it properly. However, prolonged cannibalism gives you brain damage. Weapon traps against invading survivors. Shotgun tied to door for example. Risking death by eating too much after starvation. More suggestions may follow.
  24. Redux I've done a similar suggestion a while back and it seems to have been deleted, probably from lack of activity. It was then limited to falling from sheet ropes. I've since saw a discussion on steam about sheet ropes breaking. I've also climbed a sheet rope while carrying 3 fridges (1 primary, 1 secondary, 1 in inventory)... so I think it's time to get this out there again. From the past to the present Initialy, there was some complaints about the randomness of possible injury that made that suggestion unpopular. Although there may be a random part to it, most of this suggestion is about common sense and realism. It's not normal that one can climb a rope while carrying a fridge in his right and left hand... and another in his pockets. Climbing a rope while carrying a single fridge should be a feat in itself, one where you pray to whatever god you worship (or all of them) that the rope does not break, that you don't fall or even that you don't drop that fridge and break it. It's not all about randomness Things like weight/bulkiness (simplified into weight units for convenience), having items equiped sencondary/primary, skills (nimble, strength, maybe others), rope strength (I've made a suggesion about marinas and possible high grade ropes too... but the regular rope vs sheet rope is a start), and lastly luck should affect the outcome of climbing a rope. So what would it look like in game? Breaking If you try to climb with lot of weight (including yourself... another drawback of being overweight) or if the rope is weak, it should have a high chance of breaking. Low to moderate weight should have none to low chance of breaking. Falling or other form of fails If you try to climb a rope with low skills, high weight or item equiped in hands, there should be a high chance of falling resulting in injury. There should also be a chance that you drop said equiped items (or even some inventory). While this is not so bad for simple items like weapons, clothes, etc... delicate items (electronics, furniture, etc) or obvious breakables (glass containers) would have a high chance of breaking with a single story drop (and near certainty for higher drops). But it could be done, with or without some degree of risk Now, if your smart about it and carry minimal weight (say... only what you have in a big hicking bag on your back) and have normal strength... it should be near automatic success. A few extra point in nimble would guarantee the success and/or allow more risky moves. Wait, what about moodles? Yes, moodles like exertion or fatigue could have an adverse effect to, but only on the falling part. Same would go for drunkedness. ... and what about traits? Well, some of them have direct effect already (character weight, strength). But others like clumsy/agile could come into play as well in the falling part. Exemples that where given a while back for unfun RNG Hitting your thumb with a hammer, sawing yourself while using a saw or even cutting yourself with a knife. Those are rarer occurrences in normal life, assuming the person is not extremely tired or intoxicated (or clumsy). I've used all of the above a lot of time in my life and count only a few minor cuts and one broken finger (working below material to try to remove it without breaking it). Assuming I'm average, for simplification purposes those things have no chance of happening. Now I've never been able to actualy climb a rope... so I don't know how I'd do that while carrying 3 fridges (I've never carried 3 fridges either...). My character must be Chuck Norris I've seen or been one out of two guys struggling to move a fridge (one) up stairs without a dolly. I don't think I could carry one up a rope... I don't think anyone could... well, except Chuck Norris of course .
  25. *Warning this mod would be huge xD* \\ So, first off I'm new to the forums, Hello everyone! Modders and fellow PZ Family! I'm familiar with how the forums work, and in advanced I'd like to apologize if I upset anyone lol >.< - P.s I'm not a modder but would love to learn how! // That all being said, let's get down to the idea! I've played PZ for the better part of a year or so, definitely not as long as most everyone here, but that isn't necessarily needed to know that it can become quite lonely in the PZ world. I mean, we all know when we start off in the world there's that sense of quick, find a location, gather food/water, weapons, quick get carpentry going, and then leading into electrical and farming, etc; etc! But it gets lonely doing your own little thing and to be frank, quite aggravating, not that I'm complaining (yes I die A LOT xD). I came up with the idea after seeing the title screen, and looking at the man (I know when the lightning flashes, but let's assume that it's the player [male or female] holding someone they hold dear, or even just a friend). *For the sake of this discussion I'd like to just call the npc in question Aurora (f).* The Idea is: Starting off in the world, with someone to look after, or even finding someone weeks or months into the game. So far I'd like to say the NPC is stationary, as I'm not too sure how a mechanic would go about moving the npc, this is where idea's from people who want to discuss this come in. Maybe the player can choose a location pre-world gen? So the player doesn't have to just stay on one house in case of a large horde? Maybe the player can set off sound traps in area's around the outer perimeter of their current base to draw hordes away to protect the NPC? Be they: Injured Sick Depressed (given up on living after the apocalypse) Afraid / feeble (not suggesting a child in the game, but think of the possibility of taking care of a child? The Last of Us anybody?) Bed ridden (just throwing out ideas) Any of the case above, (all subject to change in discussion of course this is a family discussion! ) Possible questions as to why? Q: What does the NPC do? A: To be honest I had some ideas about this for example: Give small quests (possible obtaining of XP for certain skills?) [For Ex: Aurora:" [Player Name], *cough* *cough*.... I feel.. very faint, my head is.. burning.. please water? Do we have any medicine?" [Player Name]: Hold on Aurora.. I'll go check our supplies, you just lie here in bed. I'll be back. -The player goes to check their supplies (designated location? Medicine cabinet? Not too sure yet sorry..) only to find out there isn't any. [Player character inner thoughts]: "I remember seeing a clinic in town, next to the store.. maybe I should check there for medicine..." And if the player finishes this quest they could get XP for Agility, or something. Possibly give the player small gifts as thanks (ammo, meds tender love xD), or helpful hints, maybe keep a log of supplies held in the base, Tend to the farm, cook food? I'd even go as far to say chat with the player (for those dialogue lovers) to keep the Player company, and to provide companionship. (but the npc shouldn't attack? It kinda ruins the point of the Player taking care of them, sort of getting them through the apocalypse if that makes sense?) Feel emotion, Gratitude, sadness, fear of impending death, warn the player if they hear the slightest sound, maybe?Q: Can the NPC die? A: Yes. It's the point of this mod idea for the player to have to take care of the NPC, and provide companionship. Q: How can the NPC die? A: A number of ways: Neglect (possible suicide? unsure currently) If they do not receive care when sick or injured (moderate care, like a nurse to a patient.) Lack of Food Zombie Attack (obviously, maybe they turn into a zombie?) More to be discussed?Q: Can the player interact with the NPC? A: Yes! It'd be amazing for the player to be able to "chat" with the NPC and discuss how their current situation is, maybe tell stories, or random chats, some revealing supplies in surrounding houses or locations (example of this at end of this answer), and each conversation has multiple options that the player can choose, that will either affect positively,negatively, or not even at all, the NPC. EX: Aurora: "I've looked outside the window today, and have noticed the house across the way.. Seems like they were well off.." [not sure how the mechanic would work, but discuss it!] Q: How can the player interact with the NPC? A: Idk! I'm just pitching an idea xD I have no idea how to do this, maybe pushing an unused key near the npc will trigger a dialogue box to appear? Q: Can the NPC get sick, and heal from it? If so, what does the NPC do after feeling better? A: I'd like to say yes to the first part, because that can give the player quests, and as for the length of sickness (or even injury) that'd have to be discussed, maybe a possible function that will allow the player to select the time span of such things pre-world gen? As for the second half, I'd say just wander the house or set area the NPC is in, EX: if inside a house, unable to exit, (if the house is a two story, can wander upstairs), NPC can automatically close curtains for self safety, If a zombie enters the house, the NPC will attempt to sneak into a room and close the door, if seen the NPC will run into a room and hide, panicking for help from the player [unless the NPC is sick and bed ridden, in which case I'd assume the NPC would hide under the covers or something and avoid zombie detection. I'd also like to say there to be a function added where the player can request the NPC to only stay upstairs or in a single room? That'd be cool lol! Q: How often would NPC'S give quests and have new dialogue available? A: This is an answer only the modder would be able to answer, although I'd like to see there be an option for quest availability pre-world gen? Q: Can the NPC use Combat mechanics? A: I'd love to say no, but if the modder wants it, who am I to stop them? After-all, this would add a level of realism to the game. Q: Can the NPC change location? A: Again, I'd LOVE to say yes, but idk how that would work, THIS particular question is HUGE. As the NPC could draw unwanted attention to the player, and cause the whole mod to be a waste of gameplay, as the player could just die, die, die. Maybe if the NPC were to just be invisible from zombies? (which would ruin the option of them being killed by the Zombies). This would have to be discussed for sure! >.< sorry again! Q: This is a pretty hard mod idea, are you nuts? A: I like to look at life as a challenge, I know it's a daunting task, as there are NO Npc's currently in game, and maybe for good reason, I'm just so in love with this game, I can't help but pitch Idea's, I'd love to see so much more be done with this game, I want to help! Even if my idea's are impossible (which most are I guarantee, but don't know any better because I'm not a modder >.<). If they are please let me know, if they are just hard but possible if the modder has any free time, please let me know, because I know everyone has a life, but this is just an idea after all! All of this being said Hello every one again, I am NEW, but I just wanted to make this idea know, what do you all think? That's all I have for now I'm tired >.< Have a job interview tomorrow, wish me luck! Your new friend & Sister, ~ DemonXelo
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