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  1. Well, I apologize then. But, nevertheless, it is probably a little unfair to look at the amount of gasoline without a key. In any case, it's not a big problem. Thank you all~
  2. Yeah. Just now. Same effect, the character can open the closed hood I don't think it depends on other parts of the car (and it's "closed"/"open" states).
  3. Also, I wanted to say that the amount of horsepower is reduced to the "standard" amount when the character gets into the car. Is this a bug or is the "different amount of horsepower" mechanic turned off for the time being?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FjVG4_SmhE Hey Here, I just made a video FROM and TO. Without mods, on the current version of the game. You can see and check everything yourself. To save your time, I divided the video into episodes, you can use it, it's very convenient :з If needed, I can send the console file if you remind me of its location.
  5. Hi! Walkie-talkies in the game can already transmit VOIP. Various walkie-talkies can transmit singhal to strictly defined distances, this should be taken into account. Of course, an ordinary radio does not have a transmitter - which means that there is no possibility of voice transmission either, only listening. And yes, I agree with all the other suggestions, that would be great. (To talk to a friend on the radio you need: 1. You need to be in the radius of the signal of your walkie-talkies. 2. You need to tune in to the same frequency with your ally's walkie-talkie. 3. You need to hold the radio in your primary/secondary hand. 4. You need to speak in VOIP)
  6. Wow! Thank you very much! I was inattentive to the control settings, that's for sure. But, yes, it would be nice to have a toggle switch that allows you to combine the pan button and the aim button on the mouse. Thanks again! с:
  7. In order to make these screenshots, I used a bug - I got into the car with the aim key held down. This way I could pan the camera from the car. If I release the aim button while driving, the camera will focus on the center of the player (who is in the car). And in order to pan the camera again, I have to use a bug, I could not find other ways. (The aim button does not pan the camera, it only rotates the character's field of view). It seems that I explained everything the same in the post itself, but it seems that it is hard to read, I'm sorry.
  8. Yes, you can look around, but you won't be able to use the panoramic camera. Apologies for my English, should have used "panoramic camera" long before ;D The screenshots were taken at the minimum camera zoom when playing at a resolution of 1080 by 1920 pixels.
  9. Hi! How often do survivors drive cars? Personally, I can't imagine the early days of the game without a car. This is a means of protection, transportation of your person and other good you need in this or that case. I would like to suggest making trips even more comfortable, correct, in my opinion. I noticed that if you get into the car while aiming, the player will be able to independently control the camera - I found it very convenient! You can see what is in the distance in front/ behind /on the side of the car without speeding up. Or move the camera much farther, which will help at high speeds. And everything is smooth and fast, without some “jitter” in contrast to the automatic mode (with disabled vertical synchronization) It would be great if the player, sitting in the car, could independently control the camera. Just the same as he does it on his own two feet - looking around and gazing into any distance. Perhaps it would be possible to add a separate toggle switch in the control settings for this...? All these screenshots were taken from the car. (Edited) You can assign a button to pan the camera and use it while driving. Go to settings, then key bindings, UI section and set a key to "pan the camera".
  10. Well, then yes, it really does look like a bug. Attentive you! ;Р
  11. I think it's made on purpose. Honestly, this model is too small to look at its texture in great detail. The developers did not load the video card with another, separate texture of the bowl, as it makes no sense. Of course, I don't think it saved very much of our video memory, but still, I think it's on purpose ;р
  12. Hi! Here I want to talk about a small mistake and defect in cars that I noticed recently. The bug itself lies in the fact that the character can open the hood of any of the cars, even if it is locked with a key, without having this key. Yes, by pressing the interaction key, the character will not be able to do anything, but if we open the radial menu and select the “Open the hood”, the character will gladly open it and immediately begin to inspect all the characteristics of the car. In this way, we can even see that the “Unavailable” status of the hood is “Yes” ;Р -Also, when a character tries to open the hood after pressing the interaction key, the characteristic "closed" sound, as in the case of doors or trunk, is not played :с -And, it seems to me that when you press the “Open the hood” button through the radial menu, the character should not immediately study the characteristics of the car, he, most likely, should just open the hood and do nothing else, as in the case of doors - he does not get in the car right away? Oh, and what about if the cars with the doors and trunk closed also had the hood locked? It would be logical, I think :з If someone has already noticed this and the developers are already aware of this problem - let me know! (I checked the bug for all cars in the game, without using mods) With love from Milove for Big Love (TIS)
  13. Hi all! Here I would like to give some small wishes that would not greatly change the existing mechanics of the game. Also, I don't think it's very hard to implement. Nevertheless, with it, without it, nothing fundamentally should change. I will touch on the topic of cars and a little on the topic of weapons. What I would like to see in the near future in Project Zomboid and what I think would be really useful (Important): Just one thing - a quick exit from the car, without closing the door. It seems to me, but this will save a couple of “milliseconds” so that after the character appears at the door from which he left, he could immediately move, without delay. And besides, it's just realistic, if, for example, you need to run out of the car, take / throw something away, do something very quickly, then why close the door with these loud sounds? No, the sounds are great, I have nothing against it, but that's not about it now. How do I propose to implement this? Well, you can make a keyboard shortcut, for example Shift + E. Like if the character is given the action to drain / fill up the car with gasoline - holding the Shift key will make him hurry up ;P What I would like to see in Project Zomboid someday (Doesn't matter too much): Just 5 things: Then, when the rendered states of open/closed doors/trunks and other things are added, make the windows of the cars transparent by half or so. So that the characters and the interior inside could be seen without opening/dismantling the doors. Possibility to switch high/low beam. The state of the brakes/suspension could be understood through the sounds of road bumps/braking/cornering. There was a decal of a tire track on the road during sharp turns with a handbrake at speed. With the same way, for example, how blood is displayed. The side lights of the car illuminate everything around them with red light within a radius of 1-2 cells when braking. And now I would like to talk about firearms. I will not talk about something global. I want to touch on the topic of "repulsion" with firearms. For example, I never considered pushing off with a pistol in my hands as something effective. It's slow and doesn't stun zombies at all. My suggestion is to make it maybe a little faster and add a stun effect to the zombie, like getting hit with a blunt weapon. So that, at least, a melee fight, when you only have a gun in your hands, does not end with an endless repulsion and the hope that the zombie will fall. It is necessary to give the character a head start in order, for example, to take a step / jerk after successfully repulsing a zombie with a pistol. Or, for example, the animation of hitting the back of the head with a butt of a zombie is too good to be left on stealth. Here, too, you can think of something. For example, to enable the player and the character to perform this technique even in a normal fight. I am not a developer, not a modder, but I know for sure that the game has already implemented a system of “interaction areas” in combat. If the zombie is too close - the character repels it, if it is at a sufficient distance, then it produces a normal blow. I hope you understand what I mean. So, why not use this “technology” in the moment, for example, close combat with a shotgun / rifle in your hands? If, for example, the zombie is out of the character's reach, he swings, starts hitting with the butt, and at the moment the zombie enters the combat area of the character's interaction, the character hits the zombie with the butt, stunning him and causing some amount of damage. And if the zombie is already in the character's combat area, then the character simply pushes him away, because this is the fastest and most logical way to move the zombie away from himself, but without stunning and damage. In my opinion, this should not be something effective in combat with large groups of zombies, but should be very effective, for example, in the case of a fight in a closed room with only a shotgun in hand. Well, or against single zombies, when you need to save ammo. That's all I wanted to offer. I think these are really small things and I don’t expect to see them in the next patches, but I think that just the same small things bring pleasure and immersion in the game itself. With love from Milove for Big Love (The Indie Stone)
  14. Wow! New versions are coming out so quickly! I am impressed! Thanks to the PZ team! ;з
  15. Wow! Cool! Gordon's tire iron works! Great job! Very, very nice things с: With love~
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