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  1. Wow! Cool! Gordon's tire iron works! Great job! Very, very nice things с: With love~
  2. Hello there!~ I have a small bug - a question. Is this a bug, or is it supposed to work like this? When a character damages one hand (no matter which, left or right hand) - all of his melee attacks and firearm shooting deteriorate in effectiveness. I was playing PZ 30 minutes ago and noticed this oddity, when my character was scratched in the left hand (and he fought back with the right hand), then his blows became weaker. Even the painkillers didn't help, completely covering the pain. It was a character who had just had a good night's sleep. At the time of the battle, he did
  3. Yes, I completely agree. I would also like to see more precise weather settings, for example, to make a super-cold winter or even make it endless I adore NITW : D
  4. Hello everyone! Project Zomboid is one of the most atmospheric games I know. The 41st build has become even more atmospheric, beautiful and realistic, it is being refined and this can not but please. The other day I was playing The Long Dark and OMG! These sounds of inventory, when you have something behind you clanking or gurgling, very much immerse you in the game! Or take another game, DayZ, in which you can hear a rifle dangling from your belt, behind you. This also immerses you in the game. Would PZ be prevented from doing something like this? It seems to me that to hear t
  5. Yes, like that. But I didn’t play neo scavenger, unfortunately.
  6. Maybe I'm bringing up an old topic, but... Also, it would be possible to add "ignorance" of these very pills in those characters who do not have knowledge in first aid. Which can be obtained from the log, for example. Or, of course, if the character was a paramedic. In order not to watch the wiki
  7. Heh, no, thank YOU ALL for all the work that you have done and continue to do (Develop the game and listen to your community). I and other players continue to believe in you and your project. This is truly delicious! :з
  8. In this case, the blow passed only to the approaching zombie. Yes, I'm already dabbling a little, but I like making GIFs and play the game XD
  9. Hello again! I checked this "super hit" in other modes besides sandbox, and yes, they have it too. This has nothing to do with the multi-hit, apparently. But interestingly, this bug has never played against me - I've never been bitten because of it. Or am I just good at playing... Although once the bite animation completely showed up I can attach 2 GIFs (Each of different modes).
  10. Hello! No, just one zombie on the ground (It doesn't matter which one) is enough for the character to make a downward hit. And so, if at this moment another zombie approaches the character - it immediately falls into a knockout. But whether there is this error in other modes, I do not know. But I'll check! Somehow...
  11. Heh-heh, yeah, the game is better compared to the 40th version. I Love it too ;D
  12. Hi there!~ In the process of fighting, my character applies his super-punch! Don't make him angry! (I'm kidding) The bug is that when a character starts to hit a lying zombie, and another one comes up to it , the character hits it, but on the ground, and from this the approaching zombie falls, as if he was hit when it was already lying. Below is the console file saved immediately after the battle with this bug ended. Also, a GIF. console34.txt Quite a frequent bug that I noticed. Also, the GIF shows a strange change in the position of the dead zombie. But tha
  13. Hello everybody! I'm here with a very small idea. Why not add the ability to load weapons without clips to the game? How it is implemented, for example, in the game DayZ. Playing on complex sandbox settings, I sometimes had problems with firearms - I didn't have clips for them. Why doesn't the character put a round in the barrel? Of course, it might not be effective against the walkers, but... it will be possible to rake them in one place Thanks for your attention
  14. Oh, that’s sad. But thank you for showing us this!
  15. It will also positively affect the atmosphere of the game! °^° Perhaps can even add the skill of “guitarist” for 1-2 points? And when a character with this skill plays, other players, or rather their characters, will also reduce their stress and boredom. And even (I'm talking about the 40th build), two characters in the same house were sad because of loneliness and boredom. But could they talk to each other? And, it turns out, the guitar will be a great friend to those players who like to play together and sit for a long time at their base
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