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  1. Hello everybody! I'm here with a very small idea. Why not add the ability to load weapons without clips to the game? How it is implemented, for example, in the game DayZ. Playing on complex sandbox settings, I sometimes had problems with firearms - I didn't have clips for them. Why doesn't the character put a round in the barrel? Of course, it might not be effective against the walkers, but... it will be possible to rake them in one place Thanks for your attention
  2. Oh, that’s sad. But thank you for showing us this!
  3. It will also positively affect the atmosphere of the game! °^° Perhaps can even add the skill of “guitarist” for 1-2 points? And when a character with this skill plays, other players, or rather their characters, will also reduce their stress and boredom. And even (I'm talking about the 40th build), two characters in the same house were sad because of loneliness and boredom. But could they talk to each other? And, it turns out, the guitar will be a great friend to those players who like to play together and sit for a long time at their base
  4. I like this! I also thought about this recently. It would be nice to have a basement near your home, yeah ^-^ Perhaps using this system it will be possible to come up with some traps for zeds and in PVP
  5. Yes, and I'm about the same! Of course, this will not help to escape from a group of walking, but one Zed can be avoided. Perhaps the abstract zombies will have to react to traps more slowly than to the sounds made by the character himself? (Sneezed, stamped, smashed a window with his hand) To prevent imbalance.
  6. Hi! Has anyone ever thought of throwing a can of beans at a Walker for fun? (Because I was thinking about it) So, why throw ordinary items? Well, for example, if you throw a table knife at zed's head correctly and well, I think he will definitely not like it and stop wanting to bite me. (Another skill is throwing knives. Yeah, you'll need a lot of knives.) Or, for example, you can feel like the most that neither is a scoundrel, breaking a window with a brick to some survivor? Was he a bad survivor? Or if my character is a pacifist and afraid of blood? Is Zed standing in front of the house, thinking? And then BAM, I had a rock in my pocket! We throw a stone away from the house so that the uninvited guest would notice it, and then quietly crawl behind him. This is not something that would be very necessary, but it could help in some game situations. For example, when the character is too exhausted or injured and spend his strength on zed that came from hell knows where - is not the best option. And crawl quietly will not work... Yes, I know, the game has noise bomb, but it also need to craft. What if you don't know how? Leafing through the topics (As well as a list of "Yes" and "no" are frequent suggestions), I tried to find a topic with a suggestion about throwing objects (Except bombs and Molotov, since it is not reasonable to use it without throwing it. In simple words, this is already in the game). But, unfortunately or fortunately, I did not find a topic with my idea. Is it even possible to implement it? If this is not the case and I am not the first to suggest it, then could you let me know?
  7. RUS. Собственно, это всё, чем могут помочь тебе такие же люди, как и ты сам - игроки. Обязательно дополни тему, если это произойдёт снова, и сразу же кинь файл консольки! Хорошей игры, и удачного тебе дня! ;> ENG. Actually, this is all that the same people as you - players -can help you. Be sure to complete the topic if this happens again, and immediately throw the console file! Have a good game, and a nice day, too! ;>
  8. RUS. Что ж, тебе только остаётся захватить документ с консолью. Файл console.txt лежит в C\Пользователи\ТвоёПользовательскоеИмя\Zomboid. Залей его сюда и быть может кто-нибудь из разработчиков глянет. Может быть найдёт ошибку, а может быть даже объяснит этот взрыв. ENG. Well, you have to show the logs. The console.txt file is located in C\Users\YourUsername\Zomboid. Maybe one of the developers will be able to help you or even find a mistake.
  9. Hi! Stove simply said, “New builds are coming out too fast! I’ll explode with happiness now! °^° ” Was it exactly a stove, not a microwave or a bonfire (In the house or outside)? Did you have a generator? Was it in good condition? In the explosion there was no pop-up error in the lower right corner? Very interesting! I sympathize with the loss of the character. They die so fast... (Если ты русский - я могу дискуссировать и на этом языке, если тебе так будет проще)
  10. Thank you very much! I just wanted to ask, because in the settings I found a button to open the console, but it did not work. Now, if necessary, my bug reports (And others, I hope, too) will be more informative for you. Thank you again! :з
  11. Hello everybody! Has anyone admired their reflection for too long to notice errors in the matrix? (I hope someone finds this funny) Two bugs at once! Although they do not affect the gameplay at all The first visual bug is that the concrete fences almost disappear from the screen when the character looks not at it, but at the house through the window. If he turns away from the house to the fences, they will return back to the screen. The screenshots below. The second visual bug is that double windows look like two normal windows if you get too close to it. Almost the same thing happens with garage doors, but they can be opened. But double windows cannot be opened - the character tries to open them once and immediately stops the action (Perhaps the mechanics were conceived like at garage doors?) Screenshot below. (I had no trouble signing this screenshot in case my English failed me) All screenshots were taken below Rosewood, in a tree warehouse. (In my opinion, that's what it's called) This is the whole bug report. These are randomly found bugs. I just ran around this house, climbed through the windows, and generally found fault with everything until I saw these mistakes. If you already know them, could you let me know? I will better check the bug reports so that there are no repetitions. Or any other way. To avoid wasting your time and mine I would also like to simply thank you all for your work. The Indie Stone - is one of the best teams I've ever seen ^-^
  12. Hello! Yes, this is the 39th version. I checked one of the bugs (Guess which one) - this bug is fixed, so we can say that the update was installed successfully ^-^
  13. But the fact remains, it will spawn Maybe there really is a bug here Unfortunately, I do not have Java programming skills, so we are waiting for the developers ' reaction Thank you~
  14. Hi! I just checked it out in the game (I was just wondering) - and I found one Fanny pack! Looking at the 10th house (I also looked at the stores in Rosewood) I thought I'd never find this thing, but no. I managed to do this the first time, but I set the maximum spawn for all items in the sandbox settings. Perhaps it's just that the chance of these Fanny packs appearing is very small :< Here's a cropped screenshot of this Fanny pack. In order to see it better, I stripped the character I also didn't use any mods 41.38
  15. Hi survivors! (And Indie Stone, too) Did anyone want a grill on their base? The game allows you to pickup the grill with propane, although it says that you need to remove it. We picked up the grill from the ground (We didn't pull out the propane), put it back on the ground - the model of the object has changed to a microwave (But game still think that's a grill). Then again taking and returning to the ground the object - it finally turns into a microwave (It even works! Profitable?) BUT! If we take out the propane, everything works fine. This is the whole bug. For convenience, here is a video with this small bug (CAUTION! The video may be too loud, sorry!) The bug was found by my friend on his computer and checked on mine. Without the use of mods in both cases. This is my first bug report, there may be typos in the text, thank you!
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