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  1. MP for build 41 is just around the corner and i looking to make a group little bit early!I am looking for players around the age of 12-15 so that we can group up and survive!Dm me in discord if you are interested! Name and tag:Fatko#2893
  2. Hey there! Buld 41 is just around the corner i tought to fill this form -Character Name:Will Peterson -Profession:Carpentary men -Preferred Allocated spawn:Rosewood -How many hours:I just baught the game but i have been playing it on cracked version and im pretty damn sure i have over 200h -Have you got experience in roleplay?Yes i have i have roleplayed in server in unturned. -Would you like to add anything else? no
  3. Roger ima not let him touch my pc ever again and ima talk with him but if this does not work then ima have to go with plan B that includes fists .So can i please get unband as the guy above me said this wont really happend ever again so please just please could you unban me?I would really love for when mp drops to find a small group to play co-op with and i cant really find people anywhere else so please unban me im really sorry for the actions of my friend.
  4. Because by any means he is real stupid.He wanted me to join him and play some mortal comab on my xbox i kept saying just 5 more mins and finnaly when i got off my pc he started typing stuff but by any means he said to me he was saying something about the game that is trash and that he started swearing to the mods but i did not belive him.Then i finnaly snaped and got him on the ground with hand behing his back and ask him again and he said to true.I also did not in fact know the he know this kind of stuff but im not supprised cus he always know or does some stupid stuff like i didnt have idea what russian flashbang is if it wasnt for him i did not want to know this info but he just kept talking and talking.But I think you got my point here he is weird and somethimes gross but i cant really do anything to change him.Also his english wasnt the best so i think he used translate.I want to say sorry again and i hope this should work if not well ima just not try again ig.Thats all sorry about evrything that my friend do and i would really love if yall can unban cus i have never typed this kind of stuff in the server most of the times i talked about how the virus spreaded (not coronavirus) and i also was mainy just chatting about how cool it will be to when MP drops out.Thats all thanks for your atention if you could unban me i would be really really happy.
  5. I was just chatting with evryone and i did a little toilet pause then my dumb friend got on my pc and starterd typing about a really grosse hentai.When i comed back i saw i was muted and not long after i was banned.I am really sorry about my friend and i would really appriciate if you unban me. Discord name:Fatko#2893
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