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Found 7 results

  1. Wolf Sounds If you are searching for the perfect wolf ringtones, then we have to offer you Wolf Sounds app. Here you will find great wolf howling sounds and amazing wolf growling ringtones. All the sounds are fantastic and totally realistic. You will have the feeling that you hear a real wolf howling. Download this free app and you will see that.Hello, all you fans and lovers of wolves. We have the honor to present to you the most beautiful wolf ringtones in the world. With Wolf Sounds app you will have a fantastic collection of wolf howling sounds and wolf growling ringtones. So, if you are fascinated with these beautiful and powerful animals, then this animal ringtones app is the right app for you. Features of Wolf Sounds :- Fantastic ringtones for Android™- Popular SMS ringtones- Great wolf howling sounds- Powerful wolf growling sounds- The best notification sounds- Amazing wolf ringtones- The best alarm sounds- Huge collection of wolf sounds- Widget on home screen- Free ringtones app- Fantastic animal ringtones- TimerShow other people your fascination with wolves with best ringtones app. Now it’s easy and it’s completely free. Another great thing is that you can set some of wolf howl sounds as ringtone or contact ringtone. Also, you can set some wolf growling ringtone as message tone or alarm sound. One thing is sure. We have collected only the best wolf ringtones and we put them in just one Wolf Sounds app. It’s up to you to decide which one is the best. Compatibility: Wolf Sounds app has been tested on the following devices: Huawei p9 and p9 lite, Xiaomi Redmi 3 and 4, Oppo plus and f1s, Xiaomi Mi 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, S6, S7 and S8, Samsung Galaxy j2 and j7, Sony Xperia Z2 Z3 Z4 Z5 and so on. Some people are fascinated by wolves, others are afraid of them, but no one can remain indifferent when they hear a powerful wolf howling sound. It doesn’t matter which group you belong to, the one thing is sure – you should have Wolf Sounds app on your Android™ phone. And you know why? Because these ringtones are the most beautiful animal sounds in the world. So, don’t waste your precious time anymore and download free ringtones app now! COLLAPSE COLLAPSE
  2. Sup boys, finally after 150h+ without any problem i have to report bug I don't have gun shoot sound, without problem with reload noise. I tried change audio settings but all sounds are set loud. I can too test missing sound in advanced options. I find more player with this same issues. Have a nice evening Edit: I try some way to repair this by myself and i find this: before i start game in advance sound options i have normal sounds category. After trigger missing sound (like shoot by 9mm pistol) in advance sound options are created new category AUTO with missing sound but i can't hear it if i push test button.
  3. I'd like to find a way to make a mod that changes the ambient sounds with seasons. Such as when the leaves change in autumn you'll hear leaves rustling, maybe less bird songs and more crows or geese as birds migrate, etc. Then in winter the sounds might change to more cold wind, less leaves. In spring maybe the sound could be more birds, and in summer more insects. I think it would really improve the immersion and atmospheric-ness of the game. What do you all think? I've tried editing the .bank files but I don't know scripting well enough to make these changes happen in game. Any suggestions?
  4. Does anyone know how to stop a sound once it has been started? function saber_func() local player = getPlayer(); if player:getPrimaryHandItem():getType() == "lightsaber" and player:getPrimaryHandItem() ~= nil then timeDown = timeDown - 1; if timeDown <= 0 then timeDown = 25; end if timeDown == 24 then local idleSound = ZombRand(2); if idleSound == 1 then getSoundManager():PlayWorldSoundWav('saber_idle_1', false, getPlayer():getSquare(), 0, 4, 1, false); else getSoundManager():PlayWorldSoundWav('saber_idle_2', false, getPlayer():getSquare(), 0, 4, 1, false); end end print(timeDown); else end -- 332 updates in 10 seconds -- 316 ticks in 10 seconds end Events.OnPlayerUpdate.Add(saber_func); In the above code I have it where if you are idle with weapon "lightsaber" in your hand one of 2 random sounds (that are 1.5 seconds*) will play every ~1.4 seconds. This is achieved by a countdown timer but this method sucks because the 2 sounds have to overlap each other and the sound will continue to play even if you un-equip the lightsaber for the remainder of the sound clip. *times are approximate I would rather have a longer idle sound wave that loops when it is finished and stops playing once lightsaber has been un-equipped. Anyone know how to achieve this? If I'm reading the Java Dec correctly, the function PlayWorldSoundWav has a boolean for looping sounds, however, I haven't been able to get any sounds to loop using any function provided: public abstract Audio PlayWorldSoundWav(java.lang.String name, boolean loop, IsoGridSquare source, float pitchVar, float radius, float maxGain, boolean ignoreOutside) Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. 1. I suggest adding noise when stepping on twigs to give a better emotion in having to dodge even in stealth mode, also to warn us of possible zombies. 2. Dig a hole funeral to bury dead zombies or players inside. 3. Construct wormwood to discard spoiled food and make earthworm humus. 4. I would also like to hunt my friends or enemies in multiplayer mode after death (controlling the zombie), it would be exciting.
  6. I started work on a mod to create a constructable moonshine still a little while ago and never finished it. It's been languishing in my "unfinished works" folder for quite a while and I don't really feel like messing with it at this point. I hate the idea of throwing away perfectly usable custom resources and others might be able to utilize these files to include and improve upon their own projects. That said, here is what I had finished (minus the lua portion of the wip. It was early in development and badly flawed anyway.) available for public use: I'd be tickled pink if someone wanted to take what little there is here and use it to create a complete mod but you're welcome to use any of the contained resources as you wish. Enjoy! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/mihzqkm0b9pr6vo/Unfinshed+Moonshine+Mod.rar Note: In case anyone looking through the files wonders what the heck the sound file was going to be used for, I was going to set it to play that as a world sound when the still was in operation. The condenser barrel of a moonshine still is often called a "thumper barrel" because it produces a booming thump, described by some as sounding like "distant thunder", during the distillation process. Now you know... and knowing is half the battle. G.I. JOEEEEEE!!!!
  7. Hello fellow Survivors! I really like the game. I don't survive a lot but thats because I play it too fast and want too much... but thats not why I'm writing this... So, the META ingame is really nice and gives the zombies something to run at and move the hordes from time to time. The helicopters or gunshots etc... What I would like to see, are some dead survivors that took the suicide road. For example, you hear a gunshot. no news there, you heard them before. but what a coincidence, you find the house where this gunshot came from. there is a dead zombie and a dead survivor who killed himself after killing his wife maybe - or something like it... I know that NPCs arent back in the game yet, but I dont want them to be NPCs, I want them to be dead people, unzombified dead people. Or we could walk into a house, where a man or woman has hung him or herself... Or a huge mess due to someone blowing his brains
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