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  1. bobthejob

    Super Survivors!

    How everyone else doing? Hi
  2. bobthejob

    Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars!

    Do you need to start new game to see the cars? I didn't notice new cars.
  3. bobthejob

    Compass Item

    Thank you! wont load for me though I agree it easy to get lost. it would be amazing to find a GPS in the game and slap a aa battery in it and punch in an X.Y.Z coord and follow it wherever. will always work because solar power sattelites lol
  4. oh my zombies. I must scream in joy you beautiful heroic genious I enviously dunk myself in mashed potatoes, HOW HOW. THIS GLORIOUS THING YOU FIND!? THANK YOU FRIENDE Maybe this save me and able to get all mods????????????????????? p.s. steam never send even in spam folder. steam doesn't like ALL my emails
  5. bobthejob

    The most reasonable suggestion ever made!

    can you sleep in car, I couldn't figure this out. am I make a mistake and CAN sleep in cars?
  6. bobthejob

    The most reasonable suggestion ever made!

    I think you got confused
  7. arctic or antarctic secret research base. just like the thing! zombies in the snow! maybe modded to look like the thing?
  8. bobthejob

    New york city map

    Yes please new york map!
  9. bobthejob

    CLH - Regional Map

    but.. but... I wanted to add this mod to my experience, not choose between it and another thing I like
  10. bobthejob

    Inactive zombies in the winter

    I love your idea. if it gets TOO cold the zombies should actually freeze solid, but this only for temperatures cold enough to kill player anyway, which makes sense.
  11. will try thank you. maybe with max settings + your advice = game look improve. thanks MUCH good news for water. now we need AJ's reverse osmosis filter for PZ.
  12. I understand but the game isn't a high load monster and runs ok on my potato. I got version and all my textures already look like the improved version I think. I made the thread after it already looking like this, feeling as if it needed more improvement. ouch. sorry devs... ouch.... very awkwards cringe. this redirect to this thread when clicked where it tells you to go thread is 2013!!! we're almost 2019! wow I notice thank you. the water is improve for sure!
  13. bobthejob

    Zombie corpses

    I was very surprised that there is not any "zombie burn pile" recipe I can make so to put zombies in camp fire surrounded by rocks and burn them all at once so fire doesn't go everywhere. I guess it's silly too maybe, because It's highly unrealistic to be able to properly and efficiently burn so many bodies at once in one small space. burn pile would have to be very very large and would leave large amount of ash and bone as evidence. clean up of ash is very frustrate for me as some ash wont give option to clean always, as some will give choice to be able to. Bug or what?
  14. bobthejob

    Genetic Resistance Trait

    I agree because if you're a survivor, you must have had some level of resistance to begin with to be able to be alive and have not become a zombie like everyone else so quickly and easily. You avoided somehow whatever turned everyone around you so you have to have at least SOME resistance naturally. maybe it's because I ate a much of carrots.