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  1. My bad. Search Præstengbrygga. With an a at the end.
  2. I almost finished making the Præstengbrygga like a year ago. I should finish it and upload it here one day. You can google Præstengbrygga to see how it looks like.
  3. The Red Cross don't want games to use their symbol.
  4. Hunger is not properly modified for real time speed. This is especially noticeable with how fast you're no longer stuffed. Have there been made any changes to how you live with the infection recently?
  5. Have there been made any changes to how you live with the infection? The part with staying alive by gluttony is such a tease.
  6. I want to be able to smack zombies with socks or purses filled with bricks and rocks.
  7. I am not convinced. This is a zombie disease we're talking about here. It's supposed to be extremely lethal, is it not? Sleep and food would certainly help you body, but alas, if only it were that simple to survive a plague. Food isn't always easy to get and keep down either, especially if nausea is a symptom.
  8. Players want to live for as long as they can. Being able to keep it at bay forever gives the player the false impression that they can survive it. Surviving by eating and sleeping is both unrealistic and annoying. You're basically tied to the bed and the fridge. Won't it make your character fat if he have a steady food supply, unless he just eat greens? All the forced eating may also cause unwanted effects in MP.
  9. Make the zombie disease more deadly similar to most zombie mythos or make it overcomable similar to that of a dangerous flu. That you can keep yourself alive for an infinity of time by gorging and sleeping is just stupid. If the infection were more like a deadly flu, then surviving one doesn't help you from becoming infected again from a new strain. Also, could symptoms such as nausea and fever help your body fight zombie or non-zombie infection? That's the purpose of those symptoms. Maybe the infection could be contained like tuberculosis? Tuberculosis erupts again when the immune system is weakened which makes a bad situation worse. The zombie infection as it is now doesn't make sense. It's such an annoying way to live and die that I might postpone playing this game for a while.
  10. I made my own suggestion thread. I was playing regular PZ when I started it and didn't know how extensive the beta branch was.
  11. The beta branch isn't working properly with real time. A full stomach goes down fast and cooking takes a pretty long time even on the fastest speed. The character gets extremely bored before the meal is done.
  12. Joining a MP game where your character sleeps may be bugged. The game froze on a black screen with the clock icon in the middle.
  13. I can't press any of the menu buttons. I hit the windows bar icons under them instead which hides the game. Never mind Windows derped out for a moment.
  14. I have eaten like a pig for 24 days in my game. How come I didn't gain any weight? Edit: Seems like that was reserved for the beta branch.
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