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  1. Put this in the suggestions thread, I've already reported the bug but they don't seem to give a damn...
  2. Character encoding is incorrect (The right thing would be the Windows-1252 or CP-1252, used in Latin Alphabet):
  3. Apparently the error is due to the lack of a character encoding that accepts Portuguese grammar. Which has accents, such as in the words: You = Você Then = Então Forget it = Esqueça Hi = Olá Grandmother = Avó Pepper = Pimentão
  4. The bathtub must be filled with rainwater when outside buildings.
  5. I want to see you feel unhappy doing this in a zombie apocalypse, and still starving.
  6. Very cool, it will greatly increase the individuality of each character, in addition to making the game even more immersive.
  7. Only I find it strange that zombies have all that hair? My suggestion is that zombies should lose most of their hair depending on the time since the apocalypse. After 3 months it is already possible to see the bald zombies, having lost most of their hair.
  8. One of the symptoms of depression is INSOMNIA I don't know if they have already implemented this symptom but it should be something indispensable. It will make caring for sadness more relevant.
  9. Muldraugh
  10. I liked the idea of making the character unplayable for going crazy. Which would be the same thing as a zombie. Shortly after being short, the character could run and scream nonsense, make some shots with a gun and then kill himself. Running into a horde saying something like "I'm dead too! I'm a zombie!", Laughing and running. Or even add some funny animation to represent the madness. Make the character dress funny. He runs around trying to "horn" the wall, hitting his head and getting hurt by the action, and then continuing to hurt his head on the wall until he passes out ... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another disadvantage of depression could be: The character is crying when he enters a closed / safe environment. and keeps mumbling things like "I have no hope." "I am totally alone here." "Why do I keep trying to survive?" Sometimes he cries. When alone in a room, for example, he is crouched and crying with his head down (becoming unprotected if a zombie comes in the back, as he will be with his head down and crying, creating a certain noise.)
  11. For some reason, the sound when filling a pot in the river is that of a water tap. I think you plan to change soon, but anyway, I show my discomfort in this topic.
  12. I think it is not a good idea, in terms of immensity / realism. Virus infections attack directly in the BLOOD. Its contamination is via BODY FLUIDS. Therefore, it would make no sense for a zombie to salivate in an open wound or in your eye and if you become infected, on the other hand, if a zombie's blood falls into the wound or directly into the eye, you are fully protected against the virus. Blood is where the BIGGEST CONCENTRATION of the virus is. Not only in the mouth, as it would make no sense. After all, every virus goes into the blood.
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