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  1. SERVER STATUS: ONLINE SERVER INFO Hey Guys and Girls! Welcome to Safehouse Heaven, the new Server for more experienced Players! There are Huge Hordes of Zombies waiting for you. They will kill you pretty Fast. The Zombies on this Server are extra Strong and you will have trouble to find Food, Weapons or anything else. Why should i play on this Server then? Since PZ 30.6 lacks difficulty, this Server tries to achieve what Build 31 will do. Operation kill you before Lategame! So if you look for the Real Apokalypse come and take a look. I am also building up a Twitch Stream to pr
  2. Okay so i have some great ideas for traps or ways of torture. The first trap 1:Bear-traps:Simple enough. Can be found on farms or out in the cabins randomly? Used to Seriously injure another player on multiplayer or used to put a zombie to a halt,maybe because i saw somewheres on the forums that it would be difficult to make it where one zombie has an arm missing and another has a leg,and arm missing..etc.. well i thought instead of showing the zombie missing the missing leg maybe once it hits the trap they automatically become a crawler. Also maybe option where trapping skill ties into this
  3. Hey all! This servers main goal is to introduce to the community a persistent and hardcore roleplay sever. Before applying make sure to check out the rules. Server will restart everyday at 6 PM EST. No progress will be reset however, this only means the server will be down for five minutes or so. USE REALISTIC IC NAMES AS USERNAMES PLEASE. I want to make it clear this means no numbers or random capitals in your name. Titles/stage names are fine, so long as they're not like Ki3th and JeNniFFer. Local chat is IC. To emote use *. EX: *Eats apples.* Global chat will be used forOOC. We now h
  4. Server Status: ONLINE Last Soft Reset: 11:59am Friday 7/11/2014 Next Soft Reset: ~Morning Friday 7/18/2014 ------------- [6/28/2014]: Hey everyone! Been running a private server with me and some friends the past couple weeks, decided it's high time to open it to the community. No mods required; should be up 24-7; PvP enabled; pauses when players are offline; otherwise, normal settings. No white-list necessary. Maximum players is currently set to 64; will most likely be lowered once I get a feel for how many players we can support w/o lagging. Server IP is Server also h
  5. Новый Русский сервер Project Zomboid Подробности на сайте: https://gamecoma.ru Подключение: New server of Project Zomboid in Russia More info on our site: https://gamecoma.ru Connect: CrashProtect via autorestart after server down in 15 secs.
  6. Всем доброго времени суток! Рады сообщить вам о старте нового сервера LazyProject! Мощное железо, дружелюбная администрация, ежедневные рестарты, 100+ слотов, хороший онлайн! Ждём всех! All hello! We are glad to report to you about start of the new LazyProject server! Powerful computer, friendly administration, daily restarts, 100+ slots, good online! We wait for all! Правила (Rules): Админ всегда прав! (The administrator is always right!)Никакого PVP на спавне! (PVP is prohibited on spawn point)Не использовать баги/читы (No bugs/cheats) SERVER STATUS : ● Online Наше железо \ Our
  7. Hello fellow Zomboids, Status: ONLINE so i set up a server and people for some reason really seem to like it. They even asked me to make a thread in this forum, so here we go. The Details are the Following: IP for Direct Connect is: Found in "Public Server Browser" with the filter "krautfleet.net" Name : [PVP][EU][Vanilla] krautfleet.net Location : Nürnberg, Germany Branch : Stable (currently B27) Player slots : 24 Its currently set up with a PVP / Default / NoMods Setup. Currently (mostly due to no_respawn of loot/zombies) New Characters Spawn with: Ch
  8. Riot Red [ 64 slots | PvP / RP | Build #28 | San Diego, California ] Address: Port: 16461 Slots: 64 Whitelist: Just put in your desired username and password and your character will automatically be added to the whitelist. Resets: The server will be reset once per week. You keep everything in your inventory, but the rest of the world (buildings/zombies/etc) will be reset. Factions: We're looking for factions/clans to join the mayhem-- if you want to start one, let me know and I'll help you recruit new members. http://riot.red/
  9. Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr Zems is an online card game that can best be thought of as Hearthstone meets Chess. Cards you play are put on a hexagonal grid and can be moved around, making positioning a very important aspect of gameplay. _______________________________________________ I have been working on Zems for roughly four years now, refining the concept and gameplay over time. The game has been prototyped in several different frameworks and my team is now committed to using Unity. For ludum dare 29, we created a buggy but playable prototype using a square grid. You can play it h
  10. SERVER INFORMATION: Map: Muldraugh, KY PvP: On Hosting Location: United Kingdom CONNECTION INFORMATION: IP: PORT: 16661 ADDITIONAL DESCRIPTION: Welcome to the InsanityNetwork, Project Zomboid server! This is one of the many servers we run here at InsanityNetwork. Between us we've got experience hosting servers which stretches more than 5 years. If you wanna check out some of our other games, go to: The InsanityNetwork! Thank you from the InsanityNetwork founders: Fessy, JHarris and Ghost.
  11. Hosted in Boston on a dedicated server. The server was launched June 17th, 2014. We do NOT perform map resets, and will only do so when/if future builds require it. If you dislike the concept, play somewhere else. If you want to debate the concept, you will be ignored. Yes, the server has been pretty much fully looted, although as of this writing, there are still some untouched buildings. Roleplay is not enforced. There is only one legit server admin, and the ingame name is simply "admin". This may change in the future, and it will be appended here. Currently a 20 us
  12. Hello dear Project Zomboid Community, Our [TRC] (sponsering the server) and [saD] (playing on the Server ) Clan-Server is now online. The difficulty settings could be called "ultra hardcore": Superhuman - Zombies extremely rare loot PVP - Shoot on Sight (but of course you can try to coop, but can you trust people in a Zomboicalypse?) Announced Soft-Resets! Language: German/English It is a german server, but everyone here is willing to speak english as well. But don't get mad, if people speak german. IP: Port: 16261 administrative contact: Deadpool (irage at stupid-
  13. This server has been renamed and moved to: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/13581-pvp247us-deadpixel-pz-deadpixelcom/
  14. Sap guys ! I already made one of these on the old forums, I sadly didn't keep any trace of it. We might have lost some good suggestions/discussions in the process. Why a massive thread instead of multiple "unique suggestion" threads ? Simply because I don't want to spam threads and make some other interesting ones go down the list ; better have 1 thread I'll update than 15 new threads in which I'll get lost. I'll try to keep it as clear as possible and use a color code to point the importance of each suggestion (from "Distant future" to "needed ASAP" and "Confirmed"), keep in mind is all su
  15. Hostname (IP) : zomboidatope.no-ip.biz Port : 16261 Username : YOURNAME (without spaces or special characters) You can choose a password if you want, so your username will be protected. ______________________ Dirección (IP) : zomboidatope.no-ip.biz Puerto: 16261 Nombre de usuario: TUNOMBRE(sin espacios,o caracteres especiales) Puedes cambiar la contraseña si quieres, de esta forma tu nombre estará protegido. SERVER SETTINGS PVP=true PauseEmpty=true GlobalChat=true Open=true ServerWelcomeMessage= <RGB:1,0,0> Artelo. LogLocalChat=false AutoCreateUserInWhiteList=fa
  16. It's too dangerous to go out alone! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's true, there are hordes of Shambling dead things knocking at your door. So, come join or server and find a buddy. Found a milita and create your own safe zone. Then set out in search of those in need of your skills and protection. or.. Charge people for your protection, Set up a checkpoint and demand food for passage. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. Server Info: (IP: pzo1.no-ip.biz) Welcome to Project Zomboid: Online! ProjectZomboidOnline.com is the first multiplayer PZ community, aiming to host a selection of quality servers and maintain an enjoyable and structured environment. PZ:O recognizes the amazing MMO-esque potential this game has and hopes to gather like-minded individuals to enjoy the same aspects (as well as let the PZ team know that such interest exists)! PZ:O will host a handful of servers of varying types (with different PVE/PVP types, reset times, etc.), as well as providing community tools to introduce players to each
  18. THIS SERVER IS CLOSED If you want to know why : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5746-offline-pzmindescapeeu-closed/page-22#entry101810
  19. THIS SERVER IS RUNNING THE BUILD 25v3 updated at 26.03.14 - 19:45 CET See here the instructions : http://theindiestone...build-25-sp-mp/ Hey Yo Survivor, its me Jesse. What you didnt knew, i love Video Games. I thought i host a Server after my odyssey with Walter.... finally can chill out in Germany (alaska was way too cold) and play pZ all day long. mostly very friendly ppl playing on this server PS: still got some blue meth left muhahahaha! CONNECTION Hostname (IP) : Jp-Pz.No-Ip.Biz Port : 16261 (default) Username : YOURNAME (without spaces or special characters) You c
  20. Come and check out our 32 man server, Always On, Dedicated Connection. Settings are set to default, will change according to what active population wants. IP: Port: 16261 Connect to our 512 man TeamSpeak and talk with other survivors, Private Channels available for Clans/Groups Address:
  21. www.projectz.bl.ee ^ [sERVER STATUS] ^ Region / Região [BR] & [EUA] __________________________________________ \\\\\\\\ How to play / Como jogar //////// www.projectz.bl.ee/Como-jogar/ IP: Necessario Patch para se obter / Patch needed to obtain __________________________________________ \\\\\\\\ Patch Download //////// ProjectZ_Patch_v1.rar Size / Tamanho: 1.4 MBS www.projectz.bl.ee/Downloads/ \\\ Features / Recursos /// - Spawn Bug - Time Out - Save - Zumbis Invisibles __________________________________________ \\\\\\\\ Contact / Contato ////////
  22. There's no spanish servers online in this game, so I decided to open a new one with Hamachi. Como no hay servidores españoles he abierto uno por Hamachi para que quien quiera jugar, pueda hacerlo sin problemas. This server is located in Spain, Europe. Fresh loot and team PVP, build ur base and strike the enemies. Add me to Steam and u can check when server is online!: PingWin UltrakampfHund NO HAMACHI ANYMORE IP : Port: 16261
  23. Skyfire Zomboid Server Rules: 1. Do not kill players in the spawn house. 2. No Spamming or Cheating. ---------------------------------------------------------- Where are you hosted? Is the server 24/7? Skyfire Zomboid is a 24/7 dedicated server hosted on the East Coast of the United States. Unlike other servers we are not plagued with lag and rendering errors due to a lack of resources. We have everything to keep you and your friends on the server and happy! ---------------------------------------------------------- Are there wipes on this server? This server is wiped when the admins see it fi
  24. Bonjour, bonsoir, à toutes les personnes qui liront ce topic en fonction de votre heure et de l'endroit où vous le lisez ! Après quelques recherches sur divers forums je me suis rendu compte que les serveurs francophones Project Zomboid sont encore très rares voir quasi-inexistants. Après quelques déboires de mise en place (5h de boulot sur une machine dédié en lignes de commande), j'ai finalement réussi à lancer le serveur. I. Pourquoi Legacy ? La communauté que je dirige a pris ses origines dans Starbound sous le nom de Starmania. Peu à peu au vu du développement de celle-ci et des ressou
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