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  1. Can you tell us what version you are playing on and what your computer specifications are? (CPU, RAM, GPU..)
  2. Sounds like the base became corrupted, which can happen if you have a mod enabled and then disabled it for example. Or when an item became corrupted it deletes the whole chunk. Unless you had that save backed up there is no way to recover it really, since it was deleted.
  3. Yep you would be correct, the console.txt resets each time the game is launched. So it always has the most recent game / save there.
  4. Could you try that on a new save to make sure the mods didnt affect the save at all? If it still happens, try playing the game and get the ERROR box to show up, then quit out of it and go to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" Attach the "console.txt" file from that folder to your message so we can see what those errors mean.
  5. In that case you would need to find a way to get the older build of the game somehow, Steam doesn't have it though as the IWBUMS version keeps updating and we dont keep all of the weekly builds there. But if anyone you know would still have the old version or if you would find it by other means, you can run that version and then run the save without it updating to the new one.
  6. The build is very old and there are some mods enabled that were broken. There is no way to rollback a save unless you backed it up before the version being converted. Unfortunately I cannot think of a way to continue the save if it wasn't backed up.
  7. Hey, I believe it still can be a driver / graphics card issue because of the "Intel hd graphics 4600", as it is pretty underpowered to run build 41 properly. My recommendation would be downloading the latest driver if not already done: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/81496/Intel-HD-Graphics-4600 After that, try launching and playing the game in 32 bit mode: Go to "Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid" and run the game with "ProjectZomboid32" The 32 bit mode can sometimes help run the game on weaker computers. Lastly I would recommend lowering any settings you can in your options without crashing, for example enabling Texture Compression as well as that can help. Lowering resolution, turning down the puddle quality (at the bottom of the options) and the like.
  8. Can you try launching the game in Compatibility mode? When you go to your Steam library and click Play, select the Compatibility mode and see if that helps. The issue here is with the Integrated graphics card, the build 41 improvements can be taxing to the weaker integrated cards and it causes issues like these.
  9. You can try editing the joystick config file to reverse the axis. Go to your User folder on your computer and open the "Zomboid" folder found there. In the Zomboid folder open the "joystick" folder and find the .config file with the name of your joystick, open the config file with a text editor to edit it. In the file you can edit the "AimingAxisYFlipped=false" and set it to "AimingAxisYFlipped=true", or use the X axis if that one will act weird. Save the config file and load the game again to see if it works properly.
  10. Your friend seems to have an Intel® HD Graphics 2500, which is below the minimum requirements for build 41. I can recommend making sure his drivers are up to date: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/81501/Intel-HD-Graphics-2500 I also recommend trying to lower any in game settings, lowering resolution, lowering maximum zoom, turning on texture compression etc. Make sure to launch the game in 32 bit mode as well, since that can help on weaker computers. - Go to "Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid" and run the game with "ProjectZomboid32"
  11. Beard

    AMD fps drop

    True there is no outright error, though it gives me 2 ideas that might help you. First try to disable the Post Process in the game Options, it can sometimes help the stutters. Secondly, try to make sure that the game is using your high performance card and not the dedcated one. You should be able to find the ProjectZomobid32.exe in the main game folder: Steam Library > Rightclick ProjectZomboid > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files Try rightclicking that file and see if you can select the high performance GPU If that doesn't show up, try to open the AMD control center and set the game to use the high performance GPU there.
  12. IP: To all PZ Survivors, Redboid has just had a fresh wipe for the new autumn season! One of the longest running servers with a dedicated admin team and ever-growing community. Our focus is to provide an experience you will not forget! Ranging from events, factions, PvE, PvP and a touch of role-play. Let us not forget the hordes of the undead that plague the lands! The possibilities are endless. What will the zombie apocalypse turn you into?! A leader of a glorious faction? A ruler of ruthless bandits? Or just your general survivor, trying to get by in this wretched world. Here you will be virtually challenged both mentally and physically, dealing with a constant onslaught of zombies amongst other desperate survivors and mother nature herself. Whom can you trust? Will your best friend betray you? Will someone trip you to save their life from the horde? Or would they sacrifice their own, so you can live another day? Which path will you take? Come Join us on Redboid to find out! We have a thriving community, along with friendly active Admins that are willing to answer any questions & help with any problems you may have. Our server is run in favor of you players to give you all different play experiences & opportunities. Come join us for the new spring season for some fun filled events, a brand new bunch of maps to explore, new base building defences to try out & a play through experience you will remember! Maps: Vanilla - Valley Station Military Checkpoint - Base Astaroth - West Point Expansion - Bedford Castle Mods: Hydrocraft ORGM Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars Nocturnal Zombies Unbreakable Metal Walls More Hair Colours *(NEW)* & Many more Server settings: 3 alternate characters per player 5x character XP gain Links: Reddit: reddit.com/r/redboid Discord: https://discord.gg/MSVhKKf Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9S2VFO6ij1kATWNCU3nPyg Please feel free to join our discord! Here you will have full access to all the server’s information and designated areas for questions, suggestions, announcements, direct contact with the admins and more. We shall look forward to seeing you there As always Have Fun & Be Safe! -The Redboid Admin Team
  13. Beard

    AMD fps drop

    Hello, can you try replicating the crash again? Just try walking into the building and have the game freeze for a moment, after that exit out of the game and go to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" Attach the "console.txt" file found in that folder to your message, this should give us information if the lag is caused by anything that would show up in the console logs.
  14. Beard

    Debug won't open

    How are you enabling the debug mode? It should be pretty easy, just go to your Steam Library > Rightclick Project Zomboid > Properties > Set Launch Options > write -debug
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