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  1. Can you try running the ProjectZomboid32.bat file found in "Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid" to see if that helps?
  2. A problem with one of the input plugins which gets disabled by the command. It happens rarely.
  3. Try going to your Steam Library > Rightclick Project Zomboid > Properties In the "Launch Options" copy this exact line: -Djinput.useDefaultPlugin=false -- After that close the properties and try launching the game again.
  4. Which versions are you comparing in terms of performance? 40 and 41?
  5. In that case, can you try sending the log again to see if there are any other errors without mods?
  6. Try disabling all your mods by going to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" and deleting the "mods" folder, then try again.
  7. What are your computer specifications? The game itself doesn't have the ability to just bluescreen the computer due to any errors, it is the computer itself crashing, either due to too heavy load or any other external issues on your PC.
  8. Does it lag outside of the Tutorial? And do you have any mods enabled?
  9. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/game-ready-drivers/13/444290/suddenly-no-dc-overlay/ It is a Nvidia issue.
  10. Beard

    Failed to start.

    Beta 41.52 is actually the latest version, you can see it above the underlined beta selection, thats why I am asking you to make sure that you are on 41.52 and not 41.50. If you are on 41.52, can you share the logs.zip file again?
  11. Beard


    This is most likely caused by the mods that you have enabled. I recommend going to the Zomboid folder again and deleting the "mods" folder. Then try starting the game again.
  12. Do you have enough space on your Disk? And how much RAM does your PC have?
  13. It is possible that any settings set up in the game or in your graphics control panel are not properly supported on your old monitor. This can be anything from the resolution, frequency or even bit depth, it could have even be caused by the implementation of the new Java version, we cannot know though. I would personally recommend running the game in Borderless mode if fullscreen is troublesome, there will be screen scaling fixes in the future though I do not know whether they will fix this specific problem unfortunately.
  14. Beard


    Try going to the Zomboid folder and share the "console.txt" file found there here, so we can check out any errors there.
  15. Beard


    The issue is most likely your username, as some programs (PZ Included) cannot read special characters in usernames. Meaning you need to change the location of the Zomboid folder. To do that, add the following argument to the "launch options" in your Steam Library > Project Zomboid > Properties -cachedir=<path> Where <path> is the folder directory, in quotation marks. For example: -cachedir="D:\Project Zomboid" or -cachedir="C:\Zomboid"
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