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  1. Beard

    (MP) Bite won't heal

    It takes a VERY long time to heal the bite. If he didnt die from any infection yet I assume you turned off infection in the settings.
  2. You can try turning on Post Processing if you have that turned off, it should make the game a bit brighter.
  3. Beard

    Game not launching

    Try updating your graphic drivers. Go to the support website of your graphics card manufacturer (nVidia, Intel, AMD..) and find the latest drivers for your specific card. This should hopefully fix this problem. If that doesn't help, read this thread about more possible fixed / explanations:
  4. Beard

    Wont launch reinstall didn't fix.

    Go to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" on your computer and delete the "" file. That should fix your problem.
  5. Beard

    Low FPS

    There can be a lot of things that can lower the FPS, as said in the Low FPS FAQ. Check if you have any mods turned on that would lower the performance. Also, check the options at the bottom of the Options menu like the Skybox. Try turning the Skybox off for example and wind effects... turn off Post Process as well. Another thing that fixed some users problems is going to your Steam Library > Rightclick ProjectZomboid > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files In that folder there is a ProjectZomboid32.bat file, doubleclick it to start the game through that file and see if there are any improvements. Lastly, you can go to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" on your computer and upload the "" file here, it should contain useful information about your game, so we could take a look if there are any problems with it.
  6. Beard

    Game Freezing every few seconds

    I don't really see anything out of the ordinary from the logs unfortunately. Another thing that comes to mind is disabling the Steam overlay and any other overlays. Some security programs can sometimes cause the freezes as well. I imagine the mini-freezing comes mostly from outside of the game, something messing with it every 15 seconds or so, there is a lot that can cause that in a computer with backround tasks running and some computer settings being off. Has anything else changed since the car update when it didnt lag before? Have you tried rolling back the update before the cars just to test if the lags are still around? Just to pinpoint the issue better.
  7. Beard

    Game Freezing every few seconds

    You can try two things that come to mind. - Check your AMD Graphic Control Panel as well, it may be forcing unwanted graphics settings on the game (Such as Vsync or Anti-Aliasing etc.) -Another thing we can check is if there is any error happening while it freezes. Play the game and watch it freeze a few times, so the freezes are logged into the console and we can have a look (if there are any errors causing them) After that, quit the game and go to "C:\Users\tazit\Zomboid" and upload the "" file from there here. It should contain information from the logs so we can see if anything was happening there.
  8. Beard

    Vehicles related performance issues.

    You can also check if you have the other minor settings disabled, for example the Skybox, Environment Reflections, Wind sprite effects. I also read that changing the Lock Framerate to 55 helped with lag for some people. Also, make sure to have the latest drivers for your computer installed, especially your graphics card, which you can download from your manufacturer's website (nVidia, AMD, Intel..)
  9. Beard

    Redboid [24/7] [Hydrocraft] [ORGM]

    Those settings are pretty casual, so people can experience the higher levels of skills easier and recuperate from a character loss easier as well, with the PvP aspect and the dangerous zombies.
  10. IP: To all PZ Survivors, Redboid has just started a fresh new Spring Season! One of the longest running servers with a dedicated admin team and ever-growing community. Our focus is to provide an experience you will not forget! Ranging from events, factions, PvE, PvP and a touch of role-play. Let us not forget the hordes of the undead that plague the lands! The possibilities are endless. What will the zombie apocalypse turn you into?! A leader of a glorious faction? A ruler of ruthless bandits? Or just your general survivor, trying to get by in this wretched world. Here you will be virtually challenged both mentally and physically, dealing with a constant onslaught of zombies among other desperate survivors and mother nature herself. Whom can you trust? Will your best friend betray you? Will someone trip you to save their life from the horde? Or would they sacrifice their own, so you can live another day? Which path will you take? Come Join us on Redboid to find out! We have a thriving community, along with friendly active Admins that are willing to answer any questions & help with any problems you may have. Our server is run in favor of you players to give you all different play experiences & opportunities. Maps: Vanilla - Slocan Lake - Hashima Island (PVP Arena) Mods: Hydrocraft ORGM Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars! Nocturnal Zombies & Many more Server settings: 3 alternate characters per player 5x character XP gain Links: Reddit: Discord: Please feel free to join our discord! Here you will have full access to all the server’s information and designated areas for questions, suggestions, announcements, direct contact with the admins and more. We shall look forward to seeing you there As always Have Fun & Be Safe! -The Redboid Admin Team
  11. Beard

    game stop working

    Hey, could you tell us what your graphics card is? Could you also try setting 3D models in your Options to "None" and see if the game is playable with that.
  12. Beard

    The wall of logs is not available

    Could you give us a list of all the mods that you have enabled?
  13. Beard

    The wall of logs is not available

    Are you using any mods? Especially any that change how building works.
  14. Beard

    vehicle invisible

    Unfortunately, I dont think that your graphics card can handle the 3D graphics that the game requires to play with Vehicles. You can always go back to the last version without cars if you want: Right-click Project Zomboid in the Steam games list Go to Properties Go to the Betas tab Select Build 38.30 from the drop-down list Press OK
  15. Beard

    Vehicles Just Spinning Out and Not Moving

    I can say it is a pretty weird problem that has not happened before, the only thing that comes to mind right now is to send us the console logs, so we can maybe see if anything specific in there would cause the problem. So, to proceed: - Play the game, co op or otherwise and try driving the car. The car wont move, but just keep trying to drive it for several seconds, then just quit out of the game - After you quit out, go to C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid folder on your computer. There you will find a "" file, upload it here. It should contain information about the game and the logs from it. So if any errors or anything weird is happening, we can take a look at that.