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  1. Do the same thing but with ProjectZomboid32.bat If that doesnt help, it might mean that your computer is now using way more RAM than before, and the game crashes because of it.
  2. You could go to your game folder in your steam fodler SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid There is a file called ProjectZomboid64.bat, you can edit that one instead of the .json to increase memory and then just start the game using that file. Hopefully it helps.
  3. IWBUMS build crashes on launch. (Mac)

    You could try some fixes in this post: First try updating your drivers as explained there.
  4. I need help on 2 things.

    Have you tried updating your drivers as well? You could also try running the game in windowed mode.
  5. I need help on 2 things.

    From what I know, the shuffling icons usually happens when a game is set to a resolution that is different than the native resolution, which in your case the game doesnt handle the resolution well and it messes up your desktop. You could try some of the fixes in this post on Steam: You could also try going to C:\Users\YourUsername\Zomboid Open the "options.ini" file The 2nd and 3rd line in there is the resolution. You can change the settings to: width=1440 height=900 Hope t his helps.
  6. Password Required for IWBUMS Build 40.9

    Known issue. The fix is in this comment:
  7. Playing with Friends Through Steam

    Do you have the server set to "Open" and "Public"? I suggest checking the server settings to see if everything is in order. You could also try hosting with the Dedicated Server. EDIT: The "Invite Friends" is on the left side of the screen now, as the menu has been changed in the new update. Best thing would be to invite your friends this way, they also need to have the game closed for it to work properly. Hope it works out!
  8. Can log

    I recommend reading this post on Steam Community. Your computer might not be able to run the vehicle update, as some graphic cards dont support the 3D models.
  9. Game won't launch

    Yeah it works just fine. I noticed in the console log that you are on Demo version 34, which is quite outdated by now. Could you switch to the public version of the game? The error also seems like a map problem, maybe creating a new map would help? Though I am not really sure because this is the demo.
  10. Game won't launch

    There are multiple possibilities to the "not starting" problem. First one I would try is the VOIP problem that some computers have, go to your Steam Library > Rightclick Project Zomboid > Properties > Set Launch Options > Type -novoip > Start the game. If that doesnt help, try -nosound If the game is still not launching, disabling the steam overlay: Open the Steam client and navigate to the Steam > Settings/Preferences > In-game tab. Uncheck the box next to Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game. And if this doesnt help either, go to your game folder Steam Library > Right click Project Zomboid > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files There is a file named "ProjectZomboid64.bat" run the game with that file and see if that helps. If none of those help, Go to C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid Open the console.txt Copy everything from there to Share the link to the pastebin here. Let us know which fix (if any) helps your issue.Good luck!
  11. Outdated Character

    It sounds like a corrupted character file. Go to C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid\Saves\Multiplayer Find the folder with the IP of your server and your username (it will be called servertest_player if you are hosting using the "Host" button) Open it and delete everything inside except the map_p.bin file (it should be at the bottom of the folder) After that, try logging into the server again. If you still get the error you will have to delete the whole folder and you will lose your progress, because the blue screen probably corrupted your save file.
  12. does not allow on the server

    You can type that command in the server console. If you have it running on your computer.
  13. Redboid [PVP/PVE] [Dedicated SafeZone] [24/7] [Hydrocraft] IP: To all PZ Survivors! Come join us on one of the longest running servers to date! We have just reset out server with a new map and new possibilities! We have a thriving community, along with friendly active Admins that are willing to answer any questions/problems that you may have. Maps: Vanilla, Over The River Mods: Hydrocraft, ORGM, ORGM Extreme, MoreBuild, CorpseStudy, RenameWeapon, BookCollection, Beard-Pak, POS, MoreHairColours, Hairstyle, Desperate Crafting, Immersive Overlays, Blind Trait, Kings New Recipes, Food Expiration, Wilderness Improvements Server settings: 3 alternate characters per player 3x character XP gain Links: Reddit: Discord: Please feel free to join our discord! Here you will have full access to the servers’ information and designated areas for questions, suggestions, direct contact with the admins and more. We shall look forward to seeing you there As always Have Fun & Be Safe! -The Redboid Admin Team
  14. Game loads then crashes

    Try disabling your Steam Overlay: Open the Steam client and navigate to the Steam > Settings/Preferences > In-game tab. Uncheck the box next to Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game. If that doesnt help, go to your Steam Library > Rightclick Project Zomboid > Properties > Set Launch Options > Type -novoip > Start the game If that doesnt help either, do -nosound instead.
  15. Stuck on doing LUA checksum, PLEASE HELP

    You might need to delete your character save file located in My Computer/C:/Users/(account name)/Zomboid/Saves/Multiplayer/ServerIP_Yourname In the "ServerIP" there will be numbers depending on the server you are trying to connect, so the server IP. You can see the servers IP in the server browser on the right side. Delete the whole folder and see if that helps.