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  1. This is done intentionally for performance reasons.
  2. This is done intentionally for performance reasons.
  3. Do you have any mods enabled? And have you tried verifying your game files?
  4. Your graphics card is way below the minimum requirements needed to run build 41, since you have an integrated HD 2000 card, you would need at minimum a HD 4000 to even run the game unfortunately. Meaning it is unlikely you will be able to run 41 on this computer, though the previous version should run fine since there are no new models and animations in those builds.
  5. Make sure you have no mods enabled if you cannot see the game menu. If you still cannot see it after getting rid of the mods, then try going to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" and attach the "console.txt" from there to your reply so we can check the game logs.
  6. Check out this comment for an explanation as to what might cause that issue and how to fix it. https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/3038228835123752334/#c3038228835124788021
  7. It seems like a mod item is erroring out and causes the crash, though it doesn't point to which mod it is causing it, I can only suggest checking for any issues with the mods that you have enabled.
  8. The error seems to be a generic map error, it does not point to a specific mod. Best I can recommend is disabling your mods in batches and then starting the game again, this way you should eventually find the mod that causes the issue.
  9. Either is very unlikely since as mentioned PZ doesn't really have the ability to just minimize itself, and if it did it would be more widespread. Meaning this issue is very specific to your own computer setup which makes it pretty much impossible to recommend a single fix, as basically anything in Windows might cause that, any background programs and monitor setups and so on. I would recommend playing with Fullscreen / Windowed / Borderless modes to see which one works best.
  10. Internet speed between you two, antivirus, hard drive speed. That's about it really. Port forwarding does not improve the connection.
  11. Interesting, that makes it very hard to diagnose as to what might cause that and how to fix it. It seems like it is caused most likely by a connection issue between you and your friend, perhaps a slow internet between you two (can be on either side). It could also mean that something is blocking the connection, either on your side or on your friends side, an antivirus perhaps. Other than that I don't really have anything specific I can recommend except looking into those things yourself since it seems to be externally influenced and not an issue due to the game itself.
  12. The game doesn’t have the ability to minimize itself. It’s likely an application running in the background, such as an overlay program, closing it, or perhaps an issue between the two monitors, likely the OS not scaling it up properly. I can only really recommend checking for any background programs issues between the two monitors (if they have different resolutions or refresh rates for example)
  13. Have you been able to connect to the server before? And have you tried connecting to any other servers? This is to check whether it is an issue with that specific server or with the game itself.
  14. It is very important that the mod will be enabled both in the workshop and mods tabs, otherwise it will not load as it needs to be enabled in both of them. I would probably recommend unsubscribing from the mod, then restarting your PC and then subscribing and enabling it again. This is to make sure that the mod downloads the latest version properly.
  15. Is it a specific mod that doesnt work? Do any other mods work? And have you enabled the mod both in the Workshop and Mods tab in the server settings?
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