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  1. The long road to the Valley Station Mall: seven players, two days (in real!!), over 8000 zombies killed, no survivors died! Good work Alive Insider
  2. A big welcome to a new Alive Insiede! Have a fun
  3. White list isn't on. Search Alive Inside on Public Servers, enter Name and Password on the right side, Save your character, go to the section Server List, click on Connect and enjoy the apocalypse!!
  4. Ratify with well done!!!
  5. Need ammo? Go and get it!
  6. No is disabled. Already too much difficulty to add.
  7. [EU][PUBLIC] - [No RESET] - [PvP] - [HARDCORE] IP: Port: 16261 Location: EU Slot: 50 "In a world dominated by the undead, where only the most experts and tenacious can survive, the writing "Alive Inside" is the last witness of the human’s presence. But Alive Inside isn’t only the last sign of humanity written on a roof or on a wall in a world dominated by a zombies, is also the essence of a true survivor. Alive Inside is for they who know that these are the end times and nothing will ever be the same again, for they know that there is no hope of surviving. Alive Inside is for who wrestle every day against extinction, for they know that despite the efforts it remains always and only the story of how you died." Alive Inside just a Project Zomboid’s server. VANILLA Nutrizionism: ON Sleep: ON PVP: ON Infection: ON Hard Experience X3 4 Hours for Day Loot respawn every 10 days in game No Cheat – No Backup – No Sky Base
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