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  1. IT does sadden me to read some of these reviews of the server after its current launch. Yeah i have been away and yes the server has been in good hands prepping nad setting things up and making sure rules are followed with the admins running it. @Jack Bower Cmon now dude. We all know at Indiestone and New Dawn your attitude and reputation for not caring and doing whatever you want to do. This doesnt work in a RP setting so when you are busting down 30 trees without any RP, nothing different than last lore we are going to well....take care of the issue at hand there. I am sorry you have not found the experience this time around as pleasant or rewarding as times before. Things do change and one of those things was our lax attitude towards rule breaking. IF you would like to talk further since I am available hit me up on skype. Now with that being said I am back and im here watching the server and whats going on. IF people dont feel the server is where it needs to be ill see that and we will explore options.
  2. Relaunch Success! about 20 people online! Glad to see everyone returning! New players come join get your character application in today!
  3. Relaunch for the server set for Friday! Come join us!
  4. Awww thank you very much for that! If you ever get online join us!
  5. Jesus Christ Well that was a fun week. As everyone knows we were down for the past week. This post will explain everything you need to know about what happened and the results of which. Yes, we were hacked. This time the damage was irreversible, they seized control over the server and quite literally wiped the C: Drive. Upon regaining control software recovery was ran on the server the pull files that were deleted. This recovery pulled 1.3million files and shoved them all in a single folder. That was fun sifting through everything. This process took two days alone to look through everything. Upon recovering the data and separating the necessary files to make our transition and move much easier onto a new os, about 95 percent of them turned out to be corrupt or damaged. This made me scream and want to punch a few things. Oh wait we have a back up drive which we stored shit on contained off server. Well they breached that too and a lot of files were wiped there as well. As far as the website goes, we are forced to roll-back 2 months to a period in April. This means we have lost quite a but on content on each forum and about 300 plus users that have signed up during that time frame. Those who lost their accounts will have to resign up on the forums. HOWEVER!!! US BEING AN AWESOME ADMIN TEAM, Alstrum, Gray and Nara went through a google cache of our website and pull content we KNEW we would loose and that was able to be recovered. We will send this to the people who own those characters so they are able to report it if they didn't have a copy. Trust me we saved everything we could. This brings me to issue number two. The database containing all of our players whitelisted for PZ was corrupted. This is the biggest hurdle we are going to be face right now with this whole mess of things. For those approved on the server and who had characters we ask you submit a support ticket with your characters names who are alive at this time. We will be able to confirm each character and send you new information to log in on. NOTE: THIS WHOLE THING DOES NOT MEAN A CHARACTER WIPE. The world im sorry to say was corrupt from the server. We were able to recovery that however the files were completely corrupt. OH NO!!!!! FEAR NOT THOUGH! I have come up with a solution that has tested to work so far. Characters contain the same map_ files the server does, so what we have done again as an admin team to fix this issue it collectively take our admin accounts map data who have literally been everywhere and compiled them into our world and BAM. Our world is safe for the most part. There may be some spots that have resorted back to normal and admins with a support ticket will aid in rebuilding anything lost. BEFORE YOU JOIN THE SERVER MAKE A BACK UP. THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER RIGHT NOW! When i say back up, this time I literally mean a back up of that whoooooooole folder. Not just the single file that most people take. Make a back up of that whole mother fucking folder. IF your base has poofed and you were recently at your base before the server went down, IF you send that folder to me I can try to repopulate your base or whatever. This will only go for those who lost quite a bit of progress for everyone else we will help rebuild if you have lost anything. Honestly looking through the map a lot of people SHOULD BE GOOD!!!! It was a long shot to see if this idea would work and it paid off. Here is a tough one we are going to have to deal with. Anyone who had a white list application in place before the servers were wiped we will whitelist you without any further processing since we have ost your application. We will deny any bandits or over played occupations still that will not change however we will not make those 10 or so application be re done. for those who had an application waiting please submit a ticket and we will get you going in the server. Zombies were forced to be spawned like before again. The zombie count is reasonable however admins will be there watching to deal with players stuck with massive hordes. We will aid in the removal of large groups in the server. You may log in inside your home with zombies inside again. There is nothing we can do about this issue. If you are injured from it please submit a ticket and we will help you asap. With the reboot of everything here carrying on as normal. We are in need of admins on our team. We will be very busy getting everything back to full potential and any help at this point is very appreciated. Support tickets, in game issues, applications and events even. Please throw us an application if interested. NewDawnRPPack during this whole mess has been updated thanks to a member Fuji here. We fixed some coding in lua and passed it onto me and it is now live on steam. What this means is players all need modelload if they want to see the ORGMs in their hands. The link and the install files are found here at the following link. If you have any issues you are welcome to ask anyone for help. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14845-java-modelloader-116_02/ Any forum issues you may come across please submit them in a form of a support ticket. the only way we will get through any issues if having documentation of them. Posts will be lost and we will give the ones we have manually copied from Cache to people soon. I know a lot of people felt out of the loop with what was going on. We were making posts on social media pages letting people know what were going through some of the steps of rebuilding. We couldn't confirm much or deny much at the time because we really just didn;t know what we were were looking at until we got everything situated. This newsletter comes out as a while to let people whats going on. in the future we ask please please please follow our facebook page and steam community group. We were most active on facebook posting there with what was going on. I will post the links below. https://www.facebook.com/AggressiveGamingAGN/ https://steamcommunity.com/groups/AGN_Community With that being said I have no more hair left as I have pulled it all out this week. Major call out to Aragas, Jian and Nolan for aiding in the rebuild of things. New Dawn is here and not going anywhere. Get your characters back into the server and the RP to carry on.
  6. Our website and services are back up and running after a long week http://newdawn.aggressivegaming.org/ URL has changed however hte old one will 301 redirect to the new url. Some may have lost an account please sign back up. And those who were whitelisted before please submit a support ticekt on forums and we rewhitelist your characters.
  7. Our server has been under constant attack but various methods over the past or 10 days. What irony. Our server is down currently and are working to get everything back in order.
  8. NewDawnRPPack has been fixed, upload will go live tonight
  9. West Point and Valley Station opened.
  10. Hola! Sorry about the late reply, the site is up and running we have been working on tightening a few things up on it the past few days.
  11. The logs and the amount of information we get now is awesome, however I ask in teh future if it is possible please along side of PvP logs seeing who was killed by what player is there a way we can start seeing what players died to zombies as well? Very important, we are seeing people die, not say anything load a back up like nothing happened. With some logs to counter that things would go much more smoothly. Removing from whitelist upon death is an extreme measure that I dont think we should have to use solely to combat that. People die from crazy bugs and such, only to be lost without whtielisting for something deemed valid for coming back on.
  12. Wait, the dedicated server allows for binding of other ips now?!
  13. Uh so i updated my server and now its asking for a new databse password and all this stuff. EDIT:: Never mind i was stupid and ran the server on the wrong user!
  14. any chance of adding the New Dawn wiki link here Includes hydrocraft, orgm, and vanilla items right now soon to expand to cover traits and skills.
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