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  1. Ban PintLasher for having an animal that got me confused as a profile picture. Edit: fluffe got to ban him first. Ban fluffe for posting before I did.
  2. Only played a few. Not that fun, clicking around and all. Although I don't like it that much, I watched it's stories in youtube and it's cool how the creator hides the stories behind the game itself. Yeah, it's kind of a kiddie gameplay but you see, smart people would play it to discover the stories behind it. It might seem silly, but I'm impressed by the theories they give in simple evidences and it all makes sense. I respect your opinion but I got to say that it's not hype " because kids like teddy bears.... That are "scary"...." but because the creator placed a lot of thought into it and got the fans interested simply because there's more to the game that meets the eye. If you watched some videos, you'll know how some guy kills kids and they go into the animatronics. The thing is that they pieced all that together by observing small and partially hidden details in the game that is not easily seen. It's not easy and that's the challenge in their minds. Most of them at least. Some people play it for bragging rights (the guy who beat the difficulty that the creator thought impossible) or other means. To me, it's not a bad game. Simple but smart. Kind of like Dark Souls on how it's lore is hidden but without it's heart crushing gameplay. Edit: Also, yes, you're right about each game having almost the same gameplay. Like I said, it's more than the game itself. Each game is a prequel or sequel to each and again, players play it to know more about the story of the game. Hope you understand all this
  3. This is something that needs to be in game. Right now, it seems like you're in a test city where the secret government placed you in for testing purposes to find the ultimate survivor in the apocalypse. There are no traces of other people ever being there. I think they're working on that though and I think that your mod can make it to the vanilla version.
  4. He get me, when i though i killed him. I was fighing with other zombies when this mutherfucker bite me, it was like second (it looks that she bite me when animation started or like second after) - i was unlucky. Not sure if I'll believe that cause if it died, it would stop all animations (except the knockback animation bug) and it won't hit you. It's probably another zombie that bit you. Unless if a place that hasn't been hit was aware and started researching. Yes, it's all a mystery as the game has no background on how it started nor what kind of mumbo jumbo that causes reanimation on corpses. It might be added soon though as they are starting to add traces of the outbreak in the next build. TVs and radios included. Let's hope they add a backstory on how the outbreak started.
  5. Back onto what you said, I disagree. A bite should kill you. It's a game where you died and you have to accept it. I mean, you'll probably get scratched at least 3 times before getting bitten. Your character is fast and can sneak around. Getting damage from a slow zombie is either by carelessness or unluckiness. If you want to survive, just run and hide. Don't fight. A bite is your ultimatum and something you should definitely avoid. Now on the crawler, avoid it if there are other zombies around. If it's alone, run past it then stay behind it while hitting it. The crawlers turns like a bus and cannot hit behind it. Well, on cure and other stuff, I think that there shouldn't be a cure but I suggest a suppressant or a delay for the virus. Something like Zombrex or Antizin (from other games) that will delay zombification. Something like a secret science facility would be added and if you take one of the suppressants, your zombification symptoms will be delayed for a day. If you get around 30 of them, you'll survive for a month. Maybe helicopter crashes or supply drops will be events in game and you can get more of them as well as weapons and ammo.
  6. Well.... I think you should make a one part, something like this: "When you eat more and move more (without moving more you get fatter) you get stronger, when you eat less and move more, you get weaker and skinny." This would sound more logicial for me. Added... Kinda
  7. I separated nutrition and build for a reason. Like it says in the build, if you stay indoors, you can become skinny or fat. You can't just stay there without eating thus applying the nutrition part. Of course, if you eat less, you will be skinny and vice versa. In the nutrition part, I said that if you eat more, you will become strong meaning more energetic and lively but I did not say anything about the fitness. I put that part in the build so that we don't get confused. I guess I failed on that one Thanks for liking the ideas though
  8. Was surprised too. Well, I did make a carpenter with handy trait and got to carp lvl 10 in less than a week, but it was just to build the base in survival. I killed him after. But it's only a 125% bonus and 4 levels that needs a few xp so with normal xp gains, I guess a month of just sawing wood + books will get you to lvl 10.
  9. Survival is easy enough so this would be a great name for beginner.
  10. I believe that characters in the game should gain experiences based on what they experience in the apocalypse. Panic: characters should develop courage overtime. They can be really scared or surprised in the first days of the outbreak but as time passes, they should get used to it and face them without hesitation. They can still get panicked when they are too many, came from behind, grabbed by the zombie or if the character is surrounded. Nutrition: characters must be able to adapt on how much they eat or drink. A player must be able force their characters to eat less, losing strength overtime but needing less food or the exact opposite, eating more, gaining strength but needing more food everyday. They must also be able to impact fitness skill by their eating pattern. Build: characters must be able to change their body builds depending on what they do. A character, for example, who goes out everyday, run far distances and practices swinging their weapon or just killing with it should improve their build and gain bonuses to fitness and strength. A character who stays indoors for a long time, however, will get skinny or fat that will negatively affect their fitness and strength. Senses: characters must be able to improve their senses because of their experience in the outbreak. Right now, only vision and hearing are in game. It's enough but they need improvements. They should be able to improve and know where sounds are coming from. Any more ideas on this will be appreciated. Sanity: if made possible, a player must be able to become insane based on what he does. This will be best implemented when NPCs are implemented. It will be affected by their deaths either by zombies, other NPCs or by you. It would cause problems with your senses, maybe hearing false sounds and seeing people who aren't there. It will also impact NPC interactions. Feel free to add more of your great ideas. Adamiks: ""When you eat more and move more (without moving more you get fatter) you get stronger, when you eat less and move more, you get weaker and skinny." This would sound more logicial for me."
  11. Right now I'm not even sure how vehicles are going to work in multiplayer. It's probably gonna crash in the black edge before it loads. But I guess helicopters wouldn't be so different from cars. Maybe add controls that allows it to go up stories and just have the same controls as a car. Well, except the turning.
  12. Not a bad idea but it would be rarely used. For fun I guess? Usually players will be using guns for PVP, not fists. well say you spawn and the guy down your street did the same, you both are weaponless and wont back down. or say a friend/NPC isn't listening to you, you punch them to get there attention.there are some reasons. Well, it would be better than pushing each other. Anyways, if the devs wanted that to be in the game it would be there already. There is a melee button after all. Again, it's not a bad idea. Maybe it will be implemented when it is needed. Maybe unconciousness will come with it? It might be useful to beat some sense into a player or an NPC though.
  13. Not a bad idea but it would be rarely used. For fun I guess? Usually players will be using guns for PVP, not fists.
  14. This wouldn't be a great idea because it would mislead the players into wrong information. Another idea would be removing the unhappiness because he is now happy that he got to actually eat and not dying to starvation. But some people would still be unhappy because they have nothing else to eat except the damn rat.
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