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  1. Guto003

    vehicle invisible

    =( thanks for the help anyway
  2. Guto003

    vehicle invisible here it is.i could see the car for like 2 or 3 seconds(because i turned 3d models on)...than the game crashed
  3. Guto003

    vehicle invisible

    my computer is a laptop the grafic card is called "intel hd grafics" 4gb memory ram 120 gb ssd CPU intel i5 2.53 GHz windows 10 64 bits the grafic card is updated
  4. Guto003

    vehicle invisible

    hello,as soon as i get into the game world the game crashes...if i turn 3D models off than it stops but than i cant see the cars,only their shadow,i tried puting it into "player only" it also makes my game crash,also tried verify the files and compatibily mode,can any one help?
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