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  1. That actually worked ! Thank you very much ❤️ But now I got the problem that the map seems to be connected to the official map, eventhough the mod.info doesn't have the line "lots=Muldraugh" in it. Anyway to make it a standalone map ?
  2. Thanks for the fast reply ! Now I can actually see my map ingame but I'm met with an error. I've tried to correct it with the same video posted above as it had a short moment of debugging , but I can't seem to find the problem. SCHWERWIEGEND: Error found in LUA file: C:\Users\cute\Zomboid\mods\Tweed2\media\maps\Tweed2\spawnpoints.lua ERROR: General, 1572111247105> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaException: C:\Users\cute\Zomboid\mods\Tweed2\media\maps\Tweed2\spawnpoints.lua:2: '=' expected near `function` at LexState.lexerror line:279. ER
  3. So I've done everything so far to create a custom Map. Now I'm at the last step and trying to playtest my map, but my custom map won't show up as soon as I go in-game and try to select it. I've followed this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=668&v=J7PCA2vFQt0 up to end and am now stuck at trying to play test my map. (53:19) I can see it when I want to activate/deactivate the map but not when I want to select it. The map/mod itself is activated. I've attached an image of the folder if that is what is causing the problem. Any help would be
  4. > New Lore Incoming > Modded Map Included > Some minor changes
  5. > Adjusted Loot to be more balanced > More Factions
  6. > Adjusted the Zombies to be more threatening > Loot Respawn
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