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  1. TheReckless.net USA EAST | The Reckless PVP Experiment ( Easy going Mature 17+ Public Vanilla PvP. Multiple Spawn regions at character creation, custom starting kit, Instant Start Safehouses and Factions, etc. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PVP, BUT YOU LIKE VANILLA... THEN YOU CAN ALSO JOIN US OVER AT: TheReckless.net USA East PZ Hard ( No Transmission, Harder Zombies, PVE ONLY, Nutrition on, Safehouses on etc. No mods, and no mods will ever be installed that "add" or "take away" to or from the bible that is Project Zomboid (ie. Hydrocraft, ORGM et
  2. Client has updated to v31.13; Server is v31.12 I can see 3 players on Evil Dead PZ right now @ http://pz.archspace.org/ How do we roll back the change of version to v31.12? v31.13 is fixes for the Pay to Win server Zeek's Haven, where everything SUCKS! Please tell us how to roll back to v31.12 OR update the server to v31.13. I'm working on lvl 5 Blade Accuracy. I'd like to continue Playing to Win. I have no intention on Paying to Win on Zeek's.
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