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  1. IP: To All Pz Survivors! The Redboid server Is back on the original build! After almost a month on the Vehicles build we have now switched back, everything is the same par one or two changes here and there to compensate the changeover. Come Survive with us on one of the longest-running PZ servers to date! We try to compensate for all walks of player to ensure it is fun for all as well as having active admins on call for any Issues/Player needs. Our Server Includes; - GUNZ Mod! - Hairstyle Mod! - Hydrocraft Mod! - Trading Post! - 3 Alts A
  2. The Redboid server has just had a nice, new, shiney hard reset! This took place on the 31st of October We invite you to join us, making your mark on one of the longest running Project Zomboid servers to date! PVP/PVE Server & New Player Friendly. Please remember to read & follow the rules. If you are rejoining us please remember to delete your old save files Located:%UserProfile%\Zomboid\saves\multiplayer\ If you have any questions/problems please don't hesitate to let us know through either Discord Channel Or Reddit.
  3. The Redboid server has just completed a full hard reset, this means fresh map, fresh characters, fresh start! There's no time like the present to join one of the longest running Pz servers and make your mark along with many others. Project Zomboid is also currently in the steam sale so we are hoping to see many new (and old) faces PVP & PVE 24/7 & New Player friendly Please remember to read the rules And feel free to join our Discord channel If you are re-joining us please ensure to delete your old save folders located: %UserProfile%\Zomboid\saves\mult
  4. Correct me if i'm wrong as i've been playing for sometime now and have noticed that there are no carehome/residential home buildings on the map (I havent found any as of yet) i have'nt seen any morgues either. Just suggesting as we all have to go somewhere to die eventually lols x
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