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  1. Hello, after the last patch (40.40+) SafeHouse.addSafeHouse (ISWorldObjectContextMenu.lua) works only for the first safehouse claim, so player/admin can capture only the single one safehouse. Before that patch if you disable that limit with some simple lua. changes, player/admin can capture more than one safehouse. For example change ISWorldObjectContextMenu.lua: if not safehouse and clickedSquare:getBuilding() and clickedSquare:getBuilding():getDef() then local reason = SafeHouse.canBeSafehouse(clickedSquare, playerObj); if reason then local option = context:addOption(getText("ContextMenu_SafehouseClaim"), worldobjects, ISWorldObjectContextMenu.onTakeSafeHouse, clickedSquare, player); if not (getPlayer():getAccessLevel() == "Admin") and reason ~= "" then local toolTip = ISToolTip:new(); toolTip:initialise(); toolTip:setVisible(false); toolTip.description = reason; option.notAvailable = true; option.toolTip = toolTip; end end end I have added not (getPlayer():getAccessLevel() == "Admin") it allows admin capture more than 1 safehouse. Now i can't capture more than one safehouse even if i exceed this limit with lua, "Claim Safehouse" option is available and clickable, but when i click it nothing happens. Can anyone help me to solve this problem, please?
  2. That is great, we will waiting this fix tremendously. Yes, server restart fixed this issue, but not for long. We noticed too that server options didn't save , our server were restarted 20+ times last 24 hours till we had catched "wrong server password" at wiped not modded server.
  3. Hello. I have some problems with my server ("New Hope", Steam PZ Dedicated Server), server settings have no any server password, but when players try to connect, they see "Lock" symbol, and some of them can't connect because of "wrong server password given" issue. We (server admins and players-testers) tried to solve it in diffirent ways: -full wipe (map files, db, servertest.ini) -AllowNonAsciiUsername=false/true -our admins/tester removed all old multiplayer savegame folders. But all metodes didn't work, "Lock" symbol didn't dissapear. I tried to use this advice from EasyPickins But it won't help either. I replaced files for Project Zomboid Dedicated Server folder. There are some console reports: Client console Server console Video Youtube Bug Report (RU) Screenshots:
  4. IP: Port: 16261 Server description: New Hope is hardcore PVP russian server, recommended for expirienced players. Also it has PVE Zone (Shelter), several RP factions, and fixed spawn spot - KNOX Prison. New Hope Modpack includes some popular mods (Nolan's armor and traps, Immersive Overlays e.g.) and has own scripts, created and improved by server admins and players. Server was created at July 2017, active and experienced admins, discord support. Join us if you like hardcore and difficult tasks. Server settings: Xp multiplier - 1.0 Loot respawn - 12 hours (real-time) Zombie respawn - ON Infection morality - blood and saliva (wild garlic ant antibiotics help and cure) Destruction by sledgehammer - OFF (call admins if you need to destroy walls) Fire spread - OFF (prevention of cheating) Factions - ON (day survived to create - 0) Safehouse - ON (faction leader only) Max accounts per user - 1 (admins create additional account for roleplay and events if you need it) Balance settings: Cold climate, farming plants don't grow if temperature below 0. Shorted foraging season: may-semptember for forest food, june-augus for medical plants. Cold and high temperature, depression (moodles), toxic rain - hurt your health. Zombie settings: fast shamblers, superhuman strength, tough, eagle sight, normal hearing, poor smell. Poor loot respawn, no fresh food, no sledehammer, zombie loot - almost trash. Special [resource spots]: gas, propane, components - once per game day. Extended craft: smithing, weaving, skill books, pills (and antibiotics), industrial craft and more. Useful professions: trapping for feathers and leather (arrows and armor craft), fishing for glue, cooking (sugar, vinegar, alcohol, weight control) and so on. Faction leader creates safehouse, 40 building squares per faction member. Fixed spawn zone - Prison. You should works for cigaretts and pay for prison escape. Local RP factions [KNOX] - jailers, [ABT] - prisoners. Shelter PVE zone - helpful beginner quests, trade, jobs, located near West Point [Picnic Area]. Discord Steam server guide (RU) Online players and statistics
  5. Sanchez

    Floor item spawn

    Wow, thanks a lot!
  6. Sanchez

    Floor item spawn

    Hello, can someone help with item spawn script please? I need to spawn items on the ground with exact coordinates once per day. I tried different variants of this, but it won't work: function Spawn(square) square:AddWorldInventoryItem("Base.Stone", 10000, 10000, 0); end Events.EveryDays.Add(Spawn); Most errors look like: java.lang.RuntimeException: attempted index: AddWorldInventoryItem of non-table: null I'am weak in scripting, and can't make it work, please help!
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