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Found 223 results

  1. this will be my first post on the forums so pardon my ignorance.. i have been playing this game for a while now and im still hooked. i play multiplayer mostly and have found that once my skills are about finished i am looking for something to do. so the thought came to me. when i was younger i played diablo 2 as most of my friends did. when our characters were done we liked to pvp. as a reward system if you killed a player they dropped an ear with the killed players name on it allowing you to keep it. i feel this would add to the pvp in Project Zomboid as i enjoy pvp servers. as well i feel the idea suits the game rather perfectly as i watch the walking dead. the ear would be found on the corpse of the player killed by another player. thank you for your time, as i have spent much of my time on your game. -Muks
  2. Hey folks, I'm just throwing this up here as a sort of last ditch effort, I've all but given up on being able to play multiplayer with my friend on a server I'm hosting. I've tried several of the troubleshooting tips that you can find around the net, port forwarding, using Tunngle instead of Hamachi etc. Do any of you know if there's common slip-ups or mistakes when trying to get a friend to connect via LAN simulation? I feel like the ports are all forwarded, the Hamachi client is running, my server is running on my PC... we've tried a million permutations lol Feels like it should work, but it just fails to connect. Zomboid seems really fun online and I'd love to give it a whirl Thanks for your collective time
  3. I got an invitation for the group to join magnum2016's role-playing server, i accepted and once he sets it up after build 28 we will help him build the town. This is a Role-Playing group about the Kentucky National Guard after they are sent in to quarantine the towns of Muldraugh and the surrounding areas. We will have multiple roles, ranks and divisions for people to sign up for. Like medic, foot soldier, sniper (when the developers implement the hunting rifle), CDC Expert, CDC Scientist, Officer, General, CDC Director of Operations etc. Once we get things under control we shall border off the town of Muldraugh and establish a base of operations outside the town just off the highway coming into Muldraugh. The sign up sheet is below, copy and paste it into your reply box to get started! Don't copy and past the words in (this). Name(As in Jack Brown or Gordan Freeman, not Ult!m@t3amA$0r)- Race- Age(18 to 40)- Sex- Role/Division- Character bio- (Optional,just to flesh out the rp) Time Zone- Usually Online- First people 5 people to sign up get high ranks. List of people already signed up- CDC Director of Operations-Jackson Paul (Jacksonap) General- Officer- Navy Seals- CDC Expert- CDC Scientist- Richard Cheug (Orman) Foot soldier- Cpt.Miguel Rocha (-snip-) Pvt.Adam Lambert (noxiousd) Pvt.Simon Riley (ludo0777) Pvt. Marc Masters (superking333) Engineer- Sgt.Daniel Fodor (rotacioskapa) Medic- Lt.Alex Cartty (Neltarin) Sniper- Ssgt.Garett Hart (GreenSilo) Pvt.Casey Marks (LemonCutie007) Police Chief- SWAT- Officer Connor McCall (Strang) Police Remnants- Deputy Jack Rusket (Daman453) In order to be in the Navy Seals section you must prove your worth to the group and to the server that we will be playing on in general. They will protect the high ranking officials of the group and be the first ones going in to the thick of things. These soldiers will be the best of the best among the group and will be a shining star among the soldiers risking their lives to bring order and stability to the land. Uniforms Cops/Swat- Blue sweater Soldier-Green sweater/vest (depending on heat conditions) Scientists/Medics- White sweaters Engineers-Yellow sweaters/vests High ranks/Seals- Black sweaters/vests Lets hope this goes well! Fingers crossed!
  4. Hello All, I just started running a private server for my friends and I, via port forwarding method and not VPN (Hamachi). All works fine and we all are able to connect, the only issue I am having is that we all (including myself) get a "Connection to server lost" message every once in a while, and by that I mean at least once an hour. The CMD window running the server doesn't say much other than the users have been disconnected. Does anyone have experience with this? Any tips on how to resolve this issue? Please let me know what other information I can provide to help everyone out in helping me.. Thanks in advance!
  5. Don't know whether this has been brought up or not but i thought what would be really cool? If by a random chance that during a heavy storm or thunder storm that maybe,just maybe every now and then randomly Lightning strikes a tree or a house Resulting in it burning into a crisp and starting a fire or just instant crisp(with a tree or a wall frame or you know what i'm getting to) Also make like a lightning effect like how it is on the main menu. Would add to the apocalyptic feel and the im scared,alone and about to jump outta my pants feeling for some. (And yes i know i spelled Lightning wrong in the title haha very tired and running on little sleep)
  6. I was wondering if there was a way to enlarge the Day/Month text in future updates? I can see it clearly but it can be hard to tell what date it is sometimes in a pinch. Also i know this is just me but please make an option to be able to switch the default layout for the Day/Month bar where it can be Month/Day?
  7. Okay so i have some great ideas for traps or ways of torture. The first trap 1:Bear-traps:Simple enough. Can be found on farms or out in the cabins randomly? Used to Seriously injure another player on multiplayer or used to put a zombie to a halt,maybe because i saw somewheres on the forums that it would be difficult to make it where one zombie has an arm missing and another has a leg,and arm missing..etc.. well i thought instead of showing the zombie missing the missing leg maybe once it hits the trap they automatically become a crawler. Also maybe option where trapping skill ties into this where the bear traps success rate depends on Trapping Skill/Level. 2:Trip wire: Ahhh my all time favorite. Basic used for either a zombie or person. But i was thinking aiming more towards PvP. The main player rigs up a trip wire to a tree where if another player walks by and trips the wire that one way the trap could work is if used in a hangman kinda style. But when they hang its not by the neck but by the leg/foot. So then on PvP maps the player who rigged the trap can torture the captured player. OR better yet use them as some sort of Pawn or Hostage so they can get supplies,etc... heres a website i found with a snare trap: http://www.instructables.com/id/simple-snare/ also: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Snare-Trap 3:Holes: yes i know this one is a stretch but just thinking if you guys put in a new item that could have multiple uses could be used to dig holes. And then players could fall into it. But better yet that would be noticeable right? How about the ability that when you forage that there is a chance of getting leaves and maybe with thread/rope/fishing line that the player could use the items of leaves and one of those strings to craft a gillie camo flooring to camo the hole then use the captured zombies or players for hostage 4: Tying People up: Okay by know you are assuming i'm some psycho or creep living in my moms basement haha. But seriously give the ability with a high enough trap skill combined with a high carpentry that the player could maybe injure a players legs and maybe tie them up to a chair then torture them or use them as bait/hostage/or a pawn. Or maybe just maybe beat them to near death with a spoon and force them to drink bleach. Well that's all for now...Maybe these ideas will come in use?
  8. Hey guys ! I don't know if it's already planned, but i'd really like to see more interactions between survivors (multi or solo!). I imagine something based on the new medical skill, with the right click opening a box ; but with much more option : - give something wich is in your main inventory (the others cant see what you gave, but there is an explicit animation they can see), - whispering, i think it can really be usefull, - if you have twine or things like that ... Attach some one ! He can only run half of his abilities, and can try to free himself, a very long option with a noteworthy animation ... "Hey stranger, you already want to leave us ?" - And the best i imagine with that system : a sort of description of the guy's life : if he is a good carpenter, you can read things like "this man seems to know how to use a hammer, and not only to blow heads off", if he killed many players "in his eyes you can't see compassion, and you know his hands already know blood", and also a description of the weight he carry : "his bag seems really empty" - "these guy seems to carry many things, maybe some supplies..." . And next... Why a big No ? I play since a little time with "Realistic Kentucky Firearms" and i think it add much more to the game : - First they have plenty of guns in Kentucky, and you can't just have one sort of pistol, just because there are plenty of different ammo. - Second, people like you and me doesn't know about what ammo go in what gun, except for the very famous ones (9mm Beretta, etc), so we have to try, except if we can find a book about, or at high reload lvl we can detect the type of ammo for a gun. - Next, and the point i'd love to see, is the possibilities it would give to the multiplayer : i have found a big shotgun but no ammo, i still can bluff if some one attack me, but i will need to negociate with people to found the ammos i need... - And finally, it will ended the fact that you have so many weapons, even in the USA i think you can't find as easily ammo for your pistol or shotgun, in storage building and not in the house of the people who buy this, it's a bit WTF when you think about it ... So i'd like our lovely devs to take a look to this mod, maybe ask questions about guns in Kentucky to his creator (who is a real Kentuckian) and maybe change their minds, for more realism and possibilities in the game ! I hope you will find this idea as good as i hope, and i really apologize for my english : i'm one of your greatest french fan, since the vey first build (that i miss a little, thanks Bedford to heal my nostalgia !). Long life to the developers of this just awesome game !
  9. So last night I was finnaly able to get my server running and had 3 other friends join it. Before starting the server I did a lot of looking around and reading about how to set those sandbox variables for my server. I found the tool to generate the file ( SandboxVars.lua ), I changed all of the settings to my liking. Since this was our first time ever playing I wanted it to be easy so we could at least learn the game without dying to often. I made the loot abundant, made the water/electricity shut off 0 to 5 years and made the zombies very easy, and also made it so that we wouldnt get infected. I then proceeded to place that file here... C:\Users\Erick\Zomboid\Server\SandboxVars.lua and in here as well... Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\lua\shared\Sandbox\SandboxVars.lua I read a couple of conflicting posts and went ahead and put it in both places figuring that it would cover everything. I also sent my friends the .lua file and had them place it in... Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\lua\shared\Sandbox\SandboxVars.lua After reading another post mentioning that we must have the same file. When we played some of the settings seemed to have taken effect, but some didn't. The zombies were slow and when we got attacked we didnt get infected. The loot did not seem to change and the water/electricity went out really early on. What am I doing wrong? Since the water / elec was set to 0 to 5 years is it possble that it got 0 years and that's why it shut off? Also the loot did not seem so special just regular clothes / food / mele weapons. Any tips or advice for me?
  10. First of all, I have to say that I am a huge fan of this game. It is my #2 of all time even as an early release. The only thing that I have qualms about is the multiplayer system. I hate the way a server has to be set up, and in my experience, it can only be set up on a Windows computer. Mac seems to have no support. I can't even find the file to open my own server. I hope in time the server creation will be in the game itself. But, my issues do not end there. When I am finally able to play online, it is so laggy, it is unplayable. Parts of the map refuse to load! Regardless of all that, it seems the concentration of developing this game has primarily gone to NPCs, combat, and aesthetics. While these are all perfect things to improve on, the multiplayer has been neglected for too long. There needs to be a whole new revamp to it. As I said before, I am a huge fan, I would just love to play online, hassle-free.
  11. condings

    Custom map

    Is it possible to have my custom map i made as the map people play on instead of the default west point and muldraugh?
  12. I might have overlooked the new builds information, but it doesn't work for my server. Is it because I made the world when it was on Build 28? So do I have to hard reset the world?
  13. I’ve been looking on the Dec Adventures Multiplayer videos and that got me thinking. They are using Voice chat but why not implement a in game voice chat which have the same effect of the Q button IF you talk to loud. If people have played ArmA 3 addons or some Battlefield 2 mods people might be familiar with the 3D sound system that TeamSpeak make it possible to have. I think some kind of VOIP should be implemented that have a direct effect on the environment adding some strategic use of you voice to the game instead of the normal Q button. Either way you change the level of voice or the system recognize the volume of your voice. Toughs?
  14. Heroes of Shadow Guard is a title being developed by the new indy studio Iron 27 for mobile platforms. Players in Heroes of Shadow Guard control a completely customizable dungeon-style “Labyrinth.” You strategically design the exact layout of the multi-floor interior, select all the defending guards - including your powerful Chest Guard, lay traps, and even place idols for buffing your defenders. Want to change the aesthetics as well? Unlock numerous wall and floor colors to make your labyrinth even more unique. From a defensive standpoint, your goal is simple: create an impassable maze that other players have to try and overcome in the name of loot and pendants. Satisfied with your defenses? Time to take on enemy labyrinths. You are given a variety of strategic options involved in preparing for the attack: select the right Heroes for your Raiding party and choose the most optimal combination of abilities and items to take to the fight. To be clear, there's more than enough fighting going on once you're in; true to older Sega titles like Shining in the Darkness, your first-person crawl through the Labyrinth leads to random encounters with guards in turn-based combat. At the start of the game, you are assigned to a Faction that can be changed by invitation or request. Your faction shares the same geographical area with each member maintaining their individual lot. It is from the ‘Faction Territory View’ that you run your operation: managing your own Labyrinth, selecting which opposing Faction's Labyrinth to Raid, orchestrating your mining efforts, interacting with other Faction members, and much more. RPG elements are present throughout Heroes of Shadow Guard. Unlike many of its contemporaries, you don't simply press a few buttons for instant, unimmersive gratification; rather, you enter your village in First-Person and look about in a panoramic viewing perspective to select which building you want to enter. For example, for equipment you would visit the Blacksmith, for potions the Herbalist, and to rest and regain health, the Inn. Social interaction is not lost on Heroes of Shadow Guard, either. Players can communicate with their Faction members in Faction Chat, or with the whole community in Global Chat. Facebook joins the interface with custom hero pictures and a streamlined friend invitation system to join the action in Shadow Guard; you can also share items you acquire with the push of a button. Heroes of Shadow Guard is targeting a December to January release. You can get more information about the title on our SlideDB page; you can also like our Facebook and follow our Twitter for updates.
  15. Hi guys I will be working on a plugin that lets you create guilds, alliances with other guilds, claim territories for your guilds, have protected buildings and locked storage, have a guild house, have ranks inside the guilds, have guild events, special clothes for the leaders and a lot more. I don't actually know why this hasn't been implemented into the game yet, since there were already people forming clans, this will hopefully make the experience a lot more enjoyable. Hype!
  16. I haven't seen anyone talking about how characters will work with servers. I assume that whenever you join a server or create one you also create a new character for it. Do the devs have any plans to make it so you can port your character to a new server? Just wondering. Plus I have been having this crazy dream of buying 4 dedicated servers and having 4 custom maps and allowing people to travel map to map with the same character.
  17. Trouble In The Manor is an online multiplayer arena game! The game is inspired from the Garry's Mod game mode: Trouble In Terrorist Town" and Nintendo's: "Luigi's Mansion". The game consists of many game modes but the main game mode in which the game is built on is called "Murder". In murder you are randomly chosen as either an innocent bystander or a murderer. If you are chosen as a murderer you must attempt to kill every last innocent bystander possible without getting caught! In doing so you can buy multiple items from the shop, including weapons, traps, teleporters, and more. The most unique item being a key to unlock a coffin to unleash a vampire among the building! If you are chosen as an innocent bystander, your main task is to hunt down murderers by looking for clues such as blood trails and DNA and using devices to help track them down. One of the game modes that we are really hoping to do is Capture The Flag! The point of the game mode is simple: attempt to steal the enemies flag without getting killed. If you are killed while holding the flag, an enemy can simply walk over the flag to return it. Official website: http://www.charyb.com/trouble Kickstarter page: http://kck.st/1q0Z1wj Steam Greenlight page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/comments/303230530​​ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Charyb_Games Indiedb project page: http://www.indiedb.com/games/trouble-in-the-manor Thanks for reading! We would love feedback on this topic!
  18. Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr Zems is an online card game that can best be thought of as Hearthstone meets Chess. Cards you play are put on a hexagonal grid and can be moved around, making positioning a very important aspect of gameplay. _______________________________________________ I have been working on Zems for roughly four years now, refining the concept and gameplay over time. The game has been prototyped in several different frameworks and my team is now committed to using Unity. For ludum dare 29, we created a buggy but playable prototype using a square grid. You can play it here. We're currently working on a new build using a hexagonal grid and several game rules refinements, which should be done around the end of this month. Screenshot from our v0.02 alpha (no UI implemented yet): The team is officially incorporating a company within the next two weeks. We're also contacting a lawyer and getting the proper paperwork made so we can distribute the alpha with a TOS and/or possible contract. Stay tuned! I'll post more updates here as they come.
  19. We all love project zomboid, we've been playing it since forever! I'm a little ashamed of the results of the multiplayer function, i'm not a big fan of massive servers but i love to play with my friends, the problem is that multiplayer isn't designed to support the same gameplay feeling that singleplayer, because of player communication and other stuff, i'm not here to discuss what's good for multiplayer or what's bad but to suggest that those who are playing in small parties vs. the world get some space on PZ, As we play in small numbers all can be fixed with communication, i remember those quake 2 days when you called a vote for everything, with that system we should be able to sleep & fast forward just like in single player, if you wanna sleep just lay down in a bed, time should be running normally while you rest more lightly, but if everyone is laying down, then they can sleep normally just like single player. wanna fast forward? No prob! just click the fast forward button on the clock hub, that will alert the other players by coloring their fast forward button differently to show them your intentions, if everyone wants to do it, seriously.. where's the problem? I know that those functions can only be effective if you play on small numbers with people you know, that's why you should let it as a "Small party configuration" server...
  20. If this is somewhere else on the forum, I apologize, and you have permission to label me as grade A idiot. I'm new to forum things. It's pretty simple, I can't type into the server console. Just got one up and running for me and a few other friends to play on, and when asked to stop the rain (since we are a building bunch,) I type "stoprain" into the console. Or at least I tried. I run the server on windows, launch the batch file, and that's about it. Can't type, can't grant admin abilities, etc. Please help. Or if you don't want to; (EDIT) Sh**, I forgot to mention that I don't know how to login with admin rights. I apologize. I surrender all my cookies and other things.
  21. Hey guys! We at Toast Mobile have been working on a game called Endeavor. It's a voxel-based MMO that's been in development for the past few months. Check out our development blog for further updates on the game! http://endeavorgame.blogspot.com/
  22. is there any long-lasting server out there? care tos hare? thanks
  23. Hi. My friend rent a server from Nitrado.de and we played yesterday. But today, when want to join the Server its says at the "These are the end times" Screen "This Save is incompatible. Please switch to steam brand 'build23' to continue this save." My other friends still can play. I also can't open the game via steam because it crashes. I have to start the game via the ProjectZomboid64.exe in the game Folder. Can someone please help me out ? Thank you
  24. Hi guys I followed the instructions here: http://www.reddit.com/r/projectzomboid/comments/28xzzz/server_setup_guide_build_271/ I can get the server working no probs, along with custom spawn points. Mods work in SP, and I have added the mod id's for the following mods to server.ini: turbo-luanetturbo-apcomCraftHelperRainPanrkaModRMLockpickingModTommyGuns ALL the mods fail to load on the LAN server with the following message: MOD: failed to load poster C:\Users\Kyle\Zomboid\Mods\ApCom\Logo.png it does this with each of the mods above. How do I fix this? PS I am on Build 27#1, not the IWBUMS thread, and I purchased game from Steam FWIW Thanks in advance! Kyle
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