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  1. I think it would be great if positive and negative traits were separate from each other in character info screen rather than mixed together as it is now.
  2. Some of those sound pretty interesting but short buff vs pernament bonuses doesn't sound too good. On the other hand, short conditional debuff sounds like free points.
  3. Yeah, i really dislike what they are doing to graphics, Zomboid had/has it's unique and beautifulstyle. Effects like those don't fit this graphic style at all. If anything at least give us an option of old water or something. Fire is not that bad but still looks out of place too.
  4. hrot

    Driving Cars Mod!

    Very impressive mod and a lot of space for improvements.
  5. You could use more colors in my opinion, make it more colorful. Pixel graphic is fun and have it's charm but there is no more reason to use only a few colors. Background for example could be some photos pixalated/edited to match rest of the game, things like that. Have fun with creating it!
  6. I think it was suggested before a few times. I did similar topic about log walls here: The problem is now that making log walls is very easy and not realistic so it's kinda normal from balance point of view that they are not very resilient. If they make log walls much harder to build then they should have more hp.
  7. hrot

    Tall Grass

    Very good idea. It's realistic and making end game harder
  8. Cool mod, some of it could be made into game as standard.
  9. There are already Vitamins in game and i don't think nutrient system will categorize every vitamin specifically, it will be probably simpler. Im personally against adding 9348 junk items just for the sake of it. We already have item called "Vitamins" so i think it's enough.
  10. That's what i'm talking about but it's seems outdated/abandoned and it's only cover small area of modding. Something more complex which would allow to create item from 0 to finish, like creating item then adding it to specific locations/containers to spawn then setting spawn chance, adding it to various recipes etc. and that's for items only but there are many other things that can be modded. Anyway it would be very nice for community to have offical program dedicated to make modding easier.
  11. So i thought if someday devs would consider creating some kind of tool to make modding easier to do. I don't talk about very very user friendly etc. but just slightly easier by categorazing stuff without searching and doing things through trial and error etc. We got recently a upgraded and very good tool to make maps and stuff so i just thought that some tool to make modding easier would be very nice too. I know that there like 123012301 things much more important atm but it would be very useful to help people in communnity to contribute something just like with map tool.
  12. Too complex, no good reason to implement it to the game i think. Metalworking should be restricted to create simple materials/tools like nails etc and that's it. I think developers are also against fully medieval era simulator through metalworking. I personally would stick just to simple things in this case.
  13. Good idea of course. It will be problably implemented at some point but i wouldn't expect it soon.
  14. Good idea. It would be very helpful when there are many boxes/crates etc in small area. edit: Highlight of containers would be very good too! I find it hard to navigate through many containers on top of each other like in warehouses for example. This would make it much more easier.
  15. I think dying should give xp too. Not sure if bug or intended..
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