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  1. Bump! Because of a series of unfortunate events we are temporarily halting the opening of the server. We are also revamping the lore to make it more unique.
  2. Bump! Opening date is being rescheduled due to another Roleplay server's close event date.
  3. Bump! Server is starting soon! Make sure to get your apps in!
  4. Bump! New temporary teamspeak channel! We will have a permanent one up soon after the server starts!
  5. I was going to create my own teamspeak server for this but thank you! It is appreciated greatly!
  6. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/18246-wip-golden-horizon-rproleplaywhitelistmodshydrocraft/
  7. I'm just as excited to launch it as you are to play it!
  8. I plan on editing the immersion breaking features out of it once I establish the server. What this means at the moment, I have no idea. But in the future, it will definitely be edited.
  9. I plan on editing the immersion breaking features out of it once I establish the server.
  10. Hello! If you're looking for a quality Roleplay server with whitelisting, immersive mods, great staff and a unique lore then look no further! You've found the right place. Golden Horizon is a WIP(Work in progress) Roleplay server that aims to create an immersive environment for players that are looking for some great roleplay. We are currently the the stage of development and are looking for staff. Coders, Admins, Moderators, even Graphic Designers will all be welcomed with open arms, just give me a quick little PM and we can start talking immediately! Please post your player applications asap so we can get you in the server for the starting event. Opening Date/Starting Event: Unkown Lore Released: 4/17/2016 Staff: Ludavr - Owner Bobith - Co-Owner IP: Coming soon! Port: Coming soon! Forum: http://goldenhorizon.boards.net/ Teamspeak: ts25.freets3.net:10385 (TEMP)
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