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  1. i know its annoying i know many has suggested it BUT can we pls get an "YES" or "NO" for an future update ?? from the devs ???
  2. Simply i want raincoats in the vanilla game without using an mod some to find and some as an crafting item
  3. What every server browser has today in games 1.Filter to make full or empty server invincible 2.Filter that makes server with an specific ping invincible 3.Filter that make password protected servers invincible 4.Filter that shows how many days has past ingame (wish for Zomboid) 5.Filter anything from the server specific modes/options 6.Filter to show how many time an Server was Online/Offline to filter out unstable ones
  4. i think not....... when you invest secretly in an real 3d engine that looks like this engine but has all 3d element that would surprise me but now...... i see an lot of alpha and beta games in full self made und AAA engines and the most of them have very fast hit thier physical limits or cant even hit 1% of what the engine can .
  5. and the problem for me here is,that i heard this answer the third time in the last 2 years...... I can see how the engine works buy using the pick up and put down function for stuff like chairs in-game..... the chests like 2d engine cant interpreted stuff like moveable when bushed and stable when not objects. So i think cars would even impossible to make in-game because the engine must render very fast when someone climb trough an window and on the inside of the house is an table or something the engine make it without collisions model so we don't get stuck in it after the climbing in animation is done...... All this means the engine we see here is 100% static and its need specific command before we spawn or it need a long time to render something we change. Like build something or move something. i see some other specific things in-game that shows me the limitation of this engine. there is no real height in this game. Everything is on 1 Level. why ? because when i walk by an house that is very high i can see what is on the roof. because for the engine the roof is on the same level only invincible walls let you feel you must take the stairs to get up. because of this specific engine i can sometimes open doors between walls/rooms So the engine is like an big chess plate with tiny areas on it that's because you cant sometimes very near an wall and sometimes you can because the walls are placed ad the edges of the tiny areas some has an tiny area that blocks you from moving over it but the other side of the wall has it not so you can make/take/use things trough an wall sometimes when you are on the right side. The engine is more or less 2d layers that interact in rules with each other
  6. We are already in Beta and we can hid under beds or in closets,we cant crawl or crouch behind stuff to avoid that zombies see us when we walk from one point to another....... please devs say us is it even possible with an 2D (chest like) engine to do it or must we wait for Zomboid 2 on an 3d engine ?
  7. What every server browser has today in games 1.Filter to make full or empty server invincible 2.Filter that makes server with an specific ping invincible 3.Filter that make password protected servers invincible 4.Filter that shows how many days has past ingame 5.filter anything from the server specific modes/options
  8. To be fair, there is a difference between PvP and kill on sight servers; sometimes there are rules against KOS on PvP servers, and that's just fine. i think its all endet up like minecraft servers today server full of mods,fire and other stuff that can destroy things are deactivated and pvp is not allowed ............. then after 2 years you cant find any mp server where people play like in the walking dead series. the play like its not an survival game or something else. every time an game has an good potential for an very hard mp survival too many server owners make it too easy or deactivate all things that find their players annoying
  9. Icons of beer and wine I'll add in the next update 1. can you make the fortune cookie smaller and 2 of them in the icon picture because this one is huuuuge 2. can you make flowerpots in different sises and colors ?
  10. If you play PVP, expect PVP! Simple enough.
  11. thats nice but we want it for the default game not in an mod thy for your post so anyway what we want is take plastic bags and use a sharp object and than make an simple raincoat/jacket to reduce the wet effect 50% its not hard you must find items and you must build it what need skillpoints so why is it not ingame yet ? and pls dont post any mod that has this feature in it we want it in the default game in MP we dont want play on an moddet server with special rules or read semi commecials of mods and servers you has.
  12. is it possible to make an server option that new zombies spawn outside the map and slowly walk in the map or to the other zombies that are already on the map? and disable at the same time that any zombie can new spawn inside the map ? i mean from the logic outside the map is the world and you cant know how many are out there and that hordes or groups of zombies wandering around and get interestet in your town os possible too
  13. It would be nice if a server would show how many days have already passed since it went online. So that you don't end up on a server with no lootable food anywhere.
  14. in the future seasons,animals and npcs come in ........
  15. see here http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/4183-iwbums-the-i-will-backup-my-save-branch/
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