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  1. Damn I'll be at work in the US - any chance I can show up an hour or two late and still participate?
  2. No worries - I'm just glad its in the game!! Cheers!
  3. Aw i don't get credit for my idea? Or was this already suggested / in the pipeline? Either way cheers love the game keep up the great work!!
  4. Please move - cant post in suggestions Defcon is a game by introversion (the guys who did prison architect). Players participate in cold war-like nuclear warfare on a risk-like map of the world. As time goes on the defcon level moves from 5 to 1 where different global rights become available. Players can adjust the game speed where the minimum speed between players is current game speed. So if Player 1 has speed set to 2x and Player 2 4x - the time will only go up to 4x when both players set speed to 4x. Vice versa - time will go back down as soon as any player lowers their setting. Two suggestions 1: as explained above everyone can "vote" are current game speed which will jump up and down based on common player setting within server 2: for a sleeping solution a player can indicate "ready to sleep / X hours" (admin can choose whether or not this shows up globally) where no one sleeps until everyone sleeps. as soon as one person wakes up so must everyone else fully rested or not. obviously there are challenges and drawbacks that arise in various settings might be something to consider nonetheless sorry for long post, wrong section, poor formatting cheers! Bensk
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