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  1. I'm glad you replied. I of course cannot talk for the whole community, but it'd definitely be useful if the tools are updated. If its easier to set up, that of course can make more people being interested on designing their own maps! Please keep us updated, I'd love to see those tools having their own community and guides where people can post their work and help solve issue.
  2. @RingoD123But that means you guys won't update the tools from Steam? In that case, what is the point in having outdated tools on Steam? I'd really love if you guys give some love to these tools. These tools would make people save time from setting it up.
  3. @Legoland99Sorry for being silent for many years, is the offer still up? @leon__s__kennediSorry dude, I haven't worked in the project for the past couple years due to multiple reasons. I'm trying to come back to Tilezed now tho. @MrRabbitSadly, I lost motivation years ago due to multiple reasons. But now Im trying to come back to Tilezed! Check my post, I updated it
  4. Thank you buddy, I put to much effor for it. I have been thinking doing more vehicles, and some with Umbrella Logos (These will be like a simple room, the only difference is that the walls will have the tiles of the vehicle) and they will be able to get a loot. At the moment I stopped doing more tiles until I get done with more buildings or at least a chunk
  5. RACCOON CITY MAP /PROJECT/ Welcome Leon! Update: Thanks for all the support and I'm sorry for staying silent all this long. I loved the idea of recreating this amazing city but at the time; school, work, some PZ updates, and my old laptop's old hardware made me lost motivation to keep working on this project. I just put everything away just to collect dust. But not anymore, after trying Project Zomboid's new animations for a couple of months, it brought me back that motivation I had when I worked in RC. I always loved the idea to experiment surviving in a city in PZ. And I knew RC would be one of the best cities where people can both recognize iconic buildings and have the feeling of being in a urban city. Thanks a lot and I will bring more updates in a couple of days, but at the time. I exported the map and tested multiple buildings as a Police Officer, I wonder who's Leon and if he at least had a nice first day? Old Post: How you doing survivors, I´ll hope you are doing great. This new post was made to separate the old with the new. I have been working in the project pretty slowly but without stopping. I´m planning to make a big map, with all Raccoon City´s forests and two little towns called "Stoneville" and "Arklay City". I have many ideas for building the main city and too many tasks to do but I wont stop until the project is done. At the moment, I have the basis of the map as png files and are about 15 chunks for the city. I'm using this map as reference: I'm currently working in one chunk with iconic buildings from RE2 and a couple from RE3. I will show pictures of these places but at the same time try to avoid "spoiling" too much about the project. I'd rather have you guys experience it than being spoiled. I'll limit it for places that people already know for the moment. Spanish/Español: Que tal supervivientes, Espero que esten de lo mejor. Hice este post para separar lo antiguo de lo nuevo. He estado trabajando en el proyecto algo lento pero sin detenerme. Estoy planeando hacer un mapa muy grande, con todos los bosques de Racoon city y 2 pueblos pequeños llamados "Stoneville" y "Arklay City". Tengo muchos planes y mucho trabajo que hacer, pero no voy a parar hasta que termine. Por el momento el mapa base esta terminado (archivos png y tmx). Son 15 chunks en total para la ciudad. (Estoy basandome en el mapa que esta arriba) Por el momento Estoy trabajando en solo 1 chunk con los lugares mas famosos de RE2, y algunos de RE3. Voy a mostrat algunas imagenes acerca de estos lugares, pero No voy a mostrar muchos Spilers acerca de la ciudad. En realidad no me gusta Spoilear gente, Por lo tanto solo voy a mostrar imagenes acerca de lugares que fanes de RE conocen. Estoy pensando en pedir ayuda, Tendria que medir una cuadra antes de preguntar por un edificio. Por el momento voy a hacerlo por mi cuenta. Gracias por leer el post y espero que disfruten las imagenes. (Si te gusta el proyecto, puedes dejar un Like y seguir el post para que te lleguen notificaciones cuando hago una actualizacion) Personalized tiles/Tiles personalizados BUILDING/CONSTRUCCIONS O EDIFICIOS Have a nice day Survivors (y)
  6. It is not dead, but the project has been going too slow, (studies and holidays) at the moment I will not share too many pictures about the project.
  7. I will think, I made a resize of the map because all buildings were very big than the original game, (just the RPD was good) and a made the whole map again

  9. Hi Spiffo's Community, I have a problem when I tried to open the server settings at the build 33 of Project zomboid, when I opened the pz server settings from the folder "PZServerSettings", I opened the .bat and this problem appeared "to could not load the class zombie.PZServerSettings.MainWindow" I want an aswer as early as possible Thanks for you interesting on this topic.
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