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  1. Sorry to bother you, I know I'm a total noob and a pester. I just wanted to enjoy Zomboid multiplayer. I know for sure that we have the exact same versions, but we can uninstall and reinstall if needed. I will probably have more questions I'm sure but I wanted to extend my sincerest thanks for being willing to help me out. The question that comes to mind is how to verify our game's caches. That's admittedly not something I've ever done or even read up on while doing all that work. I'm still afraid the server will tell her that it won't connect due to "Files not matching Server [Settings]" or something along those lines. So perhaps verifying the caches will fix the problem (along with uninstalling and reinstalling as well). Thanks again for your help. Warmest Regards, Sean / Flaros
  2. I've been attempting to get a basic server running for about 5 hours now. I've tried using the in game hosting option and inviting another player to join me (I've also had the player in question try to click on my username and join me that way). However, they are unable to do so even after I send an invitation. The server, among other things, kicked her out due to "files not matching the server's [settings/files/something]" So there's that faint glimmer of hope right before being kicked in the balls. So here's my question guys. Can you guys end my nightmare? Can you show me how to use the Project Zomboid game through the Host option to actually start a server where other players can join. The Host option in game, I would imagine, was put there to make things easier and not horribly frustrating. To add insult to injury, the player trying to join my server is connected to my Wi-Fi which should in theory make the process easier as we're on the exact same network. If I had hair to pull out, I would have been pulling it out the past 4 hours. No tutorials or guides have worked and most content I find is from 2014 or 2015 which does not help me in 2016 running version 34.28 I've tried making it public, removing passwords, everything. My firewall indicates that the 16261 port is in fact open. While my Xfinity account is actually preventing me from opening that port because... screw my life I guess. So can anyone, please, please, please, tell me how to simply Host a server using the Project Zomboid game's Host option. I imagine it was put there to make things easy but it's been nothing but four hour headache and a waste of money for the other player who purchased the game exclusively to play with me Co-Op/Server. Thank you so much in advance. I love this game and it kills me that I can't enjoy it with my friends. Warmest Regards Sean / Flaros
  3. And on the same thread: And by Lemmy (still same thread): Another UI rework? ;-; Yep our last change was for the better but the current UI system still leaves a lot to be desired and outside combat is still probably our #1 complaint about the game as it stands, for new players particularly. Our third stab, which is only being done in little bits every so often and likely won't see light of day for a good while, will hopefully hit all the notes, be more intuitive, quicker to access and manipulate, but at the same time have more depth to it. For e.g. imagine having a pistol in your pocket and that appearing in a hotbar because of it, with the time to equip in primary hand being blisteringly short as you 'quick draw' it out your pocket. Or imagine combat pants with several big pockets, or sewing additional pockets onto clothing. There's a lot of scope this opens up. Bear in mind that the controller support really needs a proper inventory interface, instead of the functionality being bolted onto a mouse interface. We're designing a new one around the principle of making it nice to use with both types of controls. Don't worry, this is not being worked on instead of NPCs. We're just at the design stage of this at the moment and outside getting 25 up to official NPCs are our #1 priority. it'll just be one of those things dropped into for moments when things get headachey. See this: http://theindiestone...s-latest-video/ Read on for some more stuff from Lemmy and Mash... edited sillyness Very interesting indeed. I guess the idea for things like pockets was a bit more common. However if priorities and ideas have shifted, I guess this suggestion thread is merely to shift the ideas back. Plus, it doesn't sound like vests or cargo pants (save for pants pockets) were really touched upon. Sure Cargo Pants have your two regular pockets and two back pockets, but what about the side pockets? Makes sense then that they would have more storage space than say, traditional pants. But great find. Really glad to take a look at that article. Thank you so much for the insight. Let's hope something like this does happen yeah? I'd love to run around in something that not only armors my chest up a bit, but provides a way to carry some extra ammo, food, a knife, a gun, or anything relatively low in weight, y'know? This goes for the Cargo Pants idea as well of course. =] Edit: Come to think of it, even Motorcycle or Motocross jackets, pants, gloves would be sorta cool as armor of sorts. They might protect you more, but they wouldn't help you carry more. So which would you do? Have protective and padded pants and jackets? Or pants and a vest/jacket that allows you to carry more items? It would certainly allow for more play styles. Especially in Multiplayer when one or two people on a looting raid could be the carriers or "looters" while the others are the fighters or "tanks". Just a thought. Hahah. Edit: Edit: Maybe I should just do a "Highly Useful Clothing (Armor, Storage, Etc.)" thread and pitch all my ideas for clothes there and what they could do for the character. xD
  4. I'm really glad some people are getting into this idea. I mean, with police vests and military vests it could double as body armor (along with the proposed makeshift armor). Plus it would be awesome to store even a handful of things in your vests and cargo pants depending on what they are. It would be far smaller than say a garbage bag (storage wise), but I truly think it would feel more like a survival experience. Since as stated, that's the first thing I would do, get clothes that could carry items and a bag so I could keep as much stuff on me as possible. Even if the pants or vests don't carry much (even in their highest tier), it would be super cool. Again. Super glad people are liking this idea. I think it would add a lot to Project Zomboid without breaking the game. Which is great. Project Zomboid is the Zombie Survival game I've always wanted, and so pitching an idea like this (among others I may have) would certainly make the game feel more realistic and add more of a survival element to it. Thanks for the thumbs up Drious!
  5. And maybe the hunting vests could allow you to be easily seen, Cuz 'round these here parts, we got them fangled neon-colored gear. (I'm pretty sure it's mandatory if it's to be used in hunting) It's to let hunters know your not an animal, In case you don't know. So, It would have to either make you easily spotted, or can be spotted from further away. I don't know.... Exactly! Brilliant! So it could have a nice balance of pros and cons. Gotta admit, that was a really fast reply. I love the Zomboid community so much. Hahah. Maybe the Cargo Pants cause you to make more noise depending on how many items are in them. Like if you have cans in the pants, they'd jingle around or something and make you less stealthy. Just a thought, y'know? Again, gotta balance pros and cons. The initial balance I thought of was that they would only hold a handful of items at best. But in a survival game, being able to hold onto a few more items can be life or death. I'm actually trying to figure out a way to impliment vests like that in a game via lua but I don't think there's a way to equip storage items to your body. It's either your back or your secondary slot (unless someone has an idea on how to equip a vest/pants to your body and allow them to be storage items). Maybe you could check out my Mod Help thread and give me some tips on how I could pull something like that off? Cause I know it would be really cool to have a little bit of extra storage via Cargo Pants and Cargo / Hunting / Military Vests of sorts. Hunting vests could be slightly more rare than standard Cargo vests (with Military or Police Vests being the most rare), carrying capacity increased but at the risk of being spotted more easily. This could work wonderfully in multiplayer if you're trying to blend in. Or even in singleplayer where it allows Zombies to see you from a distance because they will know for sure you're not an animal. Who knows? All I know is I think it would be a pretty sweet addition to the game. So, think it's a good idea at all?
  6. I think this is a great idea. It was one I was thinking of too. I certainly hope it makes it into the final game. Something to distract the Zombie Hordes would be excellent. I miss being able to leave an oven on for a long period of time and basically set off fire alarms to lure Zombies to those houses. I think that feature got removed, but I'm hoping it comes back. Because I really would love to loot a house that's far from my base, set off the fire alarm when I'm a decent distance away and have all the Zombies get attracted towards that noise. I believe you could do that back when you did the Tutorial Level with Baldspot and Kate if I'm not mistaken. Not sure why that feature isn't present anymore, it was brilliant.
  7. Flaros

    Starting items.

    I'm pretty sure this article is dated, but it does show how to make custom sprites AND at the end that you can make an item and have your character start out with said item. Maybe with a little work on the lua you could add already in-game items to your character. Hopefully this helps. It involves a little modding but the article breaks down things pretty well in my opinion. So hey, maybe it'll help out. Just trying to lend a hand where I can. =] http://pz-mods.net/guide/adding-custom-item-sprites/ Warmest Regards, Flaros
  8. I was going to suggest makeshift armor as well as new hairstyles (like a mohawk, since I have one) but that appears to have already been suggested so I'll add another idea I had been tinkering around with. Also, a more user friendly map editor down the road would be sweet (I'd love to make my home town), but I digress. -- After playing several other Zombie and overall Survival games, I think there is room to add some cool features that could balance out the game and add a bit of flare without ruining the spirit of the game. Such as: Cargo Pants Police Pants Military Pants Cargo Vests Hunter / Camping Vests Police Vests Military Vests What I'm thinking is that it would add a little bit more realism to the game, without breaking it if done properly. Instead of just having secondary items and back equipped items, why not have some clothes that also adds to more storage? Hell, even pockets would be a cool idea (if only to store a couple of items in them). I know in a Zombie Apocalypse I would personally seek a vest and cargo pants that would help me carry more supplies. Now maybe the flaw in these items is not the weight, but how much more they add to your carrying capacity. Surely you can't fit a huge amount of items in your pants without it weighing you down, nor could you fit a huge amount in your vest for the same reason. I personally think having vests and cargo pants that could help you carry items would be a great addition to the game if it's well balanced. That way you have more options to carry your items, but also have to decide what items to put in them given their limited capacity. Making it more strategic for the player to decide what to put where. Say, storing spare ammo in your vest, or storing a knife in your cargo pants, things along those lines. Nothing as large as a Hiking Bag of any sort, but something that allows people to carry just a little more stuff. With Police Officer, Security Guard and other planned classes, it would make sense for Cargo Pants and Vests that store some items to be available. I personally think it would be a nice balance to the game, maybe the cargo pants are slightly more common than the vests (since I could see people owning Cargo Pants more than Military or Storage style vests). Perhaps even the vests could give you protection of some sort (Which falls in the armor category). Just a thought, lemme know what you guys think of the idea. If it's been posted before I apologize. Warmest Regards, Flaros
  9. Just curious. Has anyone tried to add a vest (or clothes) that would also double as storage? So that one could have say, a military bag or hiking back on their back, but also wear a vest that would lessen their weight and increase their capacity while also storing items? That way you could theoretically have three (or more) ways of storing items? Secondary slot for smaller bags, back for larger backs and a vest for other items? I've been doing a little research on the subject but I'm not sure how it would work. Since I don't think there's a function in the game's lua system that would allow a player to wear a vest on say, their body as opposed to their back. One that would have course, also double as a small storage vest. Admittedly the idea was borrowed from other survival games, but it would be cool to have vests and say, cargo pants that would also help you store your items and lessen your weight to a minor degree. Obviously to keep it realistic, if your vest and/or pants are full of stuff, it would eventually weigh you down. But it could give you a brief increase in your carrying capacity. Anyone have any ideas on how I could achieve this through lua as opposed to an external mod source? I'm personally (just for fun) adding a military style bag that would be better than a big hiking back, but wanted to add some elements as well. Just to sort of tinker around with lua, y'know? Thank you all in advance. Long live Project Zomboid, Flaros
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