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  1. Madruga

    Safe Storage Mod

    I've been using on my server for the last week and the only "complaints" I have so far are: 1 - "No result" item after locking a safe (I've accumulated quite a few of these already) 2 - Both the lock and combination safes are moving sideways and forward every time I lock them. But overall, great mod! Thank you!
  2. Just found out that I was being stupid enough to not include the SledgeHammerExtension item number in the server's config file. Timestamps are now working as expected! Permissions...well.... this is the last console log:
  3. This last update seemed to fix the faction bug I had with "common" players. Still getting the same errors with the permissions plugin and server time stamps. Is it possible to release a jdk7 compilation for testing purposes?
  4. Yup, I joined Terminus and everything works as expected there. Let's see what happens when you release the fixes for the other issues!
  5. Thanks Jab! The thing with the timestamp is that I already had installed the extension from the workshop, and it didn't solve the problem. I tested it on both Mac and Windows and the result is the same. As for the other issues, I guess I'll just wait for your fixes. I'm no dev or programmer, just a regular dude trying to play around with a server Keep us posted!
  6. Are you talking about dead corpses? If so, there's a "HoursForCorpseRemoval=" parameter into the server's config file. You just set the amount of PZhours that the area must remain unseen for the corpse to be removed from the server...
  7. If you don't mind, I'll post the experience I've been having so far: As I said before, copying all the files located on the "PZ Dedicated Files" folder to the server's Java folder seems to do the trick and the server starts smoothly. I'm able to broadcast messages with different colours, but that's when things start to act weird: 1. Timestamp is gone: After loading SledgeHammer, Global Chat's timestamp gives place to a "[T]" character, wether I'm sending a colored or plain text message 2. Loading factions plugin seems to work: This is a "start
  8. Did that and apparently everything works fine (I'm able to broadcast messages with different colours). But how do I load the different plugins (e.g.: factions and permissions) after placing them into the plugin folder that was created? Am I supposed to write them manually in the .ini file? Thanks again, and sorry for these questions!
  9. Wow, I don't know why I didn't see this thread before First of all, congratulations on this awesome work! And thank you! Does this mod also work on a Linux based server? I'm using LGSM (linux game server manager) scripts and having a hard time finding the correct place to put the files... any ideas?
  10. Have you also forwarded ports 8766 and 27015?
  11. This is indeed a sensitive matter. I've been hosting a server for a little more than a month now and PZ has a lot of breaches when it comes to Multiplayer. I'm not complaining or anything and I've read on the forums that this is due to the game's initial conception, but it really, reaaaaally sucks when someone with literally 4 hours of playing PZ enters your server and spoils all the fun you're having... So, looking from this perspective, you're only seeking some kind of prevention...
  12. 76561198301080682 Also hacking/destroying walls.
  13. Yeah, I just banned his steam id. Will try to block his IP too, thanks guys.
  14. Zapiboss! I read your post yesterday and today some random guy joined my server and did the exact same thing. I came here to double check your story and it turns out to be the same Steam ID (rag)!
  15. Just found out that console logs (home/logs/console/)are the files that contain claim safahouse actions. But in my case they were not being generate because I had to update tmux. Just followed these instructions and everything is running smoothly now.
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