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  1. When you join the game, you firstly create the account. Which is the username. Then whilst creating the character you choose the character name. But then in game, it displays your username above your head & uses your username for the text box. (only using the username for your own view+keys) Looking for a mod which still you use the username too login. But in game it displays and uses the character name.
  2. I still remember you SuperJack. </3

  3. Even just a quick solution, give Barbed wire the same impact that climbing through a broken window does. (Chance of cutting you)
  4. I think he is targeting it more at other players, for example. On multiplayer. (And NPC's in the future)
  5. Rent a Game Server from Fragnet. Minimum is about £9 per month. Saves on your electricity and you don't have to use a machine of your own. http://www.fragnet.net/game-servers.php#p-servers
  6. I love this idea. Would like: -A longer time to recover from the Addictions. -Able to pick it as a trait on character creation. So they was already a smoker/drinker before the dead came. -The % Of Addiction increase the more you smoke/drink, along with if you have previously been addicted. Could also add a Caffeine addiction.
  7. I would never waste my time finding a coin to put into a machine when I could just smash it. Elevators are nice, but only if the power is on. After that their existent is a waste
  8. It takes a lot of water to kill yourself, if someone is stupid enough to do so let them be punished.
  9. Drinking to much water kills you. Why add it? Stop's people being a Richard to water.
  10. Totally agree with the first point. 2 zombies, loner and hordes. Would make the game better. 2nd point would be a fun sandbox setting.
  11. Brill. This is really needed.
  12. Agreed. This would be awesome. And Extreamly helpful.
  13. Problem. Server Admin C decides that Player X Is a Bad Apple. Player X is not a Bad Apple. Player X is prevented from all servers. Your main problem, is that every single Admins has to have the same rules and views on what a Bad apple is, and what a Bad apple is not. But they won't because Opinions are different.
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